Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

Seminar on Galaxy Clusters
From April 12, 2010 on: every Thursday, room 2.09, 15:00-16:00.

(Monthly social cake, after the seminar in the 1st week of each month)

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Date: 2010
Speaker: title
Jan 6
Happy New Year
Jan 13
Aaron: simulations ...
Jan 20
Heinz: a search for gravitationally lensed radio images in the X-ray luminous cluster Abell 3827
Jan 27
Canceled (no place)
Feb 3
Helen: gamma ray emission from clusters (arXiv:1001.5023)
Feb 10
Holger: weak lensing detections for the further 400d clusters observed with MMT/MEGACAM
Feb 17
Yuying: searching for the best mass proxy in X-ray cluster surveys
Feb 24
Kaustuv: lensed sub-mm galaxies behind massive clusters: Bullet with LABOCA
Mar 3
Vera: temperature profile for A2163 from the Chandra data
Mar 10
ThomasR: constraining primordial non-Gaussianity with eROSITA
Mar 17
Pablo Ramirez Beraud (guest): optical / IR colors of cD galaxies
Mar 24
Jennifer: the galaxy cluster Cl0413-6559 - a low mass cluster at high redshift
Mar 31
Brenda: temperature profiles of A2163 and A3404
Apr 07
Cake + wine
Apr 15
Daniela: updated lensing results on RXCJ1347
Apr 22
Helen: summary of the HEAD meeting
Apr 29
Holger: weak lensing analysis of seven galaxy clusters with MMT
May 6
Vera: galaxy clusters at the edge: T, S, and gas dynamics at the virial radius (arXiv: 1004.5343)
May 13
Canceled (holiday)
May 20
Yuying: probing galaxy transformation physics in galaxy clusters
May 27
Heinz: cD galaxy formation: new clues or no clues?
Jun 3
Canceled (holiday)
Jun 10
Kaustuv: Cluster Galaxy Dynamics and the Effects of Large Scale Environment (arXiv:1005.3022)
Jun 17
ThomasR: Discovering the First Galaxy Group with IXO
Jun 24
Brenda: A2163 and A3404 - updating temperature profiles and estimating systematic errors
Jul 1
René Ortega Minakata (guest): Towards an analysis of Star Formation and Chemical Histories of galaxies in different environments: On the classification of a sample of SDSS galaxies
Jul 8
Jennifer: Lensing observations
Jul 15
Cookie + tea
Jul 22
Aaron: origin of non-universal dark matter halo mass profiles
Jul 29
Canceled (Garching conference)
Aug 6
ThomasR: The SPHINX documentation system
Aug 12
Helen: some new results about the group sample
Aug 17
Tatiana Lagana (guest): spirial-like substructures in nearby galaxy clusters
Aug 26
Yuying: systematic uncertainties in determining the velocity dispersion
Sep 2
Kaustuv: cluster temperature modeling using MCMC
Sep 9
Brenda: temperature profiles of different sectors
Sep 16
Canceled (AG meeting)
Sep 23
Canceled (SPP Potsdam)
Sep 30
Aaron: simulations, dark matter halos
Oct 7
Canceled (WFI observational run in Chile)
Oct 14
Holger: Mass Estimates and Scaling Relations Observed with Seven MMT Clusters
Oct 21
Vera: New Temperature Profiles for HIFLUGCS Clusters
Oct 28
ThomasR: gamma ray astronomy (
Nov 4
Robert Andrassy (guest): The influence of background variation on radial profiles of Abell 2052
Nov 11
Helen: the astrophysical aspects of panspermia, a theory about the origin of life on Earth
Nov 18
Sandra: radio simulations and comparisons with miriad/gildas for studying high-z cluster entropy profiles
Nov 25
Bharadwaj: AGN feedback in nearby groups based on radio and X-ray data
Dec 2
Matthias: Weak lensing observations of APEX-SZ clusters (first results)
Dec 9
Jennifer: Errors estimates for weak lensing mass models and results
Dec 16

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