History of Astronomy : Acta Historica Astronomiae

Acta Historica Astronomiae


Acta Historica Astronomiae is a new series of books devoted to all fields of the history of astronomy. It will comprise monographs, proceedings of conferences, general and thematic collections of articles, editions of manuscripts, bibliographies, inventories of astronomical archives, as well as graduate and doctoral theses. Reprints and translations of interesting historical works may also be published.

The first volume, Beiträge zur Astronomiegeschichte (Contributions to the History of Astronomy) is something like a yearbook. It will appear irregularly, but hopefully at least once per year. Beiträge zur Astronomiegeschichte will contain scientific and review articles, reports and book reviews.

For scientific books of this type the printing costs have to be paid by the authors or the editors. Acta Historica Astronomiae offers high printing quality at comparatively low costs.

Books and contributions in German or English will be accepted. Due to the large number of books and papers offered, preference will be given to contributions in German and to English contributions dealing with the history of astronomy in the German-speaking areas in the widest sense. Please contact the editors before sending in manuscripts: Wolfgang R. Dick (Otterkiez 14, D-14478 Potsdam, Germany, e-mail: wdick@astrohist.org) or Jürgen Hamel (c/o Archenhold-Sternwarte, Alt Treptow 1, D-12435 Berlin, Germany).

Wolfgang R. Dick. Created: 27 Jan 2002