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AIP Center for History of Physics Oral History Interview Abstracts
AIP Center for History of Physics OHI Abstract - Chandrasekhar
AIP Center for History of Physics OHI Abstract - Wheeler
Dictionary of Nomenclature of Celestial Objects
Andre HECK - Sociology of Astronomy
ATS Links to the Past
100 Years of Precision Timekeepers (book)
Institute for the History of Science and Technology
ThinkQuest Library of Entries: Science: History
History of communications, computing and media
Physics in Torino: a brief history
Finnish Geodetic Institute HISTORY
Indiatime History
City of Tartu
History of the University of Tartu
Observatoire Ependes
Technikgeschichte ETH Zürich
Geschichte der Sternfreunde Menden
Geschichte der Meteorbeobachtungen an der Sternwarte Radebeul
Geschichte Sternwarte Rodewisch
Schönow Geschichte (Sternwarte!)
Steintorturm - Geschichte
Auckland Astronomical Society - The First Fifty Years
The First 65 Years: Mathematics at the University of Florida in Gainesville, Florida
History of the Finnish Geodetic Institute (TOC)
Galerie d. Universums: Ausstellung
When were the planets discovered?
Adventures in Science and Technology - David Levy, Astronomer
Astronomy and Roman Coins
Astronomy, History & Religion
Astronomy & Mythology
Astronomy & The Arts
The Universe from Canada Home Page
Burke-Gaffney Observatory
Professor Stephen Hawking's Homepage
Plan a day trip around Skaha Lake
Colleen Cutschall
Bibliothek AIP
Bibliothek AIP
Named Asteroids
Minor Planet Names - Pt. 1 (numerical list)
Minor Planet Names - Pt. 2 (alphabetical list)
Minor Planet Names: Alphabetical List
Vorlesung: Einführung in die Geschichte und Philosophie der Physik
Roger Hick's Homepage
Extracts from Book II of Pliny's Natural History

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