History of Astronomy

History of Astronomy: Observatories and other places

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General items

Cross-references for proper names


Proper name                         Place

Archenhold-Sternwarte               Berlin

Astronomical Data Center            Greenbelt

Astronomical Observatory of
   Collurania                       Teramo

Astronomisches Rechen-Institut      Heidelberg

Bureau des Longitudes               Paris

Carter Observatory                  Wellington

Chabot Observatory                  Oakland

Detroit Observatory                 Ann Arbor

Leander McCormick Observatory       Charlottesville

David Dunlap Observatory            Toronto

Decker-Grebner-Van Zandt
   Observatory                      Jubilee

Dominion Astrophysical Observatory  Victoria

Drake Observatory                   Des Moines

Five College Astronomy Department   Amherst

Goddard Space Flight Center         Greenbelt

Goodsell Observatory                Northfield

Harvard-Smithsonian Center for
   Astrophysics                     Cambridge, MA

Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics  Victoria

Hopkins Observatory                 Williamstown

Kiepenheuer-Institut fr
   Sonnenphysik                     Freiburg

Kirkwood Observatory                Bloomington

Konkoly Observatory                 Budapest

Kuffner Observatory                 Vienna

Ladd Observatory                    Providence

Leander McCormick Observatory       Charlottesville

Lick Observatory                    Mount Hamilton

Linden Observatory                  Kingswood

Lowell Observatory                  Flagstaff

Max Planck Institute for Astronomy  Heidelberg

McDonald Observatory                Fort Davis

North Moor Observatory              Peoria

Observatoire de la Cte
   d'Azur                           Nice

Observatorio Astronomico Nacional   Sierra San Pedro Martir

Observatorium Wendelstein           Bayrischzell

Osservatorio Astronomico di Brera   Merate and Milan

Osservatorio Astronomico
   di Capodimonte                   Naples

Perkins Observatory                 Delaware

Rattlesnake Mountain Observatory    Richland

Rundetaarn (The Round Tower)        Copenhagen

Sacramento Peak Observatory         Sunspot

Southern Cross Astronomical
   Observatory                      Miami

Sternwarte Bogenhausen              Munich

Stonehenge: see Topics/Archaeoastronomy

Stull Observatory                   Alfred

The University of Michigan
   Detroit Observatory              Ann Arbor

U.S. Naval Observatory              Washington

Van Vleck Observatory               Middletown

Washburn Observatory                Madison

Warner and Swasey Observatory       Cleveland

Yerkes Observatory                  Williams Bay

Individual countries, observatories and places

For the homepages of the following observatories see Astronomy.

Information on the history of several sites may also be found in the documents about museums, memorials, historical places and exhibits.

Find more about history of observatories with Alta Vista.

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