I am an astronomer and currently I am a Post-Doctoral Researcher at the Argelander-Institut für Astronomie in Bonn (AIfA). My Curriculum Vitae includes information regarding my education and career in Astrophysics. I am the author and co-author of 10 refereed scientific papers, which can be found in my list of Publications. My DPhil Dissertation, 'Understanding the nature of the faint radio-source population', can be found here.

I am part of the JVLA-COSMOS collaboration, and my research deals with AGN in the COSMOS field with extended radio structure. In particular I study the radio structure at 3 GHz in regards to the effect of the environment. My current duties at AIfA involve student supervision from bachelor to PhD level. Furthermore I study Ultra-Luminous Infrared Galaxies (U-LIRGs) in the radio and infrared wavelengths in collaboration with the GOALS team. Further information on the Radio-GOALS project can be found here.

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