Galaxy Cluster Seminar

Dark Energy Team
Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

The Cluster seminar is held in the room 0.006 every Thursday at 15:00 hrs (currently via Zoom).

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Date Speaker & Institute Seminar title
7 January 2021 Winter break
14 January 2021 Cancelled
eROSITA CWG telecon
21 January 2021 Dr. Vasiliki Pavlidou
FORTH Institute for Astrophysics, University of Crete
28 January 2021 Frederic
Scaling relations on supercluster vs field environment
04 February 2021 Group discussion
11 February 2021 Jitendra
Internship report: XMM analysis of a galaxy cluster
18 February 2021 Thomas
Discovery of a 15 Mpc X-ray emission filament surrounding the galaxy cluster system A3391/95 with eROSITA
25 February 2021 Dr. Miriam Ramos-Ceja
Guest from MPE (Garching)
Comparison of X-ray detected and shear-selected galaxy cluster samples in the eFEDS area
04 March 2021 Maude
Exploring CIB leakage into ILC reconstructed tSZ map for SO and SO+FYST
11 March 2021 Beibhinn
X-ray studies of A3158 with eROSITA (rehearsal talk for M.Sc. Colloquium)
18 March 2021 Kostas
Cosmological implications of the anisotropy of 10 cluster scaling relations
25 March 2021 Cancelled
01 April 2021 Jana
eROSITA Spectro-Imaging Analysis of the Abell 3408 Galaxy Cluster
08 April 2021 Angie
The Northern Clump - The Largest Infalling Structure in the Longest Known Gas Filament Observed with eROSITA, XMM-Newton, Chandra
15 April 2021 Beibhinn
M.Sc. Colloquium
22 April 2021 Florian
29 April 2021 Paola Dominguez
Guest from Uni of Seoul (Korea)
Magnetic fields in galaxy clusters
06 May 2021 Frederic
Paper discussion: Stellar mass as a galaxy cluster mass proxy (Palmese+20)
13 May 2021 Public holiday
Ascension Day
20 May 2021 Shubham
Scaling relations of cool-core and non-cool-core clusters
27 May 2021 Group discussion
03 June 2021 Public holiday
Corpus Christi
10 June 2021 Hannah
The Virgo Cluster with eROSITA
17 June 2021 Philipp+Alexander+Jesper
24 June 2021 Cancelled
01 July 2021 Jakob+Amelie+Lina
July/August 2021 Summer Break
02 September 2021 Group discussion
09 September 2021 Cancelled
16 September 2021 Amelie
BSc Colloquium: X-ray image analysis of the galaxy cluster A3407 using eROSITA data
23 September 2021 Phillip + Alexander
BSc Colloquia: Study of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster using the X-ray telescope eROSITA + Analisis of the Centaurus Cluster using eROSITA data
30 September 2021 Frederic
Environmental influence on galaxy cluster scaling relations
07 October 2021 Lina
BSc Colloquium: X-ray analysis of the galaxy cluster Abell 496 using eROSITA data
14 October 2021 Kostas
Cosmological implications of cluster anisotropies
21 October 2021 Claudia
A deep learning approach to the weak lensing analysis of galaxy clusters
28 October 2021 Jitendra
Comparing eROSITA Cluster catalog with archive catalogs for redshift validation
04 November 2021 Group meeting
Attending KooGiG conference together
11 November 2021 Jakob+Jesper
BSc Colloquia: X-ray analysis of the apparent filament structure between the galaxy clusters A3667 and A3651 using eROSITA data + X-ray analysis of the MCXC J0631.3-5610 ckuster using eROSITA data
18 November 2021 Angie
Update on The eROSITA view of the Abell 3391/95 field: The Outskirts
25 November 2021 Shubham
Galaxy cluster scaling relations for cool-core and non-cool-core clusters
02 December 2021 Thomas
Technical discussion: Nearby individual large (super-) cluster X-ray analyses: which complementary (multiwavelength) information to gather by default, and why
09 December 2021 Group discussion
16 December 2021 Florian
Technical talk: Selection effects and eROSITA WL calibration
23 December 2021 Winter break

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