Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

Seminar on Galaxy Clusters
Every Thursday, room 2.023, 15:00-16:00.

(Monthly social cake, after the seminar in the 1st week of each month)

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Date: 2012
Speaker: title
Jan 12
Oliver: Largest Galaxy Cluster in Early Universe, "El Gordo"
Jan 19
Lorenzo: Scaling relations of galaxy groups
Jan 26
Helen: Suzaku observations of A2244
Feb 2
Thomas: The ROSITA Science Book
Feb 9
Feb 16
Feb 23
Katharina: X-ray temperature measurements
Mar 1
Irshad: Cosmological constraints from eRosita
Mar 8
Monica: A combined single dish and interferometry study of the Coma cluster
Mar 15
Mar 22
Gerrit: X-ray temperature measurements using line ratios
Mar 29
Bharadwaj: Properties of fossil groups of galaxies
Apr 05
Holger: Status of the 400d Weak Lensing Survey
Apr 12
Hoshino-san: Current Status of the Astro-H mission
Apr 19
Matthias: The APEX-SZ weak lensing project, current status and side projects
Apr 26
Alberto: A Chandra - VLA Investigation of the X-ray Cavity System and Radio Mini-halo in the Galaxy Cluster RBS 797
May 3
ThomasR: Galaxy Cluster Outskirts
May 10
Lorenzo: Abundances puzzle
May 17
May 24
Sandra: CARMA proposal for galaxy cluster MS0451
May 29
Helen: Testing X-Ray Scaling Relations with a Sample of Chandra Galaxy Groups and Detailed Analysis of Abell 2244 with Suzaku and Chandra
Jun 7
Jun 14
Miriam: Comparison of wavelet algorithms for simulated eROSITA images and short report on tSZ power spectrum
Jun 21
Gerrit/Lorenzo: Report about the Madrid conference
Jun 28
Jul 5
Dr. Nicolas Clerc (MPE): XMM-XXL and eROSITA surveys
Jul 12
Yuying: Non-thermal emission in galaxy clusters using Swift and XMM-Newton data
Jul 19
Aarti: SZ observations of galaxy clusters
Jul 26
Summer break
Aug 2
Summer break
Aug 9
Summer break
Aug 16
Summer break
Aug 23
Summer break
Aug 30
Summer break
Sep 6
Summer break
Sep 13
Katharina: X-ray galaxy cluster properties with eROSITA
Sep 20
Kaustuv: Radio luminosity function in clusters
Sep 27
Irshad: Cosmological data fitting: Markov Chain Monte-Carlo and COSMOMC
Oct 4
Oct 11
Lorenzo: Three-Dimensional Shape of Galaxy CLusters: The Need for a Multiprobe Approach
Oct 18
Oct 23
Heinz: Doubling the number of giant radio galaxies by visual inspection of large radio surveys
Nov 1
Nov 8
Brenda: Chandra X-ray observations of Abell 1835 to the virial radius
Nov 15
Nov 22
Miriam: Constraining models of non self-similar evolution in cluster gas with the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich power spectrum
Nov 29
Canceled: (eROSIRA consortium meeting)
Dec 6
Canceled: (Bethe Colloquium)

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