Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

Seminar on Galaxy Clusters
Every Thursday, room 2.023, 15:00-16:00.

(Monthly social cake, after the seminar in the 1st week of each month)

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Date: 2011
Speaker: title
Jan 6
Canceled: holiday (Happy New Year)
Jan 13
Jan 20
Canceled: Vera's diploma colloquium
Jan 27
Feb 3
Kaustuv: Radio galaxy luminosity function in galaxy clusters
Feb 10
Brenda: Gas temperature profiles in galaxy clusters with SWIFT XRT (Moretti et al. 2010)
Feb 17
Lorenzo: Metal structures in galaxy clusters
Feb 24
Canceled: Prof. Borgani's colloquium
Mar 3
Canceled: holiday
Mar 10
Yuying: Baryon content of a representative sample of 20 HIFLUGCS galaxy clusters
Mar 17
Holger: Pink elephant -- a very distant, massive cluster in the Universe
Mar 24
ThomasR: X-ray observations of PKS 0745-191 at the virial radius: Are we there yet? (1103.2455)
Mar 31
Jennifers: A Detailed Study of Galaxy Clusters at 0.3< z<0.55: Weak Gravitational Lensing Analysis
Apr 07
Matthias: Background selection for weak lensing measurements - how to use the COSOMOS photo-z catalog for an improved color-color-magnitude selection for WFI observations
Apr 14
Helen: Measuring redshift through X-ray spectroscopy of galaxy clusters (arXiv:1102.2089)
Apr 21
Holger: Weak lensing masses of the 400d clusters
Apr 28
May 5
Brenda: Gas Cumpling in the Outskirts of Lambda-CDM Clusters (arXiv:1103.0280v1)
May 12
Canceled: Prof. Sunyaev's visit
May 19
Abouzar: Mass-to-Light Ratios in the Superclusters
May 26
Jun 2
Canceled: holiday
Jun 9
Miriam: Cluster physics on the SZ power spectrum
Jun 16
Jun 23
Canceled: holiday
Jun 30
Special place: The X-ray 2011 conference in Berlin (talks available)
Jul 7
Special place: SPP workshop (talks available)
Jul 14
Lorenzo: Gas sloshing in A496
Jul 21
Bharadwaj: A workshop summary
Jul 28
Bharadwaj: Properties of galaxy groups
Aug 4
Holger: Photo-zs for the WL analysis of CL 1701+6414
Aug 11
Helen: Chandra and Suzaku analysis of A2244
Aug 18
Tatiana: An overview about baryons in galaxy clusters
Aug 25
Thomas: Galaxy clusters with ASKAP/EMU (arXiv1106.3219)
Sep 1
Sep 8
Canceled: Patrick Lieberz's bachelor colloquium
Sep 15
Sep 22
Jennifer: An update of the distance cluster sample
Sep 29
Gerrit: Calibrating temperature measurements between XMM MOS and pn instruments
Oct 6
Oct 13
arXiv paper review
Oct 20
Special place: The eROSITA workshop
Oct 27
Thomas: Summary of the eROSITA workshop
Nov 3
Sandra: arXiv paper review
Nov 10
Sandra: Simulating SZ data from ACT and ALMA
Nov 17
Nov 24
Kaustuv: radio halos in clusters.
Dec 1
Heidrun:Baryons at the Edge of the X-ray Brightest Galaxy Cluster (by A. Simionescu)
Dec 8
Canceled: AIfA Christmas party
Dec 15
Yuying: Probing dynamics of one of the most X-ray luminous galaxy cluster: RXCJ 1504.1-0248

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