Conf. Bonn 2007: The Milky Way Halo - Stars and Gas

The Milky Way Halo - Stars and Gas

Locations, Motions, Origins

  Conference held at the
Argelander Institut für Astronomie (AIfA)
Tue 29 May - Sat 2 June 2007, Bonn
SOC T.C. Beers,  K.S. de Boer,  K.C. Freeman,  G. Gilmore,  L. Infante,  P. Kroupa,  B.D. Savage  
LOC H. Baumgardt,  M. Geffert,  P. Kroupa,  P. Schneider  
Aims The study of the Milky Way Halo and its constituents has seen numerous developments in recent years. The 2007 conference aims at bringing together knowledgeable researchers to discuss the current state of understanding of the halo.  
Scope   Topics to be addressed are: recent surveys of stars and gas in the halo, studies of the distributions and the space motions of stars and gas, studies of the space motions of Milky Way star clusters and dwarf galaxies, models of the kinematics, as well as the origins of the stars, the gas, and the dwarf galaxies.
Venue   The AIfA* is located at Auf dem Hügel 71, 53121 Bonn, Germany (see map). The meeting will use the lecture room of the AIfA. Attendence is therefore somewhat limited. how to get to Bonn
Registration deadline was 17 April 2007.
Please arrange by 1 May 2007 for the payment of the registration fee (which includes the conference dinner on Thursday 31 May).
Payment of the registration fee
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The list of registered participants is available.
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The proceedings are published in electronic form only.  Proceedings

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*) The Argelander Institute for Astronomy was formed in January 2006 by merging the Sternwarte, the Radioastronomisches Institut and the Institut für Astrophysik und extraterrestrische Forschung, all of the Universität Bonn

The meeting is sponsored by the DFG, the Förderverein Hoher List and the Sternenburg-Apotheke Bonn.