History of Astronomy

History of Astronomy: Change of host name

On November 25th, 1996, the port 8000 of the host server for the Astronomiae Historia / History of Astronomy WWW pages has been replaced by the standard port 80 (which need not to be specified). At the same time, the server has been moved from machine aibn55 to another machine, and the general host name www.astro.uni-bonn.de has been introduced.

So, please change your bookmarks or links from http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de:8000/... or http://aibn55.astro.uni-bonn.de:8000/... to the new URL http://www.astro.uni-bonn.de/~pbrosche/astoria.html !

Wolfgang R. Dick

Latest update: 14 Apr 1997