Stars and Stellar Evolution

Lecture term: Oct. 14, 2021 - Feb. 3, 2022

Thu 9:15-11:00
Location: AIfA Bonn , Lecture Hall, except for Oct. 14, which will be held online only

While all participants who fullfil the university requirements are encouraged to take part in all parts of the lectures in person (except for Oct. 14), we will undertake efforts to broadcast the lectures live in zoom. We regret if the learning experience will be inferior to that of students who participate in person. Please see below for the zoom connection details.

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Exercises (slots to be confirmed):
Mon 14:00-16:00, AIfA, Room 0.005, or
Wed 14:00-16:00, AIfA, Rooms 0.006 and 0.008
Tutors: Harim Jin (, Kaila Nathaniel (, Xiao-Tian Xu (
Please register for the exercise class by sending an email to all three tutors, indicating your preferred time slot. If you are free on both time slots, please indicate that as well, which will greatly help us with scheduling. You will receive a reply confirming your time slot, and indicating when and where the first exercise class takes place.

Lab part (obligatory):
Fri 8:45-9:50, Room 0.007 (CIP pool room)
Please see here for details

The setup of the lectures is as follows: in the lectures, it is assumed that you worked through the corresponding chapter of the day (see table below). The lectures cover the main content, but we will discuss some of the questions you have about the lecture topic. Please email your questions before Wednesday 13:00 to all three tutors so that they can be considered for the Thursday lectures. In your email, please use "SSE" as subject, and mention at the beginning of your question the corresponding subsection of the lecture notes. Note that 20% of the grade for this lecture will be based on your questions. 50% of your grade will be based on the final written exam (open book). The exam question may resemble the exercises which are discussed during the exercise class, which is thus highly advisable to attend. As a mandatory part of this course, we offer a computer lab based on an interactive stellar evolution software, lead by Dr. Luca Grassitelli. 30% of your grade will be based on your lab reports.

Time Table

(Thu 9:15-11:00)
Lecture: Chapters Exercises
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Oct. 14 Ch.1 - -
Oct. 21 Ch.1, 2.1, 2.2 1.1-1.4 Wed, Oct. 20, 13:00
Oct. 28 Ch.2.3, 2.4, 3 2.2-2.4 Wed, Oct. 27, 13:00
Nov. 4 Ch.4 3.1-3.3 Wed, Nov. 3, 13:00
Nov. 11 Ch.5 4.1, 4.4 Wed, Nov. 10, 13:00
Nov. 18 Ch.6 5.1-5.4 Wed, Nov. 17, 13:00
Nov. 25 Ch.7 6.2-6.4 Wed, Nov. 24, 13:00
Dec. 2 Ch.7 7.1-7.3
Dec. 9 Ch.8 8.1,8.4 Wed, Dec. 8, 13:00
Dec. 16 Ch.9 9.1,9.2 Wed, Dec. 15, 13:00
Dec. 23 Ch.10 10.1-10.2 Wed, Dec. 23, 13:00
Jan. 13 Ch.11 11.1-11.3 Wed, Jan. 12, 13:00
Jan. 20 Ch.12 12.1-12.3 Wed, Jan. 19, 13:00
Jan. 27 recap - -
Monday Feb. 14 Exam time: 9:15
Information on the final exam:
The final exam will take place on Thursday, Feb.3 , 9:15-11:00 (see table above). IMPORTANT: you need to be registered for this exam in BASIS! And you need to bring your student ID-card to the exam.
You may use the lecture notes during the exam, as well as any other book you like. Pocket calculators may be used as well. Laptops, smartphones, internet, and any kind of comunication device, however, are not allowed to be used during the exam.

The retake exam will take place on March 31, 2022, please register on Basis for it.

Information for non-physics/astronomy students:
You are also asked to take part in the final exam. However, you may restrict yourself to answering only 2 out of 4 questions.

Here, Alex Tudorica's beautiful images demonstrating various stages of stellar evolution from the night sky of Bonn using the AIfA'a rooftop telescope:
star formation: Horsehead Nebula Planetary nebula  Planetary nebula Wolf-Rayet wind bubble
Supernova Supernova remnant and neutron star star formation Planetary nebula

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