Galaxy Cluster Seminar

Dark Energy Team
Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

The Cluster seminar is held in the room 0.006 every Thursday at 14:45 hrs.

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Date Speaker & Institute Seminar title
5 January 2017 Winter break
12 January 2017 Group discussion
19 January 2017 Konstantinos
Isotropy of the L-T relation of galaxy clusters for various samples
26 January 2017 Julia
New physical insights about Tidal Disruption Events from a comprehensive observational inventory at X-ray wavelengths (Auchettl et al. 2016)
02 February 2017 Group discussion
09 February 2017 Weiwei
Detection of galaxy clusters in ROSAT data (part results)
16 February 2017 Miriam
Study of a subsample of clusters from the eeHIFLUGCS
23 February 2017 Half day holiday
02 March 2017 Group discussion
09 March 2017 Cancelled
16 March 2017 Chaoli
Galaxy groups at high redshift (z>2) as seen by ATHENA
23 March 2017 Florian
XMM observation of A2244
30 March 2017 Jens Erler
Guest from F. Bertoldi's group
Planck's view on the spectrum of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect II
06 April 2017 Group discussion
13 April 2017 Angus Wright
Guest from P. Schneider's Group
The low-z stellar and baryonic mass functions from GAMA
20 April 2017 Interested group members
eROSITA PV phase meeting II
27 April 2017 Weiwei
Detection of galaxy clusters in ROSAT data (recent progress)
04 May 2017 Group discussion
11 May 2017 Julia
Study of a tidal disruption event candidate
18 May 2017 Maja Kierdorf
Guest from MPIfR
Polarization study of relics in galaxy clusters at high radio frequencies
25 May 2017 Public Holiday
Christi Himmelfahrt
01 June 2017 Gerrit Schellenberger
(Former member of our group)
Promotionspreis der Stiftung Physik & Astronomie 2017: X-ray analysis of a complete sample of galaxy clusters
08 June 2017 Konstantinos
Anisotropy of the galaxy cluster X-ray luminosity-temperature relation
15 June 2017 Public Holiday
22 June 2017 Aarti
Guest from F. Bertoldi's group
Weak-lensing mass calibration of the Sunyaev-Zel'dovich effect using APEX-SZ galaxy clusters (Nagarajan et al. 2017, submitted)
29 June 2017 Thomas
Update on Athena
06 July 2017 Vyoma
Data Reduction and Analysis of RXCJ2306.6-1319
13 July 2017 Miriam
X-ray versus infrared selection of distant galaxy clusters: A case study using the XMM-LSS and SpARCS cluster samples (Willis et al. 2017, submitted)
20 July 2017 Sophia
X-ray study of shock fronts in Abell 2163 with Suzaku
27 July 2017 1. Yvonne
2. Julia
1. Bachelor Kolloquium: Properties of eROSITA galaxy clusters
2. An Ultrafast Rise Tidal Disruption Event Candidate
August 2017 Summer Break
7 September 2017 Group discussion
14 September 2017 Eftychia
Temperature structure of the galaxy cluster A2533
21 September 2017 Thomas, Florian, Miriam
@ Goettingen
Astronomische Gesellchaft 2017
28 September 2017 Andreas
Suzaku Observations of a potential WHIM filament in the Cluster Complex A3528/30/32
5 October 2017 Ole
Examination of Four Chandra Observations of the Merging Galaxy Cluster Abell S0295
12 October 2017 Chaoli
Update: Galaxy groups at high redshift (z>2) as seen by ATHENA
19 October 2017 Florian
Recent results from the XXL survey
26 October 2017 Toma Badescu
Guest from F. Bertoldi's group
Discovery of a Protocluster Associated with a Ly╬▒ Blob Pair at z=2.3 (Badescu et al. 2017)
2 November 2017 Hannah Zohren
Guest from P. Schneider's Group
Follow-up analysis of galaxy cluster candidates in the Planck SZ2 catalogue
9 November 2017 Sophia
XMM-Newton analysis of the luminous high-redshift cluster (z=0.9) ClJ120958.9+495352
16 November 2017 Thomas
The Transient High Energy Sky and Early Universe Surveyor (THESEUS) (arXiv:1710.04638)
23 November 2017 Weiwei
Detection of galaxy clusters in ROSAT data (recent progress)
30 November 2017 Dominique Eckert
Guest from MPE
Constraining galaxy cluster properties through joint X-ray and SZ observations
7 December 2017 Group discussion
14 December 2017 Antonio
eROSITA simulations with SIXTE
21 December 2017 Winter break
28 December 2017 Winter break

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