The struggle to discover the atmosphere of Venus

Expectations of a Venus atmosphere prior to the 1761 transit

1727 Planetary atmosphere discussed in Fürstenau, Desiderata Media; 'plurality of worlds' widely accepted in the early 18th century 5: 641+644

Transit of Venus of 1761 - the immediate aftermath

6 June 1761 The Transit takes place, visible completel in all of Asia and Scandinavia, partially in Central Europe and Africa 1
9 June 1761 P. Wargentin writes a report on observations of a bright rim around Venus even outside the Sun; see 12 November. 5: 648, 11
13 June 1761 The first report in print about an alleged sighting of the atmosphere appears in a German newspaper, written by G. C. Silberschlag based on his own observations in Madgeburg / Kloster Bergen 2, 5: 646-647, 9, 11
late June 1761 M. Lomonosov reports on his observations of effects he blames on the atmosphere at an Academy meeting 10: Petrunin comm.
June(?) 1761 Silberschlag's report comes out a 2nd time, now in a literary journal, slightly edited 4, 5: 643-648, 11
14 July 1761 M. Lomonosov submits the Russian version of his monography for publication 7: part II
27 July 1761 Publication of Lomonosov's report in Russian in 250 copies 5: 649-651, 6, 7: part II
August 1761 The German version of Lomonosov's report is published 3, 7: part II, 9
5 November 1761 S. Dunn reports to the Royal Society in London about his alleged observation of Venus' atmosphere - but only in front of the Sun, thus clearly wrong 5: 649
12 November 1761 Wargentin reports a glow around Venus outside the Sun in a talk in London at the Royal Society (published in print in 1762): the blames the atmosphere but is unsure about the physics 5: 648, 10
19 November 1761 Bergman reports observations similar to Silberschlag's to the Royal Society while Ferner reports a 'light around Venus' following her (a letter dated 20 June) 5: 649
1762 In the Observationes Veneris Gryphiswaldenses A. Mayer and L. Röhl report the Silberschlag phenomenon, too, and discuss the physics - light refraction - in great detail 5: 651-656, 11

Subsequent debate

1769 Kordenbusch collects numerous 1761 observing reports (including Silberschlag's), even previously unpublished ones; several include alleged atmospheric effects 5: 656-657
1822 Encke collects numerous observing reports, offers Wargentin's and Mallet's stories in German 9
1967 Mühlpford unearths Silberschlag 2, 5
2010 Pasachoff & Sheehan arrange a new translation of Lomonosov's Russian Report, carried out for them by Olga Tsapina of the Huntington Library. PM, 6
2012 Pasachoff & Sheehan raise doubts about Lomonosov's observations 6, 8
2012 Shiltsev translates Lomonosov's Russian report anew 7
2012 Fischer uncovers Wargentin's and Mallet's reports, begins translation German sources into English, analyzes Silberschlag's story 9, 10, 11


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