History of Astronomy : Working Group for the History of Astronomy : Meetings : Göttingen 1999

Colloquium of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy during the International Conference of the Astronomische Gesellschaft


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Sunday, September 19, 1999

5 pm: Tour at the University Observatory (guided by Prof. Hans-Heinrich Voigt).

7 pm: Informal meeting and dinner at the restaurant "Zur Sternwarte", Geismarlandstrasse 12 (in front of the University Observatory)

Monday, September 20, 1999

10.00: Welcome and Opening, Announcements

10.10: Klaus Hentschel (Göttingen): Drawing, Engraving, Photographing, Plotting, and Printing: Recent results in the historical study of visual representations (40 min)

10.50: Charlotte Bigg (Cambridge, UK): Photography and the labour history of astronomy and astrophysics (40 min)

11.30: Break, Announcements

11.35: Andrea Loettgers (Berlin): Langley's mapping of the infra-red solar spectrum (40 min)

12.15: Peter Habison (Vienna): Karl Schwarzschild's investigations of "out-of-focus photometry" between 1897-1899 and his contribution to photographic photometry (40 min)

12.55: Break, Announcements

13.00 - 14.15: Lunch break

14.15: Heiner Lichtenberg (Bonn): Die Gregorianische Zeitzählung nach Sonne und Mond im 20. bis 22. nachchristlichen Jahrhundert, ohne Rechnung dargestellt (Sondervortrag, 15 min)

14.30: Lajos Bartha (Budapest): A Renaissance celestial globe as an analogue computer for determination of the coordinates on the heaven (40 min)

15.10: Klaus-Dieter Herbst (Jena): Astronomische Kupferstiche von Gottfried Teuber für Erhard Weigel (40 min)

15.50 Coffee break

16.05: Axel D. Wittmann (Göttingen): Did Struve in 1835 observe the nucleus of Halley's comet? (40 min)

16.45: Peter Kroll (Sonneberg): Wide-Field Plates Archives: Detector, Storage, and Goldmine (40 min)

17.30: Assembly of the members of the Working Group for the History of Astronomy (guests are welcome; max. 60 min)

Abstracts of the papers are published in Astronomische Gesellschaft Abstract Series No. 15, 1999.

There will be the possibility to obtain some books on history of astronomy during the meeting, among them the volumes of Acta Historica Astronomiae.

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