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Since October 2013 I am a postdoc at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio (USA), where I work with Stacy S. McGaugh and Federico Lelli on the dynamics and dark matter content of tidal dwarf galaxies. Before this I did my PhD in Prof. Pavel Kroupa's research group Astrophysics of Stellar Populations, Dynamics and Dark Matter, where I was working on the distribution and origin of the MW satellite galaxies and the formation of tidal dwarf galaxies in galaxy encounters. Current information about me and my research can be found on my website http//:marcelpawlowski.com


marcel.pawlowski [AT] case [dot] edu
Or see http//:marcelpawlowski.com/contact/

RAS press release

Material for the Royal Astronomical Society press release of April 25.



Movies from my paper "Making Counter-Orbiting Tidal Debris: The Origin of the Milky Way Disc of Satellites":
Pro- and retrograde particles (green and red, respectively) checked and marked for every step. Target galaxy is blue.

Fly-by model 5deg200vel: flyby.mov (10 MB); flybyedgeon.mov (5 MB)
Merger models 7.5deg100vel: merger.mov (12 MB); mergeredgeon.mov (7 MB)

Rotating view of the Disc of Satellites (DoS): DoSMW.mov (1 MB)
Equivalent for fly-by model 5deg200vel: DoSFlyBy.mov (0.5 MB)

Precession (merger model 5deg050vel): PRECESSION-5deg050vel-retro.mpg (5.2 MB)


Most of my photos can be found at marcelpawlowski.com. Ask me for the password to the "Private Galleries" section for pictures taken at conferences, PhD defences and the like.

TDG Bonn 2009

Conference photo: conferencephoto.jpg (7.5 MB); conferencephotomedium.jpg (964 kB); conferencephotosmall.jpg (438 kB)
MOND community: big (6.8 MB); medium (1.5 MB);small (476 kB);


My personal website: marcelpawlowski.com; My blog: 8minutesold.com; Twitter: @8minutesold ;