History of Astronomy

Requests concerning history of astronomy

Judging from the number of messages I received in connection with this Web site and the Electronic Newsletter for the History of Astronomy (ENHA), history of astronomy seems to be rather popular. However, the number of requests had grown to an amount I could not scope with any longer. So, I had to concentrate on subscriptions to ENHA, on contributions to ENHA, on information concerning Web sites and on contacts concerning my own fields of interest. Please do not send me general questions, even if they have something to do with my own fields of interest. I simply do not have the time to reply, even if I know the answer.

I was looking for colleagues who may help me with answering requests, but so far no one responded. I also heared from others that they have the same problem. Please keep in mind that the service provided here is a voluntary one. I am not paid for this, but have to do it in my spare time.

If you have a serious interest in history of astronomy, you may consider subsribing to HASTRO-L, the main discussion group for history of astronomy. In most cases, questions sent to HASTRO-L have been answered. However, you have to subscribe first.

Thanks for your understanding.

Wolfgang R. Dick

Latest update: 4 Feb 1998