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Seminar on Galaxy Clusters
Every Thursday, room 0.008, 15:00-16:00.

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(AIfA calenda)

Date: 2013
Speaker: title
Jan 10
ThomasR: The X-ray/SZ view of the virial region I. Thermodynamic properties (arXiv:1301.0617)
Jan 17
Bharadwaj: Core properties of fossil groups
Jan 24
Patrick: Comparing analyzing software for eROSITA
Jan 31
Monica: Exploring the magnetic field properties in the Galaxy Cluster A2256 through radio observations
Feb 7
Feb 14
Feb 21
Feb 28
Ubuntu upgrade discussion
Mar 7
Sophia: Suzaku observations of UGC03957
Mar 14
ThomasR: Recent Athena meeting and next steps toward a future big X-ray observatory
Mar 21
Press Release (live): ESA Plank Cosmology Result
Mar 28
Katharina: eROSITA simulations of galaxy clusters
Apr 04
Gerrit: A summary of the IACHEC meeting (March 2013)
Apr 11
Semeter start: intro
Yuying: The relation between mass and velocity dispersion
Apr 18
Alberto: Mass Profiles of Galaxy Clusters: a view from the Dolomites
Apr 25
Heinz Andernach (guest): A new supercluster catalogue out to z~0.15 based on ACO clusters
May 2
Alberto: Dynamical Disturbance in Cluster Cores
May 9
May 16
Yuying: Optical spectroscopic follow-up of galaxy clusters in X-ray surveys
May 23
Lorenzo: Scaling relations for galaxy clusters -- Giodini et al. 2013
May 30
Jun 6
Patrick: eSASS: Introduction and first results
Jun 13
eROSITA meeting in Bonn
Jun 20
Akos Bogdan (guest): What regulates the growth of supermassive black holes
Holger Israel (guest): Lensing update on the 400d clusters
Jun 27
Cancelled (Lausanne conference)
Jul 4
Sophia: ?
Jul 11
Brenda: Outskirts of the Coma clusters using Suzaku data
Jul 18
Yuying: Baryons in groups and clusters of galaxies
Jul 25
Aug 1
Biswas Sharma (guest): Dynamical Disturbance in Galaxy Clusters Cores through Analysis of Chandra X-ray Observations
Aug 8
Summer break
Aug 15
Summer break
Aug 22
Summer break
Aug 29
Summer break
Sep 5
ThomasR: Detection of Hard X-ray Emission from the Hottest Abell Cluster A2163, Hosting the Brightest Synchrotron Radio Halo, with Suzaku (Ota et al.)
Sep 12
Sep 19
Miriam: Stacking clusters in the XXM-LSS survey
Sep 26
Douglas: Weighing the Giants: Calibrating X-ray Mass Measurements with Accurate Weak Lensing
Oct 3
Oct 10
Sandra: Interferometry SZ effect observations and simulations
Oct 17
Matthias: Multi-band observational studies of galaxy clusters
Oct 24
Gerrit: An XMM-Newton Survey of the soft X-ray Background
Oct 31
Nov 7
Lorenzo: Chemical abundances determination with eROSITA
Nov 14
Nov 21
Alberto: Robust quantification of galaxy cluster morphology using asymmetry and central concentration
Nov 28
Katharina: Temperature/redshift constraints of eROSITA galaxy clusters
Dec 5
Francois Mernier (guest): Chemical enrichment in clusters of galaxies using XMM-Newton: the case of Abell 4059
Jukka Nevalainen (guest): Where have half the baryons gone?
Dec 19
Christopher: Magnification in the Deep Lens Survey

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