History of Astronomy : Acta Historica Astronomiae : Vol. 9

Klaus Hentschel and Axel D. Wittmann (Eds.):

The Role of Visual Representations in Astronomy: History and Research Practice

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Klaus Hentschel: Drawing, engraving, photographing, plotting, printing: Historical studies of visual representations, particularly in astronomy

Lajos Bartha: A Renaissance celestial globe as an analogue computer

Klaus-Dieter Herbst: Traces to the mechanic's workshop: Gottfried Teuber's copper engraving and woodcut illustrations for Erhard Weigel

Charles Piazzi Smyth (1819-1900): On astronomical drawing [1846]

Axel D. Wittmann: Did Struve observe the nucleus of Halley's comet in 1835?

Charlotte Bigg: Photography and labour history of astrometry: The Carte du Ciel

Peter Habison: Karl Schwarzschild's investigations of 'out-of-focus photometry' between 1897 and 1899 at Kuffner Observatory in Vienna

Andrea Loettgers: Representation and transformation of Langley's map of the infrared solar spectrum

Peter Kroll and Hans-Jürgen Bräuer: Working in a gold mine: Archival wide-field plates

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