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TRR 33 - The Dark Universe

We acknowledge funding from TransRegio, the Transregional Collaborative Research Centre (TRR 33), held jointly with the Universität Heidelberg and LMU München.

The Transregio The Dark Universe consists of these projects, grouped in three main fields:

  1. Origin of Dark Energy and Dark Matter
  2. Time history of Dark Energy
  3. Dark Matter - Dark Energy connection
More information about TRR33 can be found here


  1. ZOMG I: How the cosmic web inhibits halo growth and generates assembly bias Borzyszkowski, Mikolaj; Porciani, Cristiano; Romano-Diaz, Emilio; Garaldi, Enrico, 2016
  2. Constrained simulations and excursion sets: understanding the risks and benefits of 'genetically modified' haloes Porciani, Cristiano, 2016
  3. Doppler term in the galaxy two-point correlation function: wide-angle, velocity, Doppler lensing and cosmic acceleration effects Raccanelli, Alvise; Bertacca, Daniele; Jeong, Donghui; Neyrinck, Mark C.; Szalay, Alexander S., 2016
  4. A relativistic signature in large-scale structure Bartolo, Nicola; Bertacca, Daniele; Bruni, Marco; Koyama, Kazuya; Maartens, Roy; Matarrese, Sabino; Sasaki, Misao; Verde, Licia; Wands, David, 2016
  5. Cosmological measurements with general relativistic galaxy correlations Raccanelli, Alvise; Montanari, Francesco; Bertacca, Daniele; Doré, Olivier; Durrer, Ruth, 2016
  6. The formation of cold dark matter haloes - II. Collapse time and tides Borzyszkowski, Mikolaj; Ludlow, Aaron D.; Porciani, Cristiano, 2014
  7. A new method to measure galaxy bias, Pollack, Jennifer E.; Smith, Robert E.; Porciani, Cristiano, 2013
  8. Can we really measure fNL from the galaxy power spectrum? Roth, Nina; Porciani, Cristiano, 2012
  9. Counts of galaxy clusters as cosmological probes: the impact of baryonic physics, Balaguera-Antolínez, Andrés; Porciani, Cristiano, 2012
  10. The formation of CDM haloes I: Collapse thresholds and the ellipsoidal collapse model Ludlow, Aaron D.; Borzyszkowski, Mikolaj; Porciani, Cristiano, 2011
  11. Collapse thresholds for the formation of CDM haloes in the ellipsoidal collapse model, Ludlow Aaron D.; Porciani, Cristiano, 2011
  12. The spatial and velocity bias of linear density peaks and proto-haloes in the LCDM cosmology, Elia, Anna; Ludlow, Aaron D.; Porciani C., 2011
  13. Modelling large-scale halo bias using the bispectrum, Pollack, Jennifer E.; Smith, Robert E.; Porciani, Cristiano, 2011
  14. The Density and Pseudo-Phase-Space Density Profiles of CDM halos, Ludlow, Aaron D.; Navarro, Julio F.; Boylan-Kolchin, Michael; Springel, Volker; Jenkins, Adrian; Frenk, Carlos S.; White, Simon D. M., 2011
  15. Testing standard perturbation theory and the Eulerian local biasing scheme against N-body simulations, Roth, Nina; Porciani, Cristiano, 2010
  16. Modeling the clustering of dark-matter haloes in re summed perturbation theories, Elia, Anna; Kulkarni, Suchita; Porciani, Cristiano; Pietroni, Massimo; Matarrese, Sabino, 2010
  17. The Peaks Formalism and the Formation of Cold Dark Matter Haloes, Ludlow, Aaron D.; Porciani, Cristiano, 2010