History of Astronomy : Working Group for the History of Astronomy : Gotha Meeting 1998

International Spring Meeting of the Astronomische Gesellschaft

Gotha (Germany), May 11 - 15, 1998

Instructions for contributions to the proceedings

The proceedings of the meeting are foreseen to be published with Verlag Harri Deutsch, Thun and Frankfurt am Main. Invited papers will be published in full, but limited to about about 10 pages. Submitted papers will be published as abstracts or short versions of about one page. Abstracts submitted prior to the meeting may be edited by the authors after the meeting for publication. The deadline for submitting papers and abstracts is July 31, 1998.

The invited papers should contain the rational in the introduction and the results in the conclusion, so that no abstract is needed.

Please submit the paper as hard copy to P. Brosche and, if possible, also in machine-readable form, either on diskette together with the hard copy to Prof. Brosche (any formats, also Word or WordPerfect, except Macintosh formats), or by e-mail to the LOC at SternwGTH@aol.com (ASCII or LATEX), or by ftp to ftp.potsdam.ifag.de into the directory pub/incoming/wdi with a short e-mail notice to wdi@potsdam.ifag.de (any formats, except Macintosh; please note that the ftp directory and its contents are invisible). The proceedings will be produced using a desktop publishing software based on Windows 95. Therefore, ASCII files or formats like Word are prefered. LATEX files may be submitted but will have to be re-formatted by the editors.

Camera-ready illustrations are to be added to the hard copy of the text, not to be given inside the text. Illustrations should preferably be of 140 % of the size they are wished to appear in the book. The size of the book will be ca. 21 x 15 cm.

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