The Leonids 1998 - perspectives...

The trip report from Daniel Fischer

The very first report out of Mongolia

The first Cosmic Mirror on what happened

Data Analysis:
ALEX'98 results in words and pictures!
IMO's detailled analysis,
IMO's quick analysis

The three best picture sites of the Leonis 1998
I've seen so far are
NASA's summary (with many fine links)
Modra Observatory, Slovakia
(sit down before clicking here!) and
ROTSE, New Mexico

The most entertaining travel report
is certainly Olivier Staiger's from Thailand.

Here are some links relating to the Canadian part of
the Mongolian action:
1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

Here is one on the Australian radar.

And here are three relating to the U.S.(A.F.) part:
55th Space Weather Sqdr. (where the data came together),
S.P. Worden (who represented the U.S.A.F. in Mongolia)
and something on Worden.

Early reports to S&T.

Some Leonid expedition news and other reports:
The results from IMO's ALEX'98 (Mongolia),
DMS (China),
Staiger (Thailand),
JAS (Jordan),
ESA (Netherlands),
Parkes Obs. (Australia),
Airborne observations
(Ames/Japan; there is also a meteor spectrum from the mission)

What the HST did.

Media coverage of remaining interest:
BBC Nov. 26 (see also the other stories), ABCNEWS Nov. 24,
CNN amd RP (in German) of Nov. 18,
CNN, ABC and Astr. Now of Nov. 17.

Yahoo U.S., Yahoo D, Chiang Mai News

General Leonids pages:
Leonids Live from NASA, ESO, SpaceViews, News from the ongoing data analysis

For historical interest:
Predictions from Yeomans (who in Space News of Nov. 23
claims he was right - see for yourself) and STK

More astronomical expedition reports from Daniel Fischer:
India 1995: Solar Eclipse (text only)
Siberia 1997: Solar Eclipse (lots of pictures)
Curacao 1998: Solar Eclipse (pictures on special pages)