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Please note that while the images displayed on this gallery page can be freely used for personal purposes there are certain restrictions. While they probably do not hold up to all juristical standards they should give anybody interrested in publication or other use of pictures from this site a guideline. The intention is to make usage as liberal as possible while still defending personal and institutional copyrights. Base rule: If you want to use any image for purposes other than private of scientific, ask first.
The copyright guidelines are:
  1. No image file from this page is allowed to be used for commercial or other than scientific or private purposes without the written permission of Sternwarte Bonn OR the author. This applies especially to images observed by persons other than me (M.Altmann). In this case the permissions of the observers has to be obtained as well. In most cases there will be a fee demanded on behalf of STERNWARTE BONN, depending on the total amount of images requested and on the purpose and the requesting organisation. In case of the intention to use images from this site for editorial purposes (i.e. in periodicals, books etc., other than scientific periodicals, books, where 2) applies) the fee will most probably be waved.
  2. The images can be used for scientific uses, such as publications, without permission. There MUST always be a reference to the source, that means the observatory (Observatorium Hoher List) and the author/observer of the particular image. Images where no specific author/observer is stated on the GALLERY-PAGE are by M. Altmann. Usage of any image will not move the copyright to any other institution, such as a publisher. Please make sure that is the case, beforehand.
  3. Personal use (Screen background, prints etc.): free. Use on personal homepages is free, however mentioning the source (i.e. author/observer AND institution (observatory) is obligatory. Links to an image or homepage are of course without restriction.
  4. Non-profit or govermental or non-govermental organisations: The same applies as under 1). Requesting permission is absolutely compulsory, grant will we given depending on the nature of the organisation. No permission will be given to extremist or dubious organisations. Normally the fee will be waved.
  5. Using any image by German or foreign parties or similar groups or associations for election campaigns or otherwise is forbidden. These Gallery pages are considered to be strictly unpolitical and politically independant.
  6. While about 90% of the pictures displayed in the Gallery Page are by the author, some are not. For these, please refer to the person noted as creator of that image and ask him/her for permission.


The author of this page and the institution hosting his page have no influence on and thus cannot be hold responsible for the contence of any externally linked web page!

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