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Homeopathy is 'rubbish', says chief medical officer

[24.1.2013] Homeopathic remedies are 'rubbish' and do not serve as anything more than placebos: Telegraph. Auch: Doubtful News.

The majority of Americans believe in SOME conspiracy theories, poll shows

[17.1.2013] Fascinating and appalling at the same time: Doubtful News.

Nonsense about the Health Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation

[15.1.2013] This article is a travesty. It's surprising to see it published in a respectable publication: Science-Based Medicine.

Scientific evidence that you probably don't have free will

[14.1.2013] An increasing number of neuroscientists have started to tackle the issue head on: I09. Auch: Books & Culture.

Conspiracy professor manufactures outrageous alternative story of Newtown shooting

[8.1.2013] You know what, Professor? That's obscene: Doubtful News. Auch: Follow-Up, later; AC 360 Transcript.

2012: A monstrously good year in review

[2.1.2013] All the best cryptozoology stories on the site for the year: Doubtful News.

Wrongful death due to religion

[25.12.2012] Faith healing killed Misty Horner: Doubtful News.

Erfolgsgeschichte trotz fehlender Substanz

[21.12.2012] "Die Homoeopathie-Luege": SZ. Auch: GWUP-Interview.

Seeing God in the Third Millenium

[12.12.2012] How the brain creates out-of-body experiences and religious epiphanies: The Atlantic.

Are UFO Enthusiasts 'Giving Up' on UFOlogy? Get Real!

[6.11.2012] When confronted by an article that seems "too good to be true," the skeptic should not just take it as confirmation of what he or she has long believed: Bad UFOs.

Jet pilots fear 'chemtrail' attacks

[2.11.2012] Australian airline pilots fear their jumbos could be shot down by conspiracy theorists who believe they are being poisoned by commercial aircraft: Australian.

Non-Scientific Beliefs Among Undergraduate Students

[29.10.2012] The level of basic science knowledge among undergraduates is only weakly coupled to attitudes towards pseudoscience, and it coexists with attitudes and beliefs that are faith-based: Astronomy Education Review.

"Geschwafel ueber Feinstofflichkeit"

[25.10.2012] Ein Gespraech mit den Machern des bis vor kurzem noch unter dem Namen Esowatch betriebenen Aufklaerungs-Wikis: Jungle World.

Humanists Mourn Death of Paul Kurtz, Humanist Philosopher and Advocate

[21.10.2012] His death means the loss of one of secular humanism.s most prominent advocates: American Humanist. Auch: CfI Obit, NYT, eSkeptic, Patheos, CfI News (Blog, more), SkepticBlog, GWUP-Blog.

Predictive physiological anticipation preceding seemingly unpredictable stimuli

[17.10.2012] "We conclude that to further examine this currently unexplained anticipatory activity, multiple replications arising from different laboratories using the same methods are necessary": Paper. Auch: Northwestern Press Release.

Nikola Tesla und die Pseudoszene

[10.10.2012] Sein Renommee und seine Seltsamkeiten und spaeter abstrusen Ideen machen ihn zum perfekten Helden der Pseudoszene: Psiram Blog.

UFO-Akte Greifswald

[9.10.2012] Ergaenzung + Abschluss-Recherche zu Fall Greifswald: CENAP Blog. Auch: UFO-Information.

Science From Hell

[8.10.2012] P. Broun's dreadful ignorance: Huffington Post.

The Pseudoscience Wars

[4.10.2012] Immanuel Velikovsky and the Birth of the Modern Fringe: Times Higher Education.

Eastern Germany: the most godless place on Earth

[22.9.2012] East German atheism can be seen as a form of continuing political and regional identification - and a taste of the future: Guardian.

How to confuse a moral compass

[19.9.2012] Survey 'magic trick' causes attitude reversal: Nature.

A Faded Piece of Papyrus Refers to Jesus' Wife

[18.9.2012] A scrap of papyrus that was written in Coptic in the fourth century and contains a phrase never seen in any piece of Scripture: New York Times. Auch: HDS Release, Cosmic Log, BBC, ZEIT, General-Anzeiger, Spiegel. Und: Faelschungs-Verdacht.

NASA faked the moon landing - Therefore (Climate) Science is a Hoax

[3.9.2012] An Anatomy of the Motivated Rejection of Science: Paper. Auch: Shaping Tomorrow's World (mehr), Ars Technica.

Kondensstreifen oder Chemtrails

[26.8.2012] Oeko-Verschwoerer wittern Geheimaktion am Himmel: Spiegel TV.

The Crackpot Caucus

[23.8.2012] Many Republicans in power cling to a level of ignorance that would get their ears boxed even in a medieval classroom: New York Times Blog.

What's the difference between a physicist and a priest?

[22.8.2012] Ein absurdes Essay in Nature bekommt, was es verdient: Bjoern Brembs.

Homeopathy Takes Some Hits

[21.8.2012] A glaring admission that homeopathic preparations do nothing for the body: Discovery News. Auch: FDA-Schreiben, TAZ.

Can we live without free will?

[9.8.2012] New research has reignited the debate about whether humans truly have free will: New Scientist.

Astronauts, aeroplanes and UFOs

[30.7.2012] A distressing propensity of ufologists to selectively quote, exaggerate or misquote astronauts to boost their case: Armagh Planet.

Wer zu viel glaubt, bleibt dumm

[23.7.2012] Ein ueberschaetzter Studientyp, die epidemiologische Beobachtungsstudie: Spiegel.

German Homeopathy Companies Pay Journalist who Smears UK Academic

[16.7.2012] Professor Edzard Ernst attacked by paid writers: Quackometer. Auch: GWUP Blog.

Why Smart People Are Stupid

[12.6.2012] When people face an uncertain situation, they don.t carefully evaluate the information or look up relevant statistics: Newyorker.

Creationism In and Outside of the US

[27.5.2012] Talk by Eugenie C. Scott @ World Skeptics Congress 2012: YouTube.

Why Eastern Germany Is The Most Godless Place On Earth

[13.5.2012] In the East two thirds of the population - young and old - are declared atheists: Worldcrunch.

Beware the creeping cracks of bias

[9.5.2012] Evidence is mounting that research is riddled with systematic errors: Nature.

What is Science?

[8.5.2012] Philosophy Has Answers (sort of): Physics Buzz.

People Don't Read, and Why It Matters to Skepticism

[30.4.2012] When it comes to essays or news analysis the fact is that most people outside of scholarly or academic professions don't spend much time reading non-fiction for content: Center for Inquiry Blog.

Analytical thinking erodes belief in God

[26.4.2012] Thinking analytically dims supernatural beliefs, apparently by opposing the intuitive thought processes that underpin them: New Scientist. Auch: BdW.

Has Physics Made Philosophy and Religion Obsolete?

[23.4.2012] Science is meant to make people uncomfortable: The Atlantic.

"Aus dem einen Leben das Beste machen"

[23.4.2012] Wer nach Glueck, Gennuss und Lust strebt, handelt durchaus philosophisch, sagt der Philosoph Bernulf Kanitscheider: Tagesspiegel.

Thanks a lot, science...

[17.4.2012] If you deny part of science shows us, you deny all of it, from exoplanets to smart phones to cancer cures: Mahalo.


[17.4.2012] The notion that homeopathic preparations could have any biological effects represents a fringe viewpoint, one not entertained by serious scientists nor supported by reason and evidence: Bioethics.

Breaking Down Traditional Chinese Medicine

[12.4.2012] Dr. Bunce and his colleagues analyzed 15 traditional Chinese medicines confiscated by customs officials at the Australian border: New York Times Blog. Auch: Nature, IO9.

Astrology has overtaken astronomy: Ex-ISRO chief

[11.4.2012] Belief in astrology is preventing India from getting its due recognition in science, said former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro) UR Rao: DNA.

Where acupuncture pricks the brain

[11.4.2012] The team concluded that acupuncture seems to affect the brain's processing of both physical sensations and thought: New Scientist Blog.

When journalists attack!

[3.4.2012] The "Aquatic Dinosaur" hypothesis: Skeletal Drawing. Auch: SkepticBlog.

Politicization of Science in the Public Sphere

[March 2012] A Study of Public Trust in the United States, 1974 to 2010: American Sociological Review. Auch: De Smog Blog, Grist.

Why we love to fear dragons

[31.3.2012] Those fire-breathing, leathery-winged reptiles have been gripping the human imagination with their sharp talons for millennia, and it's worth wondering why: Cosmic Log.

Marine Monster Mystery on S.C. Beach

[28.3.2012] The marine monster was in fact an Atlantic sturgeon: Discovery.

Why Magicians Are a Scientist's Best Friend

[23.3.2012] Scientists are instinctive doubters who employ a rigorous method to zero in on the truth, but they aren't necessarily trained to expect deception by subjects and collaborators: Wired.

Teller Reveals His Secrets

[March 2012] The smaller, quieter half of the magician duo Penn & Teller writes about how magicians manipulate the human mind: Smithsonian.

Attacks paid for by big business are 'driving science into a dark era'

[19.2.2012] Researchers attending one of the world's major academic conferences 'are scared to death of the anti-science lobby': Guardian. Auch: AAAS News.

Missbrauchte Studien

[1.2.2012] Homoeopathen berufen sie sich haeufig auf den Mediziner Klaus Linde und den Quantenphysiker Anton Zeilinger. Aber was halten diese zwei Experten davon? SZ.

Edzard gegen Charles

[28.1.2012] Edzard Ernst erforscht die Alternativmedizin mit wissenschaftlichen Methoden - und ernuechternden Resultaten: ZEIT.

Wie Verschwoerungstheoretiker ticken

[28.1.2012] Osama Bin Laden lebt noch. Und ist seit vielen Jahren tot. Wer gern Verschwoerungstheorien anhaengt, sieht darin keinen Widerspruch: Spiegel

Scientists urge unis to axe alternative medicine courses

[26.1.2012] More than 400 doctors, medical researchers and scientists have formed a powerful lobby group to pressure universities to close down alternative medicine degrees: Sydney Morning Herald.

"Scientific": It.s just a catchphrase!

[17.1.2012] Unmask the impostors faking science processes in order to spin their way onto the stage of legitimacy: CSI Column.

Ex-ISRO chief attacks blind faith, astrology

[29.12.2011] Former chairman of Indian Space Research Organisation (Isro), Prof UR Rao, on Wednesday blamed astrologers and superstitious beliefs among people as major impediments for the country's development: DNA India.

Health Ministry says homeopathic medicine little more than a placebo

[28.12.2011] "No scientific proof" that natural remedies work beyond psychological impact - in Spain: El Pais. Auch: MediPresse und PM dazu.

Celebrities and Science 2011

[28.12.2011] We ask experts to respond so that celebrities can see where they went wrong: Sense about Science.

Outsider physicists and the oh-my-god particle

[24.12.2011] For amateur theorists, mainstream science is an exclusive priesthood - like Martin Luther, they want to make their own connections: New Scientist.

Lasst die Nymphen tanzen!

[23.12.2011] Esoterik an deutschen Hochschulen: SZ.

Conservative myths about godless Europe

[20.12.2011] Godless Europe debunks key conservative ideas: Psychology Today.

Bericht aus dem Zentrum des Zweifels

[30.11.2011] Ein Besuch bei den Leugnern des Klimawandels zeigt: Hier geht es nicht um Skepsis. SZ.

Why the 'paranormal' is just normal

[31.10.2011] Ghosts, spooky noises, weird premonitions and other "paranormal activities" are totally normal: Cosmic Log.

Religion macht nicht per se gluecklich

[11.10.2011] In Laendern, in denen religioeser Glaube weniger zur gesellschaftlichen Norm gehoert, unterscheiden sich Glaeubige und Nichtglaeubige in Wohlbefinden und Selbstwerterleben nicht: Aerzte-Zeitung.

A Lesson in Treating Illness

[5.10.2011] Adding Steve Jobs to the list of famous people who died treating terminal diseases with woo rather than with medicine: Skeptoid. Auch: Science Blogs (follow-up), GWUP Blog, Sciencebased Medicine, Pharyngula, Guardian.

Astronomen als unfreiwillige Beschuetzer

[25.9.2011] 'Strahlenfluechtige' in der National Radio Quiet Zone in W. Va.: ORF. Auch: BBC.

Maya-Prophezeiung: Das Buch zum Weltuntergang

[25.9.2011] Einziger Beleg: Eine rund 800 Jahre alte Handschrift der Maya. Dieses Buch befindet sich in der Dresdner Staats- und Universitaetsbibliothek: DPA.

Gefaehrlicher Glaube

[23.09.2011] Ein Fall aus Oesterreich zeigt, dass Homoeopathie nicht in Elternhaende gehoert: Telepolis.

Die absurden Ideen der Verschwoerungstheoretiker

[10.9.2011] Seit dem 11. September 2001 sind wilde Spekulationen populaer: Welt.


[1.9.2011] Say It Often, People Will Believe: ABC.

Paranormal Investigator Joe Nickell Reveals the Truth

[12.8.2011] Behind Modern Cryptozoological Myths: IO9.

Evangelicals Question The Existence Of Adam And Eve

[9.8.2011] Some conservative scholars are saying publicly that they can no longer believe the Genesis account: NPR.

Die Wissenschaft und ihre "Science groupies"

[31.7.2011] Faith in Science is not enough - People deserve proof: GWUP Blog.

Edzard Ernst: The professor at war with the prince

[30.7.2011] Ernst caused uproar when he labelled Prince Charles a 'snake oil salesman' for his dandelion and artichoke detox remedy: Guardian.

Forbes Version of Science Journalism Is More Than A little Deluded

[29.7.2011] The junk science piece in Forbes was based on a paper written by Dr. Roy Spencer: AGU Blog.

Faith no more

[25.7.2011] Earlier this year, Andrew Zak Williams asked public figures why they believe in God. Now it's the turn of the atheists to explain why they don't: New Statesman.

Die Volkshochschule - ein Hort der Pseudowissenschaft?

[20.7.2011] Eine Broschuere mit Kursen fuer Erwachsenenbildung in meiner Wohngemeinde: Skeptiker-Blog.

Top 10 Internet-fueled conspiracies

[19.7.2011] From JFK to Obama, Roswell to Da Vinci - the great paranoias all prosper on the Web: Salon.

Die Hoffnung auf die Wunderheilung

[16.7.2011] Der Esoterik-Boom und seine Opfer: DLF.

Mail mirage story is just an illusion

[4.7.2011] A false story about a mirage based on, well, a journalistic apparition: Guardian.

Der Jesuswahn von Heinz-Werner Kubitza

[1.7.2011] Ein Niveau an Religionskritik, wie es bislang im deutschsprachigen Raum selten anzutreffen ist: ChronoLogs.

Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia

[17.6.2011] A General Overview and Plea for Help: Guerrilla Skepticism on Wikipedia.

A field guide to bullshit

[13.6.2011] Believing Bullshit, a guide to avoid getting sucked into "intellectual black holes": New Scientist.

Science is not my God

[10.6.2011] Are atheists hypocrites for condemning the faith of the religious, yet having an equally strong faith in the power of science? Guardian.

Skeptiker: "Goldenes Brett" fuer Lichtnahrungs-Film

[3.6.2011] Die Skeptiker-Vereinigung GWUP hat den Preis fuer die "Groesste Unsinnigkeit auf dem Gebiet der Esoterik" verliehen: Die Presse. Auch: HPD, GWUP Blog (weitere Artikel von der Konferenz), Tagungsbericht (2. Tag und 3. Tag).

Science Deniers: Hand Over Your Cellphones!

[31.5.2011] Ursula asked "What Motivates Climate Change Deniers" and invited people to explain their positions in the face so much evidence: NPR Blog.

A legacy of scepticism

[30.5.2011] Edzard Ernst, the world's first professor of alternative medicine, is stepping down: Nature. Auch: ORF-Interview.

Was Yahweh Worshiped in the Aegean?

[26.5.2011] A comparison of Aegean and biblical sources reveals striking similarities between Dionysus and Yahweh: Journal for the Study of the Old Testament.

"Wir lachen nicht, wenn es ein wirklich Glaubender ist"

[23.5.2011] Amardeo Sarma berichtet wenige Tage vor Beginn der Konferenz "Fakt und Fiktion" in Wien ueber die Arbeit der Skeptiker: wissenrockt.

Journalismus und Skepsis

[23.5.2011] Der Knabe, der doch nicht magnetisch war: Science Blogs.

All quiet on the Rapture front

[21.5.2011] In some parts of the world, it's already Sunday - and there hasn't been any sign that the end of the world was starting as predicted: Cosmic Log (later). Auch: Webseite des Wahnwitzes; HuffPo Liveblog (later), Washington Post, ScienceBlogs (picture), SF Chronicle, NPR, LA Times, AP (Video), CNN, Telegraph, Science Blogs, LiveScience (earlier), Discovery, Dawkins, TAZ, TelePolis, Thinking Atheist, Oatmeal.

Do earthquakes give off warning signals?

[20.5.2011] A team of NASA and Russian scientists thinks it's found a way to predict earthquakes. However, not all earthquake scientists agree with these findings: KGO-TV (schoen kritisch).

Harold Camping is at the heart of a mediapocalypse

[20.5.2011] Doomsday predictor less than rapturous over the focus on him as a result of his prediction that the world will end Saturday: LA Times. Auch: AC360 (RidicuList am Ende), Ranker, General Anzeiger.

Social Media: Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

[16.5.2011] You may laugh now, but when it happens you.ll be happy you read this: CDC Blog. Auch: Psychology Today, Scientific American.

The End of the World as We Know It May 21, 2011

[11.5.2011] Video von NBC News. Auch: Wikipedia, New York Times, Scientific American, New Scientist Blog, Cosmic Log, LiveScience, LA Times, Salon, YouTube, Time, UT, Daily Mail, Plakat, Action, Spiegel, Science Blogs, Evangelisch.

10 Famous Unsolved Mysteries Easily Explained by Science

[9.5.2011] Frequently the answers aren't as popular as the mysteries themselves, and people will just continue right on believing: Cracked.

Bin Laden's Death Spawns Conspiracy Theories

[2.5.2011] President Barack Obama's announcement leaves a lot for conspiracy theorists to chew on: LiveScience. Auch: Sky, Telegraph. Spaeter: Guardian, Discovery.

The Voynich Manuscript

[Mai 2011 online] The Book Nobody Can Read: Skeptical Inquirer.

Spiegel TV Magazin vom 01.05.2011

[1.5.2011] Homoeopathie: YouTube.

'Birther' blather lives on

[30.4.2011] [W]hen 1843 came and went without an apocalypse, they simply recalculated and reformulated and kept on believing - setting a standard for a certain kind of cultic American group-think that has recurred in our national life ever since: LA Times.

Zeno's Paradox and the Problem of Free Will

[27.4.2011, actually from 2004!] Mole finds compelling new arguments from complexity theory and cognitive neuroscience that reveal the intricate network of causes and effects at work in our conscious minds: eSkeptic.

Glauben nur Spinner an Verschwoerungstheorien?

[25.4.2011] Gleich in mehreren Publikationen hatte sich Swami mit der Frage befasst, welche Persoenlichkeitsmerkmale so einen VT-Glaeubigen auszeichnen: ScienceBlogs.

Rationalists' take on Baba different

[25.4.2011] The Indian Rationalist Association and Rationalist International on Monday charged him with causing ''huge setback'' to the country by his ''devastating influence'' on reason and scientific temper: Deccan Herald.

The Science of Why We Don't Believe Science

[18.4.2011] How our brains fool us on climate, creationism, and the vaccine-autism link: Mother Jones.

Bei Wuenschelruten ist der Wunsch Vater der Bewegung

[13.4.2011] Das Ausschlagen der Wuenschelrute hat neurologische Gruende: Welt.

They're coming to get you, Chandra!

[11.4.2011] The crackpot wing of the astrobiology community has now flowered into full-blown paranoia: Science Blogs. Auch: Weird Things.

Martin Rees wins controversial Templeton prize

[6.4.2011] The astronomer royal Martin Rees has accepted the annual prize from the Templeton Foundation, which critics say makes a virtue of belief without evidence: Guardian (3 Teile, mehr und mehr). Auch: FAQ, Physics World, Scientific American, e-Astronomer, Cosmic Variance, ScienceBlogs, Science Journalism Tracker, SZ.

Unsterblichkeit des Geistes?

[5.4.2011] Selbst Computerforscher glauben nicht, dass Intelligenz ohne Koerper moeglich ist: Bild der Wissenschaft. Auch: Video vom New Scientist zum Freien (oder auch nicht) Willen.

Klimawandel: Der "Haha"-Effekt

[4.4.2011] Was die Klima-Skeptiker" hier abziehen, ist ein Witz - allerdings einer, der auf Kosten der Allgemeinheit geht: Science Blogs. Auch: SkepticBlog, New York Times Op/Ed. Und: wie sie ticken, die Denialists.

Death, Science And Intelligent Design

[3.4.2011] A study argues that ID's popularity in some quarters is due in part to anxiety about our own mortality: Science 2.0.

Acupuncture For Pain No Better Than Placebo And Not Without Harm

[24.3.2011] Numerous systematic reviews have generated little truly convincing evidence that acupuncture is effective in reducing pain, and serious adverse effects continue to be reported: Medical News Today.

Revealed: 5 secret solutions to the UFO mystery

[23.3.2011] Here some of the most common inspirations for UFO reports: Armagh Astronotes.

Oh, and that blood-sucking El Chupacabra? Not real

[22.3.2011] Author says he's definitively proved monster was based on film, not reality: Life's Little Mysteries. Follow-up: CfI, more, Discovery, Chicago Trib.

Religion may become extinct in nine nations, study says

[22.3.2011] The study found a steady rise in those claiming no religious affiliation: BBC. Auch: ScienceBlogs, DNews.

God's Wife Edited Out of the Bible - Almost

[18.3.2011] God's wife, Asherah, was a powerful fertility goddess, according to a theologian: Discovery.

Stupid 'Pet Psychic' Tricks

[16.3.2011] Crossing Over with Fifi and Fido on the Animal Planet Network: eSkeptic.

Faked data, unsubstantiated claims, and spirituality add up to a math journal retraction

[15.3.2011] "This article represents a severe abuse of the scientific publishing system": RetractionWatch.

Japanese Radiation Victims Offered Worthless Treatment

[15.3.2011] The advice to use homeopathic treatments on radiation victims is irresponsible and dangerous: Discovery.

"Stress foerdert Aberglauben

[15.3.2011] Psychologe Bruce Hood ueber Kontrollillusionen und uebernatuerliche Ueberzeugungen: SZ. Auch: GWUP News.

Placebos mit Heilkraft

[2.3.2011] Entgegen der landlaeufigen Meinung ist der Placebo-Effekt keineswegs ein Synonym fuer Wirkungslosigkeit: FR.

Geocentrism 'Seminar' Hosted by Radical Traditionalist Catholics

[Spring 2011] A strain of "radical traditionalist" Catholics still adamant that the Bible's accounts of an earth-centered universe are literal truth: SPL Center. Auch: Scientist Imam threatened over Darwinist views.

Natural selection and evolution

[21.2.2011] Material, blind, mindless, and purposeless: Why Evolution Is True. Auch: Cosmic Variance.

Vatican's space mission

[20.2.2011] The website, which will be available in Italian and English, has information on everything from astronomy to theology, from space missions to philosophy and art: BBC.

Propagandist des Okkulten

[16.2.2011] Der Anthroposoph Rudolf Steiner waere 150 Jahre alt geworden: Frankfurter Rundschau.

Religion: Faith in science

[16.2.2011] The Templeton Foundation claims to be a friend of science. So why does it make so many researchers uneasy? Nature.

Bill O'Reilly's Tidal Skepticism

[10.2.2011] Launches "You Can't Explain That" Meme: Geekosystem. Auch: Colbert (alt.).

A Mug of a Different Color

[9.2.2011] A Javanese sorcerer's claims of clairvoyance face three simple double-blind experiments: CSI Special Article.

Homeopathy and other quackery at the Science Museum

[8.2.2011] The Science Museum's poorly thought-out presentation of alternative medicine legitimizes quackery: Guardian Blog. Auch: Occam's Typewriter, Waldock.

Indian courts 'rule astrology is a science'

[7.2.2011] So we have an Indian government official saying that astrology is a "trusted science": The Register. Auch: Urban Astronomer.

Magician James Randi, skeptics launch attack

[5.2.2011] on makers of homeopathic 'drugs': LA Times. Auch: Randi, JREF Campaign, GWUP Blog (Follow-Up), Spiegel.

Jerusalem UFO 'Almost Certainly a Hoax'

[4.2.2011] Although there appears to be several videos of the same UFO sighting, each seems to have very basic technical issues and anomalies that belie their faked origins: Discovery. Auch: Bad UFOs, Life's Little Mysteries, Derren Brown, Spiegel. Follow-up: Discovery.

Are We Hard-Wired to Doubt Science?

[1.2.2011] Peer-reviewed science explains the limits of peer-reviewed science as a persuasive tool: New York Times Blog.

A load of bull, part 2

[31.1.2011] Do cows align their bodies along the Earth.s magnetic field lines when grazing? Physics World Blog.

Otto E. Roessler - Letztes Aufgebot bei Telepolis

[23.1.2011] Unter aktivem Begleitschutz von Harald Zaun, wurde der Aussenseiter auf Geisterfahrt durch die Datenautobahn geschickt: Relativ Kritisch. Auch: Science Blogs (mehr). Spaeter: ein Widerruf ...

Abductology Implodes

[19.1.2011] How a particularly bizarre but once popular UFOlogy, err, sub-discipline has bitten the dust: Bad UFOs.

How I know 'plasma cosmology' is wrong

[15.1.2011] A crank theory that no actual respectable astronomer subscribes to, yet that seems to keep sucking in interested members of the public: Galactic Interactions.


[13.1.2011] Sowohl-als-auch: GWUP Blog.

Im Kampf gegen die Anhaenger der Mondlandungsluege

[11.1.2011] Ein deutscher Raumfahrtingenieur kaempft seit Jahren gegen die Zweifler: Welt.

Colbert Discovers Bill O'Reilly's Theology

[7.1.2011] 'There Must Be A God Because I Don't Know How Things Work': Video.

College upperclassmen still fail at scientific reasoning

[7.1.2011] As students make their way through the science education pipeline, they should gradually start moving beyond the informal reasoning of their earlier years: Ars Technica.

Martinez nominates global warming denier Schmitt

[6.1.2011] To head state Energy and Minerals department in NM: NM Democrats PR. Auch: Space Policy Online, Parabolic Arc, Bad Astronomer.

Deaths of birds and fish en masse stir end-times theories

[6.1.2011] Bizarre reports of washed-up fish and downed birds have many people scratching their heads and jumping to conclusions: LA Times. Auch: GWUP Blog, General-Anzeiger, Nat'l Geographic, SpaceWriter, Universe Today.

Retracted autism study an 'elaborate fraud,' British journal finds

[5.1.2011] Andrew Wakefield, misrepresented or altered the medical histories of all 12 of the patients whose cases formed the basis of the 1998 study: CNN. Also British Medical Journal article, sequel and editorial, AC 360 Transcript (earlier), Mnookin, RetractionWatch, Scientific American, Nature Blog, HealthLand, Science Blogs, HealthNewsReview. Follow-up: Skeptics Book.

Is homeopathy on the ropes after ban on prescription for pets?

[5.1.2011] Homeopaths who recommend remedies for the prevention of serious infectious diseases are now coming under the spotlight: Guardian.

Science is not dead

[30.12.2010] "The Decline Effect and the Scientific Method" = an example of psychological manipulation: Pharyngula (follow-up). Auch: Scientific American, ABC, Insolence, Mad Biologist, Last Psychiatrist.

Political Leanings Revealed by the Eyes

[27.12.2010] A new study suggests that liberals are more likely than conservatives to follow other people's eye movements: LiveScience.

Placebos Work Even When You Know

[23.12.2010] Patients told they were getting a placebo still reported improvements at a much higher rate than patients who were not treated: Scientific American, LA Times, Science Blogs.

Mayor of French village threatens to call in army to deal with influx of UFO hunters

[22.12.2010] Who believe nearby mountain is 'alien garage': Daily Mail.

The year in nonsense

[17.12.2010] It's been a marvellous year for bullshit: Bad Science.

Fox boss ordered staff to cast doubt on climate science

[15.12.2010] A top Fox News official sent an email questioning the "veracity of climate change data": Media Matters for America. Also: Study Confirms That Fox News Makes You Stupid (more, mehr).

Translational Invariance and Newton's God

[15.12.2010] Tim Maudlin is writing a two-volume introduction to the philosophy of physics: Cosmic Variance.

Krake Paul sticht Astrologen und Wahrsager aus

[15.12.2010] Wie ueblich blieben jene einen Nachweis ihrer selbst behaupteten Faehigkeiten schuldig: GWUP Blog.

Conspiracy Central

[14.12.2010] Dealey Plaza, JFK, and LHO: SkepticBlog.

Martin Gaskell was not expelled

[13.12.2010] Gaskell is an astronomer who applied for a job at the University of Kentucky, and didn't get it: Pharyngula. Auch: persoenliche und wissenschaftliche Homepages; e-Astronomer, Sens. Curmudgeon, New York Times, Science Journalism Tracker. The outcome: PW. Commentary: Myers (follow-up), Dawkins, Krauss.

Versunken und erlogen

[12.12.2010] Vor 65 Jahren startet eine Staffel amerikanischer Torpedobomber und kehrt nie zurueck - die Geburtsstunde des Bermuda-Mythos: Eines Tages. Auch: GWUP Blog.

Is Al Gore Responsible for Destroying the Planet?

[6.12.2010] As much as I hate to admit it, the net real impact of An Inconvenient Truth could turn out to be very negative: Cosmic Variance.

Warum weht auf dem Mond das Sternenbanner?

[6.12.2010] Nun will auch die europaeische Raumfahrtagentur aufklaeren: ZEIT. Auch: Tagessthemen.

Ufos bei Wikileaks?

[3.12.2010] Das kann ja was werden: GWUP Blog.

Erfindungen zum Ruhme Gottes

[2.12.2010] Pfarrer und Priester als Erfinder und Entdecker: Neues Deutschland.

Wie Esoterik die Welt zerschneidet

[26.11.2010] Esoteriker trennen die Welt streng in Materielles und Geistiges, um sich selbst dann als 'ganzheitlich' bezeichnen zu koennen: Na Klar!

Der aufrechte Gang

[25.11.2010] Die Ueberzeugung, die Menschenrechte seien eine 'Errungenschaft' des Christentums ist irrefuehrend: Frankfurter Rundschau. Auch: Nordkurier.

Ex-manager credits Hubble for converts

[23.11.2010] A former HST manager claims that the satellite "transformed atheist and agnostic scientists into Christian converts" ...: Decatur Daily.

Rueckfall ins Mittelalter

[22.11.2010] Die Homoeopathie breitet sich an deutschen Universitaeten aus: Spiegel. Auch: ZEIT.

A challenge to homeopaths: how does one overdose?

[21.11.2010] Homeopaths need to agree on what constitutes an overdose, and if they had an ounce of responsibility they'd be campaigning for better labels: Guardian Blog.

Haeufige Naturheiler-Argumente, eine Zusammenstellung

[18.11.2010] Ich habe versucht, mal zusammenzustellen, was die meistgehoerten Pseudo-Argumente sind, denen ich begegnet bin: Detritus.

The "Emily Event"

[17.11.2010] Emily Rosa and the Therapeutic Touch Wars: eSkeptic.

Information Gained from Comet Hartley Already Written About in the Bible

[15.11.2010] Pure Realsatire vom Christian "News"wire ...

Fundstueck der Woche - Seltsames aus dem Internet

[14.11.2010] Eine Anleitung zur Herstellung von Mondwasser: Taunus-Blogger.

Siegeszug der Mondkalender

[12.11.2010] Wie binnen 20 Jahren ein Aberglaube zum Allgemeingut wurde: Sueddeutsche.

Is this evidence that we can see the future?

[11.11.2010] Sceptical psychologists who have pored over a preprint of the paper say they can't find any significant flaws: New Scientist. Also: Psychology Today Blog. Nonsense: CSI, GWUP Blog, Tagesspiegel. Still to be published: New York Times, DLF (mehr, noch mehr), WissensLogs. Later: eSkeptic.

Time Warp

[11.11.2010] Recent right-wing rejections of Einstein.s theory of relativity echo Nazi dismissals of what they called 'Jewish Physics': Tablet Mag.

So gesehen: Weniger Ufos am Himmel

[11.11.2010] Seit Anfang des Jahres sei es in vielen Bundeslaendern verboten, so genannte "Himmelslaternen" aufsteigen zu lassen: General-Anzeiger.

Realism and Religion

[3.11.2010] A Physicist Examines the Basis for Belief: eSkeptic.

A Researcher's Claim: 90% of Medical Research Is Wrong

[20.10.2010] Fortunately, there is a major group of researchers who have been addressing this very issue for nearly two decades: TIME.

Geoscience: Catastrophe findings flourish

[19.10.2010] Earth scientists have exponentially increased their used of the word "catastrophic" to describe events over the last four decades: USA Today.

Dozens killed by incorrectly placed acupuncture needles

[18.10.2010] Professor of complementary medicine calls for adequate training for all acupuncture practitioners after survey reveals punctured hearts and lungs among causes of death over past 45 years: Guardian.

Heribert Illig's Theory of Invented Time

[16.10.2010] I just stumbled over a reference to his 'phantom time hypothesis' and now I'm finding him everywhere: Arthur Goldwag.

Der kosmische Kaeltetod und die ewige Wiederkehr

[16.10.2010] Eine wissenschaftshistorische und -psychologische Erinnerung an das 19. Jahrhundert: NZZ.

Atheists Debate How Pushy to Be

[15.10.2010] 370 atheists, humanists and other skeptics packed a ballroom at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel last weekend to debate the future of their movement: New York Times.

Beam Me Down the Rabbit Hole

[14.10.2010] On October 9th, 2010, I went down the rabbit hole - I went to a Mutual UFO Network conference: She Thought.

What Ever Happened to n-Rays?

[13.10.2010] We present Robert W. Wood's famous letter that blew apart the chimerical search for n-rays: eSkeptic.

Bizarres "Engelwerk" feiert Anerkennung durch Papst

[10.10.2010] Das "Opus Angelorum" bietet Stoff fuer einen Kirchen-Krimi: Welt.

Und sie bewegt sich doch nicht!

[2.10.2010] Einige christliche Astronomen halten die Erde nach wie vor fuer das unbewegliche Zentrum des Universums: Spiegel.

'No Immortality Of The Soul' Says Thomas A. Edison

[2.10.2010] Vor 100 Jahren: Sunday Magazine.

Unglaeubige kennen Religionen am besten

[30.9.2010] Eine Umfrage in den USA ergab, dass Atheisten und Agnostiker am besten ueber Religion Bescheid wissen: Spiegel. Auch Science Blogs.

9/11 Conspiracy Theory Not as Popular as Ahmadinejad Says

[23.9.2010] It is unclear where he got the idea that majorities of Americans, or the citizens of other nations, endorse the conspiracy theory that Al Qaeda was not responsible: NYT The Lede.

Wie vernuenftig es ist, sich selbst zu taeuschen

[23.9.2010] Bochumer Philosophen entwickeln neue Theorie der Selbsttaeuschung: RUB PM.

Not even wrong

[22.9.2010] Conspiracy theories and pseudoscientific ideas abound - if there is life on other planets or the Universe popped into existence only a few thousand years ago we need to know: Armagh Planetarium. Auch: The Conspiracy Theory Detector.

Europaeischer Skeptiker-Kongress: die Highlights

[20.9.2010] Ein 'mehr als dichtes Programm' mit einem 'breiten Spektrum an Themen': GWUP-Blog.

Wehe, wehe

[9.9.2010] Homoeopahie, Akupunktur, Ayurveda - der Aberglaube frisst die moderne Medizin: Academics.

Thilo Sarrazin hat grundlegende genetische Zusammenhaenge falsch verstanden

[3.9.2010] Die genetischen Thesen von Herrn Sarrazin sind nicht mit den modernen Erkenntnissen zur Evolutionsbiologie des Menschen vereinbar: PM vom Verband Biologie, Biowissenschaften und Biomedizin in Deutschland e.V.

Top Ten Myths of Popular Psychology

[1.9.2010] Misinformation about psychology is at least as widespread as accurate information: eSkeptic.

Tara Parker-Pope and the New York Times Well Blog: Acupuncture woo takes over

[25.8.2010] What the hell is going on with The New York Times' health reporting? Science Blogs.

Globuli fuer den Volkskoerper

[21.8.2010] Unter dem Naziregime erlebte die Homoeopathie ihren ersten Hoehenflug, doch schon damals konnte sie ihre Versprechen nicht einloesen: Das Magazin. Auch: Homoeopathie-Propaganda auf "Tagesanzeiger online".

A sociologist visits the Creation "Museum"

[20.8.2010] Bernadette Barton provides an interesting perspective on Ken Ham's wretched little palace of ignorance: ScienceBlogs.

German Lang. Media: Acupuncture's dubious past

[20.8.2010] Tthe 'father' of western style acupuncture practice was a fabulist: Science Journalism Tracker. Auch: Science-Based Medicine.

Top 10 Right-Wing Conspiracy Theories

[15.8.2010] The American radical right has to be considered a strong contender for the title of modern conspiracy champion: AlterNet. Auch: The 9 Stupidest Things Americans Believe und Dumb Things Americans Believe.

As world burns, CNN skeptic Chad Myers finally admits global warming 'is caused by man'

[12.8.2010] One of America's most influential global warming skeptics has finally admitted that global warming is 'caused by man': Climate Progress.

E=mc^2? Not on Conservapedia

[11.8.2010] The folks at Conservapedia view general relativity as a far-reaching liberal conspiracy: New Scientist. Auch: Weird Things.

Die geheimen Ufo-Akten der Regierung

[5.8.2010] Jetzt soll auch noch Winston Churchill in die globale Ufo-Verschwoerung involviert gewesen sein: GWUP Blog.

is alt med woo on its way out in europe?

[24.7.2010] UK and Germany lead the way in rebuking alt med and questioning whether their national health budgets should be paying for treatments which don.t stand up to scientific scrutiny: Weird Things. Auch: Spiegel-Interview, LiveScience.

Warum Menschen an Uebernatuerliches glauben

[18.7.2010] Forscher spueren im menschlichen Hirn den Grundlagen des magischen Denkens nach: Spiegel.

Deutsche wollen nichts wissen vom Glauben

[11.7.2010] Laut dem 3. Trendmonitor "Religioese Kommunikation" koennen die Deutschen mit Religion im herkoemmlichen Sinne nichts mehr anfangen: Aufklaerung 2.0.

Heilkraft aus dem Nichts

[24.6.2010] Homoeopathie wirkt - aber anders, als viele glauben: ZEIT.

Two Suns on June 21 2010 - Mystery behind the non science

[17.6.2010] Bizarre stuff making the rounds in India: Planetary Society India. Auch: Hoax Slayer.

Looking for alien DNA

[15.6.2010] Zecharia Sitchin says he's willing to stake more than three decades of writing about ancient alien astronauts on DNA tests that could be performed on the 4,500-year-old remains of a high-ranking Sumerian woman: Cosmic Log.

Neues Esoterik-Magazin "Happinez"

[10.6.2010] Heut' geh'n wir zum Schamanen! Spiegel.

Die Weltverschwoerer

[1.6.2010] Verschwoerungstheorien sind ein zentraler Forschungsschwerpunkt von Prof. Helmut Reinalter: iPoint.

Biochemie statt Qi

[31.5.2010] Die schmerzlindernde Wirkung der Akupunktur ist nun auch auf der molekularen Ebene nachgewiesen: Bild der Wissenschaft. Auch: das Paper komplett, Nature News & Blog, ScienceBasedMedicine, Science Blogs (deutsch), Discover, Stuff & Nonsense. Und: CSI Position Paper.

Der Tod der Parapsychologie

[23.5.2010] Ray Hyman zu dem Schluss, dass es an der Zeit sei, den Tod dieses 160 Jahre alten Unterfangens festzustellen: GWUP Blog.

No link found between mobile phones and cancer

[17.5.2010] Claims that mobile-phone use causes cancer are shown to be overblown: Nature News. Auch: eSkeptic, ScienceBlogs.

Reinwaschung einer polarisierenden Figur

[17.5.2010] Ausstellungen in Wolfsburg beleuchten Werk und Wirkungsgeschichte von Rudolf Steiner: Nuernberger Nachrichten.

Magnetically-Induced Hallucinations Explain Ball Lighting, Say Physicists

[11.5.2010] Powerful magnetic fields can induce hallucinations in the lab, so why not in the real world, too? ArXiv Blog. Auch: Physics World Blog, New Scientist, Universe Today, BdW, Welt der Physik, ScienceTicker. Dagegen: TelePolis.

Essener Neuroradiologen weisen die Wirkung der Nadelstiche auf die Schmerzwahrnehmung nach

[11.5.2010] Worin aber liegt der Einfluss der Akupunktur auf die Schmerzverarbeitung? "Das wissen wir noch nicht": PM der Deutschen Roentgengesellschaft.

Russian Governor Claims He Was Abducted by Aliens

[6.5.2010] Eine Geschichte auf der L&R-Seite (!) von Fox "News". Auch: AFP.

Rationalist Anthem

[6.5.2010] Lyrics by Baba Brinkman, animation by Tommy Nagle: YouTube.

Richard Dawkins: If Science Worked Like Religion

[4.5.2010] A clip from Richard Dawkins' Lecture at UC Berkeley: YouTube.

Evidence is overrated

[3.5.2010] when you're a conspiracy theorist: ABC.

Vergebliches Warten auf Marienerscheinung

[1.5.2010] Bad St. Leonhard ist nicht Lourdes: ORF Kaernten.

Noah's Ark found? Not so fast

[27.4.2010] A boatload of skepticism is in order: Cosmic Log. Auch: Science Blogs, Tribur.

Science writer Simon Singh wins libel appeal

[1.4.2010] A science writer has won the right to rely on the defence of fair comment in a libel action, in a landmark ruling at the Court of Appeal: BBC. Auch Nature und ein Interview.

Das Turiner Grabtuch: Fragen und Antworten

[Ende Maerz 2010] Wahre Besucherstroeme erwartet die norditalienische Stadt in den naechsten Wochen - vom 10. April bis 23. Mai 2010 wird das Turiner Grabtuch im Turiner Dom ausgestellt: GWUP-Artikel. Auch: GWUP Blog (Teil 2, langer, kurzer Artikel, 7 Mythen, Datierung), Center4Inquiry (earlier), HPD, Science Blogs, NZ, LiveScience, Servus TV.

NAS under fire as Templeton Prize goes to Francisco Ayala

[26.3.2010] Some researchers condemning the National Academy of Sciences for hosting the award announcement: Nature Blog. Auch: Weird Things, Science Blogs, New Scientist Blog.

Professor Brian Cox: bringing the solar system to your living room

[14.3.2010] Interessante Bemerkungen ueber Wissenschaft vs. Religion, ab ~ der Mitte: Telegraph.

Staatlich bezahlte Astrologie'ausbildung' in Deutschland

[12.3.2010] Es wurde offenbar eine weitere Moeglichkeit gefunden, Steuergelder aus dem Fenster zu schmeissen: Eight Minutes Old.

Wie viel Wahrheit steckt im geheimnisvollen Koran?

[10.3.2010] Die Fragen, die sie stellen, sind brisant: Ist das Buch des Islam goettliches Wort, christliche Haeresie oder falsche Uebersetzung? Welt

Homoeopathie bei Kindern und Tieren

[5.3.2010] Selbstverstaendlich gibt es Placebo-Effekte in Form von Suggestion auch bei Kindern, und Placebo-Effekte wies man in Doppelblindversuchen auch bei Haustieren nach: GWUP Blog.

The Earth is flat? What planet is he on?

[23.2.2010] The Flat Earth Society has become a byword for sticking your head in the sand, whatever the scientific facts: Guardian.

Homeopathy is useless and unethical

[22.2.2010] MPs deliver their damning verdict: Guardian. Auch: das Dokument (275 Seiten!), Nature Blog, BBC, New Scientist, BAB, Science Blogs.

Book Review: The Lomborg Deception

[22.2.2010] Debunking the claims of the climate-change skeptic: Newsweek. Auch: Deltoid.

2010 - es wird noch waermer, wann merken es die Medien??

[17.2.2010] Verdiente Medienschelte von Globales Klima. Und die Idiotie nimmt kein Ende: Science Blogs, WissensLogs.


[12.2.2010] Forscher konnten zeigen, wo im Gehirn der Eindruck von Transzendenz entsteht: ZEIT. Auch: World of Weird Things, LiveScience.

Morality evolved first, long before Religion

[10.2.2010] Basic morality itself is remarkably consistent across human societies: CFI. Auch: SZ.

Astrologers Take Note - We Are Nowhere NEAR the "Dawning of the Age of Aquarius"

[9.2.2010] This is one of the easiest astrological claims to show to be false: Exposing PseudoAstronomy.

Lancet accepts MMR study 'false'

[2.2.2010] The medical journal which originally published the discredited research linking autism and MMR has now issued a full retraction of the paper: BBC. Auch: AP, Nature Blog, BAB, NZZ, Spiegel.

"Heads I Win, Tails You Lose"

[February 2010] How Parapsychologists Nullify Null Results: Skeptical Inquirer.

Fast ein Drittel der Vorarlberger glaubt an Astrologie

[30.1.2010] Soll man froh sein, dass es nur ein Drittel der Vorarlberger ist, dass an Astrologie glaubt? Dass nur ein Fuenftel der Menschen die Mondlandung fuer eine Taeuschung halten? Science Blogs. Auch: VorArlBerg.

It's all in the stars

[27.1.2010] Noida's Marigold Public School has invited astrologers to counsel students based on their horoscopes: Hindustan Times. Dazu: Astronomy Activities.

Attempt to Break New Irish Blasphemy Law

[4.1.2010] About 30 minutes after a new law took effect that makes blasphemy a crime, a group of Irish atheists invited the government to prosecute them by publishing 25 blasphemous statements on an Irish Web site: New York Times Blog.

Wer Dawkins liest verliert den Glauben?

[2.1.2010] "The Devil's Advocate: Secular Arguments Diminish both Implicit and Explicit Religious Belief": ScienceBlogs.

Homoeopathie gegen Schrumpfung

[2.1.2010] Stadtentwicklung durchgeknallt: FAZ.

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