Galaxy Cluster Seminar

Dark Energy Team
Argelander Institute for Astronomy, University of Bonn

The Cluster seminar is held in the room 0.006 every Thursday at 15:00 hrs.

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Date Speaker & Institute Seminar title
2 January 2020 Winter break
9 January 2020 Dr. Yu Zhou
Guest from JAXA
A signal hidden beneath soft diffuse X-ray background : spatial-fluctuation anisotropy
16 January 2020 Dr. Yu Zhou
Guest from JAXA
(Continue from last week)
23 January 2020 Group discussion
30 January 2020 Cancelled
DMDE exams
06 February 2020 Giorgio Lesci
Guest from Uni. of Bologna
Constraining the cosmological parameters using the galaxy cluster mass function in the AMICO KiDS-DR3 catalogue
13 February 2020 Melih
An overview of the A3391/05 supercluste
20 February 2020 Half day holiday
27 February 2020 Kostas
Strong, consistent anisotropies of X-ray and SZ scaling relations of galaxy clusters: bulk flow or cosmic anisotropy (or systematic)?
05 March 2020 Cancelled
12 March 2020 Group discussion
19 March 2020 Florian
Construction of the eeHIFLUGCS sample
26 March 2020 Jan Luca
Hendrik's group in Bochum
Redshift calibration for lensing surveys
02 April 2020 Jann
eROSITA/XMM-Newton/Suzaku Cluster Temperature Cross-Calibration with the UGC03957 Galaxy Cluster
09 April 2020 eROSITA telecon
16 April 2020 Kateryna
Forecasting the Survey Power of Athena for the Characterisation of Galaxy Groups and Clusters
23 April 2020 Beibhinn
Image creation with eRASS1 and Calibration first steps of A3158 using eROSITA and XMM-Newton
30 April 2020 Various online talks
07 May 2020 Aishwarya
14 May 2020 Group discussion
21 May 2020 Public holiday
28 May 2020 Canceled
04 June 2020 Angie
11 June 2020 Public holiday
18 June 2020 Jana
25 June 2020 Canceled
Thomas, Florian and Kostas attending H0 ESO conference
July/August 2020 Summer Break
03 September 2020 Group discussion
10 September 2020 Caroline
B.Sc. thesis talk on eROSITA data of a galaxy cluster system
17 September 2020 Florian Kleinebreil
Tim Schrabback's group
PhD project talk on weak lensing
24 September 2020 Jahn
M.Sc. rehearsal talk
X-ray Studies of the Galaxy Group UGC03957 using eROSITA, XMM-Newton and Suzaku data
01 October 2020 Jann
M.Sc. Colloquium
X-ray Studies of the Galaxy Group UGC03957 using eROSITA, XMM-Newton and Suzaku data
08 October 2020 Aishwarya
M.Sc. rehearsal talk
Cosmology with X-ray galaxy cluster samples: Optimizing scaling relation observables
15 October 2020 Angie
M.Sc. rehearsal talk
X-ray studies of the interacting galaxy cluster system A3391 and A3395 using eROSITA and XMM-Newton
22 October 2020 Melih
M.Sc. rehearsal talk
29 October 2020 Kateryna
M.Sc. rehearsal talk
05 November 2020 Kaustuv Basu
12 November 2020 Gerrit Schellenberger
Guest from CfA
Cooling and feedback in the archetypal cooling flow group NGC 5044
19 November 2020 Vardan
B.Sc. thesis: X-ray analysis of the data of the Fornax Galaxy Cluster from the eROSITA space telescope
26 November 2020 Technical talk by Kostas
Practical application of Bootstrap, Jackknife, Monte Carlo methods
03 December 2020 Lorenzo Lovisari
Guest from Uni. of Bologna
XMM-ESZ: morphologies, scaling relations, and mass bias
10 December 2020 Dominik
B.Sc. thesis presentation
17 December 2020 Winter break
24 December 2020 Winter break

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