History of Astronomy : Museums and exhibits

Raumfahrt-Museum Mittweida

The private Raumfahrt-Museum (Space Travel Museum) Mittweida near Chemnitz in Saxony (Germany) also contains exhibits to the History of Astronomy which reflects and details the activities of Bernhard Schmidt (1879-1935) in Mittweida at the beginning of the century. On that theme, a glass rob and an experimental mirror from the workshop of Bernard Schmidt are shown and addended by pictures and documents.

Address of the museum: Rochlitzer Strasse 62, Mittweida

Opening hours: Sunday 3pm - 5pm, or by appointment

Address for information:

Ursula Römisch
Rochlitzer Str. 47 
D-09648 Mittweida
Tel.: 03727/90811 (museum)
      03727/2411  (privat)

Reference: T. Römisch, Raumfahrt-Museum Mittweida, Astronomie+Raumfahrt 30 (1993) 16, pp. 400-401

Other source: Museen und Ausstellungen im Landkreis Mittweida (in German)

Wolfgang R. Dick

Latest update: 27 Jan 1997