History of Astronomy : Acta Historica Astronomiae

Wolfgang R. Dick, Jürgen Hamel (Eds.):

Astronomie von Olbers bis Schwarzschild

[Astronomy from Olbers to Schwarzschild]

Nationale Entwicklungen und internationale Beziehungen im 19. Jahrhundert

[National developments and international relations in the 19th century]

(Acta Historica Astronomiae ; Vol. 14)

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Cover This issue comprises talks presented 2000 September 18 at the colloquium »International relations in astronomy« it is supplemented by additional articles about this topic. The foundation of the international »Vereinigte Astronomische Gesellschaft«, which took place in 1800 in Bremen, prompted us to investigate the development of astronomy in German-speaking regions, and its international relations during the 19th century. We investigate the activities of famous astronomers like W. Olbers, J.E. Bode, F.X. von Zach, J.H. Schroeter, H.C. Schumacher and K. Schwarzschild, as well as those of their less famous professional colleagues like J.G. Schrader and L. de Ball. The geographical spectrum extends from Bremen and Lilienthal over Kiel, Gotha and Dresden to Copenhagen, Vienna and Chile. Among the topics are: telescope construction, including telescopes made by Herschel, the rediscovery of the minor planet Ceres 1801/02, the Berlin »Astronomisches Jahrbuch«, the foundation of the »Astronomische Nachrichten«, the evolution from the »Vereinigte Astronomische Gesellschaft" to the present-day »Astronomische Gesellschaft«, the research at the Kuffner Observatory in Vienna, the professionalization in astronomy, and the attempts of many countries to establish a southern observatory in Chile. A listing of astronomical monuments in Lilienthal and Bremen concludes the book.

All papers are in German with English abstracts.


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Wolfgang R. Dick, Jürgen Hamel (Eds.): Astronomie von Olbers bis Schwarzschild. Nationale Entwicklungen und internationale Beziehungen im 19. Jahrhundert. (Acta Historica Astronomiae ; 14). Thun ; Frankfurt am Main : Deutsch, 2002, 243 p., ISBN 3-8171-1667-5, numerous ill., 15 x 21 cm, paperback EUR 16.80 / sFr 26.30.

Published in 2002.

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