Jonathan Braithwaite

Research Scientist
at the
Argelander Institut für Astronomie
Universität Bonn
Auf dem Hügel 71
53111 Bonn

Tel:       +49 228 73 5654
Fax:      +49 228 73 3672
Email:  jonathan | at |

I work as a research scientist (akademischer Rat) at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy at Bonn University, where I am a member of the stellar physics group. I started working here in September 2009 after three years at the Canadian Institute for Theoretical Astrophysics (CITA) in Toronto. Before that I did my PhD at the Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics near Munich.

My research focusses on fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics in various astrophysical contexts such as star formation, high-mass stars, white dwarfs, neutron stars and the diffuse interstellar and intergalactic media. Click here to read more about my research interests..

Here you can look at my travel plans and those of the other group members.



Masters projects

I am happy to supervise masters projects (or Diploma projects) within the MSc/Astrophysics programme at Bonn University or elsewhere. Possible thesis topics on offer are: Please email me for more details.

Bachelors projects

I am happy to supervise bachelors projects. Possible thesis topics on offer are: Please email me for more details.


I am currently supervising two students:

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