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News from Space History from the Literature and the Web

January 2013

The SETI Episode in the 1967 Discovery of Pulsars by A. Penny - this paper discusses in detail what happened that winter. Preprint. Auch: Arxiv Blog

January 2013

"One funeral at a time" by M. Brown - Big Bang denial and the search for truth. The Conversation
The Luna 1 Hoax Hoax by T. Reichard - a 1959 article claimed that the Soviets had made up the whole story. The Daily Planet

December 2012

Jesco von Puttkamer, NASA veteran, 1933-2012. NASA obit. Also Moon & Back, DPA, Astronomieschule, Abendblatt, Spiegel, KStA, Welt (mehr), KL, D&D, CENAP
Astronomer and broadcaster Sir Patrick Moore dies, aged 89. Friends' statement, STFC and RAS Releases, BBC (earlier, more, more and more; video), Statesman, PA (more), Rtr, AFP, PRI, S@N Magazine, Guardian, Economist, Independent, Tel., Daily Mail, New York Times, Scotsman, S&T, Discovery, Universe Today, SPA, BAA, Globe & Mail, SpaceWriter, IO9, BSB, Sydney Obs., Dr Clarke, Hanny's, Space Today, KosmoLogs
The canals of Mars, 1861-1970 by B. Holman - ADS-based analysis. AirMinded (parts II and III)
Neil Armstrong.s family reveal origins of 'one small step' line by R. Gray - he wrote his famous 'one small step' speech long before flying to the Moon. Telegraph. Auch: Cosmic Log (w/doubts), Mail, (more - but contradicted by Neil himself in 1999; see alsi this summary), SpaceCollect (w/more doubts).
NASA Celebrates 50 Years of Planetary Exploration - on a mid-December day 1962 Mariner 2 sailed close to Venus, marking the first time any spacecraft had ever successfully made a close-up study of another planet. JPL Release. Auch: NPR,
Last lunar landing launched 40 years ago, the last of the missions to land men on the moon. CollectSpace. Auch: Cosmic Log, Guardian, Eines Tages

November 2012

Save scientific sites - the push to conserve cultural-heritage sites must not leave out areas of interest to science. Nature editorial
No evidence for an early seventeenth-century Indian sighting of Keplers supernova (SN1604) by R. van Gent - a misunderstanding of traditional Islamic astrological iconography. Preprint
Tagung der Astronomiehistoriker in Jena von M. Holl - die 9. Fachtagung der VdS-Fachgruppe "Geschichte der Astronomie". Astroholls Blog
Mit der Bombe zum Mond von B. Brunner - USA und Sowjetunion wollten ueber dem Erdtrabanten einen Atompilz aufsteigen lassen. ZEIT
National Museum of the American Indian to Launch Website on the Maya Calendar System and the Year 2012. Smithsonian Press Release

September 2012

New additional material of meteor showers during 9th -19th centuries in the Islamic history by H. Basurah - twelve records of meteor showers in Arabic chronicles. Preprint
Stonehenge scan shows importance of the solstice by I. Binnie - the monument was built to enhance the dramatic passage of sunlight through the circle of stones. Reuters
Maria Reiche's Line to Archaeoastronomy by A. Sparavigna - we can appraise her approach using satellite imagery and a free planetarium software. Preprint. Auch zum Nazca Frigatebird
It's so in-tents by R. Dunn - Zeltsternwarten vergangener Jahrhunderte. Longitude Blog
An Australian Icon - Planning and Construction of the Parkes Telescope by P. Robertson - the most successful scientific instrument ever built in Australia. Preprint. Auch Paper zu The Dish und dem Parkes-Tidbinbilla Interferometer
Return to Antikythera by J. Marchant - divers revisit wreck where ancient computer found. Guardian
Evolution of the problem "search for life in the Universe" from some examples by D. Briot - the history of Astrobiology from the origins up to the epoch of the Drake formula. Preprint
The wheel in the sky keeps on turning by T. Christy - mehrere verschiedene geozentrische Weltsysteme vor Copernicus. Renaissance Mathematicus

September 2012

Mishra Yantra and polar trails - more than 700 exposure over a period of 210 minutes. Picasa
The interplanetary probe is 60! By P. Ulivi - on 20 September 1952 E. Burgess and C. Cross read their paper "the Martian Probe" at a meeting of the British Interplanetary Society. NASA Spaceflight Forum
The Transit of Venus: Deaths and Dilemmas in History by N. Pasachoff - the colorful history of one of astronomy's rarest events was discussed at the recent IAU conference. Sky & Telescope
Remembering the Moon's earliest robotic explorers by A. Teitel - the Lunochod legacy. Dvice

August 2012

R.I.P. Neil Armstrong, B. Lovell und Ray Bradbury von D. Fischer - eine Sammlung von Nachrufen (bei Armstrong: nur den allerfrischesten) auf drei bedeutende Persoenlichkeiten, die kuerzlich verstorben sind. Skyweek 2.0. Auch sea bural pics, CopyDesk, Aldrin-Statement, ESA & Purdue Releases, BBC, NPR (more), New York Times (Blog), Space Politics, Wash. Post (Blog), Planetary Soc., CNN, Space Policy Online, CosmoQuest, Popular Science, AW&ST (Blog), Xinhua, Hollywood, CollectSpace, New Yorker, Wrap, ZEIT, WAZ, Spiegel, Welt, DAPD, Tagesschau (mehr), FAZ, TAZ, Eureka
Launch of UNESCO-IAU Astronomical Heritage Web Portal - a dynamic, publicly accessible database, discussion forum and document repository on astronomical heritage sites throughout the world. IAU Press Release. Auch: Xinhua
The Earth-like Mars by D. Bressan - the view of Mars thru history. Scientific American Blog
Looking at the Night Sky Through the Past - the Stellafane town in Vermont. Tucson Citizen
Voyager at 35 - and Voyager 2 became the longest-operating spacecraft on Aug. 13, 2012! NASA Release. Auch: Ars Technica
Verunsicherter Sterndeuter von C. Luethy - wie Kopernikus zu seiner Theorie des Sonnensystems gekommen sein mag. NZZ
How A Quaint California Town Put Us On Mars by E. Badger - the history of the JPL. Fast Company
Mapping Mars by R. Higgitt - a long and highly imaginative history. Guardian

July 2012

NASA Offers Condolences on the Passing of Pioneering Astronaut Sally Ride who died from cancer at just 61 on 23 July. NASA Feature. Auch div. Releases, White House Blog, NYT, Wash. Post, Spacefl. Now, Scientific American, CNN, Starts with a Bang, Space Politics, Physics World, SETI, Plan. Soc., HuffPost, New Scientist, CultureMap, SFG, CL, BuzzFeed, BBC, SmartNews, Space News, Mercury News, ST, Spiegel, Welt
Die Astronomie der Aborigines wird erforscht von D. Fischer - der Stand der Forschung, anhang eines Vortrags von R. Norris. Skyweek 2.0
Auf der Suche nach dem ersten Beobachter der Venus-Atmosphaere von D. Fischer - naechster Zwischenbericht, jetzt mit Silberschlag. Skyweek 2.0. Auch: The struggle to discover the atmosphere of Venus
Ein kleiner Schritt fuer einen alten Sack ... von D. Fischer - noch vor Armstrong 'betrat' ein Muellsack die Mondoberflaeche. Skyweek 2.0
A visit to Mt Stromlo Observatory by N. Lomb - the loss of the telescopes was most unfortunate by 2003 they were rarely used. Sydney Obs. Blog

June 2012

Peter Hingley, 1951-2012 - he was the Royal Astronomical Society's librarian "with an extraordinary knowledge of historical astronomical documents". R.A.S. Announcement. Auch: SHA Obituary, Facebook (more)
"Nuncius" mit angeblich von Galilei selbst gemalten Bildern offenbar komplette Faelschung von D. Fischer - und nicht nur dieses Buch ... Skyweek 2.0
Wer entdeckte die Venus-Atmosphaere? von D. Fischer - oder: Warum der Lomonossow-Effekt vielleicht besser Wargentin-Mallet-Effekt heissen sollte. Skyweek 2.0. Auch: Uebersetzungen von Lomonossow und Encke
"Jenseits des Horizonts" von D. Fischer - neue Ausstellung zu Raum und Wissen in Berlin bietet auch viel fuer Freunde der Astronomie-Geschichte. Skyweek 2.0
Why Was Stonehenge Built? Previous speculation suggested the great stone circle was used as a prehistoric observatory, a sun temple, a place of healing, and a temple of the ancient druids. The Stonehenge Riverside Project's researchers have rejected all these possibilities. Science 2.0. Auch: Sheffield PR, Telegraph, TelePolis
Die Geschichte des Radioteleskops Effelsberg - jetzt open access im Web! von D. Fischer: Dasselbe gilt fuer saemtliche je im Journal of Astronomical History and Heritage erschienenen Papers! Bonner Sterne
Library of Congress obtains astronomer Carl Sagan's personal papers by J. Achenbach - his papers arrived on 41 pallets containing 798 boxes. Washington Post. Auch: LoC Press Release, AP,
Los Angeles: Griffith Observatory by N. Rabin: home of Rebel Without A Cause - and Terminator. AV Club
Father of the Big Bang by W. Crawley - the story of the unassuming Belgian Catholic priest who originated 'Big Bang' theory, Lemaitre. BBC Radio Feature (29 min.)
Original 1972 space shuttle mockup going on display - the mostly wood and plastic model was created by North American Rockwell as part of the company's bid to build the space shuttle for NASA. CollectSpace
The conceptual origins of gravitational lensing by D. Valls-Gabaud - the evidence available of the early ideas on the bending of light due to a gravitational attraction. Preprint
Die Kernprobleme der Physik von A. Pawlak - heute waere Carl Friedrich von Weizsaecker 100 Jahre alt geworden. Pro Physik
The Great Soviet Space Exhibition of 1927 - 14 photos from the exhibition, published for the first time anywhere in nearly 90 years. IO9
The star catalogues of Ptolemaios and Ulugh Beg by F. Verbunt & R. van Gent - machine-readable versions and comparison with the modern Hipparcos Catalogue. Preprint
Sunspots ahoy! Records found in old ships' logbooks. SolarStormWatch Blog

May 2012

Soviet Moon Lander Discovered Water on The Moon in 1976 - Luna-24 returned with water-rich rocks from beneath the surface, but the West ignored the result. arXiv Blog
Wissen Sie noch, was heute vor 40 Jahren war ...? von D. Fischer - Star-Trek-Premiere im ZDF! Skyweek 2.0
Did the ancient egyptians record the period of the eclipsing binary Algol - the Raging one? By L. Jetsu et al. - evidence indicating that the period of Algol was 2.850 days three millenia ago. Preprint. Auch: Sciece News, Zauber der Sterne, Uni Helsinki PR
1859's "Great Auroral Storm".the week the Sun touched the earth by M. Lasar - accounts of the largest electromagnetic storm ever recorded. Ars Technica
MURAL FOUND ON WALLS A FIRST FOR A MAYA DWELLING - painted Numbers Reflect Calendar Reaching Well Beyond 2012. Nat'l Geogr. PR. Auch: Nature, Archaeological Haecceities (mehr, mehr), Nat. Geo., 80 Beats, New Sci., HuffPo, Cosmic Log, BBC, AP, Live Science, Sky & Tel., NYT, UT, LAT, Science News, Sp., TS
Interview with Lubos Kohoutek by S. Kuerti - author of the large scale catalouge of planetary nebulae, discoverer of variable stars, minor planets and comets. AstroWeb
25th anniversary of the Energia's flight and its weird payload. Buran-Energia Blog. Auch: engl. Wikipedia
Media, technology and culture through the lens of various science fictions am Beispiel der Marskanaele. Medium Cool. Auch: Carleton College

April 2012

2012: The correlation issue again by J. Normark - GMT+2 the final word? Archaeological Haecceities
Apollo 12's Electrifying Launch von asteitel - lightening struck the rocket and traveled down its contrail all the way to the launch pad where it struck the tower. Vintage Space
History of science mini-marathon - 20 history of science hot spots, all within a short distance of London's Piccadilly Circus. London Bytes
How Nasa first saw the early universe by A. Liddle - 20 years ago George Smoot announced that COBE had observed radiation from "the oldest and largest structures" in the early universe. BBC (narrated slideshow)
Heute vor 100 Jahren: Hybrid-Sonnenfinsternis ueber Europa von D. Fischer - sie war auch entscheidend fuer die Entdeckung der Kosmischen Strahlung durch Victor Hess. Skyweek 2.0
The hunt for the first exoplanet - on those overlooked Canadian pioneers. Back Reaction. Auch: AstroBlogs /in Dutch)
Swedish Stonehenge? by C. Gammon - Ancient stone structure spurs debate. LiveScience
Who put the names on the moon? by T. Christy - it was was the Jesuit Giovanni Battista Riccioli who was born 17th April 1598. Renaissance Mathematicus
The Space Craze That Gripped Russia Nearly 100 Years Ago by A. Mann - the entire country seemed to become captivated by the idea of interplanetary travel. Wired

März / March 2012

Tom Johnson, 1923 - 2012 by D. di Cicco - he was the creator of the modern Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope and the founder of Celestron. Sky & Telescope. Auch: Astronomy
The Holy Cosmos: The New Religion of Space Exploration by R. Andersen - the history of cosmism. The Atlantic
IMAX space cameras given to Smithsonian - the two cameras were carried aboard 17 shuttle missions between 1984 and 1998. CollectSpace. Auch: NASA-Bild
Auf den Spuren des Venus-Transits 1769 in Vardo von D. Fischer - was von Maximilian Hells Expedition blieb. Skyweek 2.0
Evidence stacks up that monolith at Gardom’s Edge is astronomically aligned - orientation and inclination of the slope is aligned to the altitude of the Sun at mid-summer. R.A.S. Press Release. Auch: Wired
Besuch bei der "Struve-Saeule" von D. Fischer - in Hammerfest. Skyweek 2.0
German V2 rocket found in Harwich Harbour - it was buried vertically with about 1.5 m of its tail exposed at low tide. BBC

Februar(y) 2012

Roger Boisjoly, 73, Dies; Warned of Shuttle Danger by D. Martin - Boisjoly (pronounced like Beaujolais wine) died on Jan. 6 at 73. New York Times. Auch: LA Times, CollectSpace. Und: new amateur video of the disaster!
The First Telescope by Y. Petrunin - the invention of the telescope became possible only when the central part alone of a spectacle lens was used to form the image. Telescope History
"2012" in Bonn: Was die Maya wirklich dachten von D. Fischer - ein Tagungsbericht. Skyweek 2.0
The Great Neutrino Tsunami by J. Koelman - 25 years of SN 1987A. Science 2.0. Auch: Sky & Tel., SpaceWriter, New Scientist, astrobites, Astronomy Now
Die ewige Wiederkehr der Ungenauigkeit von K. Bartels - ueber Schalttage, Schaltmonate, Schaltjahre und Kalenderreformen. NZZ - apparently well researched
Newly Cataloged Collection of Science Materials Now Open for Research - from the family of Sir John F. W. Herschel (1792 - 1871). University of TX Release
Ames Celebrates the 40th Anniversary of Pioneer 10 - launched on March 2,1972, Pioneer 10 was the first spacecraft to make direct observations and obtain close-up images of Jupiter. NASA Press Release
Society in the sky by M. Kay - a seventeenth century attempt to redraw the constellations. Thinking thru my fingers
Der stille Held, der den dritten Weltkrieg verhinderte - Interview mit S. Petrow ueber einen Glitch eines sowjetischen Fruehwarnsatelliten 1983. Welt. Auch: Wikipedia, Zeit
The Cosmos in the Antikythera Mechanism by T. Freeth & A. Jones - progress in reading a passage of one inscription that appears to describe the front of the Mechanism as a representation of a Greek geocentric cosmology, portraying the stars, Sun, Moon, and all five planets known in antiquity. Preprint (to eventually end up here)
Planets orbiting Barnard's Star (not) - with original 'discovery' NYT story ... from 1963. Systemic
Great Melbourne Telescope to see night again by G. Mulcaster - work to restore the GMT at its original site comes as Australia takes part in a new golden age of astronomy. The Age. Auch: Homepage
Stonehenge design was 'inspired by sounds' by J. Amos - the idea is that ancient Britons could have based its layout in part on the way they perceived sound. BBC. Auch: New Scientist Blog, DLF
Krimi um die Himmelsscheibe von S. Moeckl - Die aelteste konkrete Himmelsdarstellung der Welt gelangte vor zehn Jahren nach einer langen Odyssee ins Landesmuseum in Halle. Rheinische Post. Auch: Naumburger Tageblatt, MDR, Handelsblatt
How far the moon? by T. Christie - German cartographer and astronomer Tobias Mayer died two hundred and fifty years ago on 20th February 1762. Renaissance Mathematicus
NASA Completes Publication of Boris Chertok's Rockets and People Memoir Series - the History Program Office has released the fourth volume of the English translation. NASA Release
Sigmund Jähn - der erste Deutsche im All wird 75. ESA Release
An Introduction to the Astrolabe by D. Hayton - a short history of the astrolabe bulked up a bit with additional material. PACHS Blog
50 Years Later, Celebrating John Glenn's Feat by J. Wilford - Glenn circled the Earth three times, becoming the first American to orbit the planet. New York Times. Auch: YouTube, Eines Tages, Lantern, CollectSpace, ZEIT, CNet, (graphic, more); TwitPic; Links
Midwifery in the evolution of science by T. Christy - Rheticus' birthday. Renaissance Mathematicus
Mikhail Lomonosov and the dawn of Russian science by V. Shiltsev - he broke ground in physics, chemistry and astronomy and was a key figure of the Russian Enlightenment. Physics Today
Lost treasures: President Nixon's moon rocks by M. Campbell - priceless lunar samples fell into wrong hands; meet the moon-hunter who went undercover to get them back. New Scientist

Januar(y) 2012

Franco Pacini, 1939.2012 - the Italian astronomer was a key figure in the astronomy community. ESO Release. Auch: Media INAF, UNAWE
Hilmar Duerbeck: 1948 - 2012 by S. van Roode - Hilmar's selfless character will be greatly missed. ToV Blog. Auch: BAAS Obituary, KosmoLogs; Links
Community leader, wife of astronomer, Tombaugh dies by D. Moore - Patricia "Patsy" Edson Tombaugh was 99. Las Cruces Sun. Auch: JHU News
James Arnold dies at 88; pushed to unlock secrets in moon rocks by E. Woo - the nuclear chemist's efforts helped lead NASA to preserve and analyze a treasure trove for lunar research. LA Times
Aristoteles entschluesselt von R. Jellen - Josef Mehringer zur neu entdeckten Struktur in der Philosophie des antiken Klassikers. TelePolis
Ancient Astronomers Were No Fools by C. Carlisle - but did they really discover atmospheric extinction? Sky & Telescope
Karl Jansky and the Very Large Array by J. Oulette - far fewer people would recognize its namesake, the "father of radio astronomy": Karl Jansky. Discovery News
The ghost of the Isaac Newton Telescope by B. Haran - officially, the INT relocated from Sussex to the Canary Islands in the 1980s. Or did it? Guardian
The active observatory by R. Higgitt - review of "Architectures of astronomical observation: from Sternwarte Kassel (circa 1560) to the Radcliffe Observatory (1772)" by A. Kwan. Teleskopos
Amazing Astronomy Illustrations From the 1800s Resurface Online by S. Pappas - sunspots, auroras and even planetary bodies as they were observed in the Victorian era. LiveScience. Auch: sein Handbuch; Atlantic, Philosophy of Science, Daily Mail
The last great naked eye astronomer by T. Christie - a brief look at the life and work of Johannes Hevelius. Renaissance Mathematicus
What did Horrocks really see? by S. van Roode - every picture showing the Cytherean silhoutte on the solar disk as recorded by Horrocks turns out to be plainly wrong. Venus Transit Blog
Declassified US Spy Satellites from Cold War Land in Ohio by T. Malik - the satellites called KH-7 Gambit 1, KH-8 Gambit 3 and KH-9 Hexagon were officially declassified in September.
Freedom 7 Mercury capsule leaving Naval Academy for JFK Library, Smithsonian. CollectSpace
A Potted Prehistory of Cosmology - a short description of the history of cosmology, from the dawn of civilisation up to the establishment of the Big Bang model. In the Dark
NASA Searches for Loot That Traveled From Space to Another Void by M. Fernandez - the problem of missing Moon rocks. New York Times. Auch: Spiegel
Francoiss Arago - the most interesting physicist in the world! Skulls in the Stars
Himmelsscheibe wird national wertvolles Kulturgut - sie wird in das "Verzeichnis national wertvollen Kulturgutes" aufgenommen. Welt. Auch: Focus, D-Radio, TLZ.
To Preserve History on the Moon, Visitors Are Asked to Tread Lightly by K. Chang - important first steps toward raising awareness of the need to protect off-world artifacts. New York Times
Vom Kopf auf die Fuesse getellt - 100 Jahre Kontinentaldrifttheorie. PM des GFZ. Auch: DLF

De{z/c}ember 2011

The curious aftermath of Neptune's discovery by D. Kent - controversy following the announcement of the new planet propelled US astronomers to the international limelight. Physics Today
Charles T. Kowal, discovered 2 of Jupiter's moons - and the first Centaur, of course. Buffalo News. Auch: Magic Valley
Boris Chertok, Engineer With Russian Space Program, Dies at 99 by D. Hevesi - he played a central role in designing the navigation systems for Soviet spacecraft during the race to the moon. New York Times. Auch: NASA, Russia Today, NYT, Univ. Today, Spiegel
Astropeiler - Podcast zur Geschichte des Stockert-Radioteleskops. Chaos Radio Express (1:50)
Science Fiction Before 'Science Fiction' J. Nevins & M. Martinez - romances of Science and Scientific Romances. IO9
Merry Grotemas and Happy Rebercentennial! It has been 100 years since the birth of Grote Reber on 22 December 1911. BeamJockey. Auch: Improbable
An 18th-century astronomical tour by R. Higgitt - on "An Observer of Observatories: The Journal of Thomas Bugge's Tour of Germany, Holland and England in 1777". teleskopos. Auch: gescanntes Original
1963 Bases on the Moon - a "Sky at Night" episode from 1963 with P. Moore & A. C. Clarke. BBC Archive (full 20 minutes)
Apollo 13 notebook fetches $388,375 at auction by M. Richter - Lovell jotted down handwritten calculations in hopes of guiding his crew safely home. Reuters. Auch: CollectSpace, Spiegel. Earlier: Heritage Auctions PR (later). Later: CollectSpace, Tagesschau

November 2011

Discoveries provide evidence of a celestial procession at Stonehenge - evidence of two huge pits positioned on celestial alignment. Univ. of Birmigham Press Release. Auch: Past Horizons
Tausende ueber hundert Jahre alte populaerastronomische Artikel zeitweise frei im Web! Von D. Fischer - aus dem Scientific American bis 1909, und nur bis zum 30. November. Skyweek 2.0. Auch: Transit of Venus Blog
Stars on oldest heliocentric model were on backwards by G. Schilling - the Leiden Sphaera was built around 1670 by the clock maker Steven Tracy. New Scientist Blog. Auch: IO9
Is This the First In-Space Portrait? I.e. photographic picture one astronaut took of another one. AirSpace Mag Blog
A Survey Of Moon Maps Since the 17th Century by V. Johnson - Galilei to 2010. The Awl
A Walk Around Gdansk for Physicists by A. Januszajtis - a guide to Danzig and some of its suburbs, focusing on sites of particular interest to physicists. Physics in Perspective
The Antikythera Mechanism at HSS 2011 by D. Hayton - a panel dedicated to the mechanism at this year's History of Science Society Annual Conference. PACHS Blog
A small spot in front of the sun, a small step down the road to heliocentricity by T. Christy - the 1st planetary transit observation 280 years ago. The Renaissance Mathematicus
Techniques of Radio Astronomy by T. Wilson - a short history of the development of the field. Preprint
Johns Hopkins's "Eureka! Rare Books in the History of Scientific Discovery" by K. Coronado - a collection of more than 300 works bequeathed to the university last fall. Washington Post
The planets of the Solar System, according to crazed pulp comics of the 1940s. IO9

O{k/c}tober 2011

In memory: Planetary geologist Ronald Greeley - he has contributed significantly to our understanding of planetary bodies within our solar system. ASU Press Release (In Memory). Auch: NASM Blog
Charles P. 'Chuck' Sonett, 1924-2011 - Pioneering Space Scientist. LPL In Memoriam
Secretary of State Zijlstra opens renovated Leiden Observatory, the oldest still functioning academic observatory in the world. Univ. Leiden Library
A depolarizer as a possible precise sunstone for Viking navigation by polarized skylight by G. Ropars & al. - we demonstrate that using the transparent common Iceland spar as a depolarizer, the Vikings could have performed a precise navigation. Proceedings of the Royal Society. Auch: paper from 2007; DLF
El telescopio Lomonosov, el Hubble sovietico von D. Marin - der Satellit, der nie gebaut wurde. Eureka
Future of historic Yerkes Observatory remains unclear by K. Hoffman - a final report recommends the facility transform from a research facility to an education center. GazetteXtra
Stories of Missions Past: Early Explorers - NASA's Explorer class missions are numbered at 92 so far, with more constantly planned. NASA History Feature
The Spark of a New Era - 75 years ago the first rocket motor test at what's now the JPL. JPL Release
An early Celtic "Stonehenge" discovered in the Black Forest in the royal tomb of Magdalenenberg, nearby Villingen-Schwenningen. RGZM Press Release
Aden Meinel Passed Away - he was the founder and first director of the Kitt Peak National Observatory. NOAO Release
Aboriginal Stonehenge: Stargazing in ancient Australia by S. Hegarty - an egg-shaped ring of standing stones in Australia could prove to be older than Stonehenge and may show that ancient Aboriginal cultures had a deep understanding of the movements of the stars. BBC
Judge denies Apollo astronaut's motion to dismiss moon camera lawsuit - the case of United States of America vs. Edgar Mitchell is scheduled to tried before a jury in October 2012. CollectSpace. Auch: Mitchel gives up
Tracing the Canals of Mars by R. Milner - over 100 years ago, Percival Lowell thought the "canals" on Mars were evidence of global engineering by an advanced race of Martians. Astrobiology Magazine
Glorious Retrofuture from Japan - very rare and beautiful visions, published in Japan in the 1930s-1960s. Dark Roasted Blend

September 2011

Physiker und Pianist von D. Hoffmann & G. Kaindl - Mit nur 32 Jahren erhielt Rudolf Moessbauer den Nobelpreis. Nun ist er in Muenchen verstorben. Tagesspiegel. Auch: Pro Physik, Spiegel
The seven suns of Rome by K. McAlpine - a diagram lost for more than 350 years documents haloes of 1630. Natue News
Recasting the heavens by O. Gingerich - glowing review of D. Sobel's A More Perfect Heaven: How Copernicus Revolutiomized the Cosmos. Nature 477 [15 September 2011] 276-7. Auch: AstroBlog, Planetary Society Blog
Review: Soviet Robots in the Solar System by L. Friedman - Huntress and Marov chronicle these endeavors in wonderful detail. The Space Review
Historic Footage of Palomar Observatory Now Online by K. Neith - black and white silent films documenting some of the early days of Caltech's Palomar Observatory are available for viewing at the Internet Archive. Caltech Feature
More than artifacts under threat by R. Rosenfeld - institutions such as the Boerhaave have been put at grave risk of dissolution. ToV Blog. Auch: Save Museum Boerhaave
Coloured diagram from 1769 by S. van Roode - Daniel Fischer draws our attention to an interesting exhibition on the history of astronomy in the Technoseum in Mannheim. Transit of Venus 2012 Blog
Historical Maps of Solar Eclipses by B. Zeiler - from 1654 to today. 365 Days of Astronomy (visuals)
Evidence of plant life on Mars? Originally published in the Manchester Guardian on 19 September 1955. Guardian
The great Martian catastrophe and how Kepler fixed it by O. Gingerich - with a correctly repositioned Earth, the error in Mars.s predicted position disappeared. Physics Today
Protests deny Jantar Mantar Unesco honour by R. Verma - frequent protests at the old Delhi observatory have hurt its standing as a monument of historical value. Times of India

August 2011

Vesto Slipher and the First Galaxy Redshifts by L. Thompson - the quest to explain these unprecedentedly large Doppler velocities pointed the way to a new physical interpretation. Preprint. Auch: The Conversation
Like No Other View On Earth by B. Stein - NASA's landmark photo providing the first glimpse of our home planet from deep space occurred 45 years ago. Inside Science
50 Years of NASA Art at National Air and Space Museum by L. Bradner - ,ore than 70 pieces are on view recording the triumphs and tragedies of space exploration over the last five decades. LA Times
Edison's Anti-Gravity Underwear and Other Wonders by J. Oulette - what about real-life antigravity schemes? Discovery
1. Norddeutsches Sternwartentreffen in Tornesch von M. Holl - Geschichte & Plaene norddeutscher VSWn. Manuskript

Jul{i/y} 2011

Schiaparelli and the dawn of astronomy by E. Antonello - his fundamental contributions to the understanding of ancient Greek astronomy and for his pioneer work on babylonian astronomy. Mem. S.A.It. 82 [2011], 280
Teaching Galileo? Get to know Riccioli! by C. Graney - what a forgotten Italian astronomer can teach students about how science works. Preprint. Auch: Journal-Version
"Ein Schmetterling, angeschraubt auf einer Gewehrkugel" von D. Fischer - das war der Space Shuttle; mit viel Historie von den Anfaengen. Skyweek 2.0. Auch Nature articles of 40 years ...
Is scientific progress slowing? by J. Timmer - depends how you measure it! Ars Technica
Sweepers of the sky von C. Johnston - Besprechung von Discoverers of the Universe: William and Caroline Herschel von Michael Hoskin. Physics World
Remembering Tom Gehrels (1925-2011) by G. Schilling - in his search for understanding, he encountered the frailty of humanity - constantly threatened by cosmic impacts - and lost track when he tried to answer the biggest questions science can ask. Sky & Tel. Auch: UA News, Wildcat
Letter sheds light on alleged censorship by Hubble by E. Reich - the translator was actually Lemaitre. Nature Blog. Auch: Paper von Block; Eines Tages
Ordering the Heavens: A Visual History of Mapping the Universe by M. Popova - from Copernicus to Ancient Korea, or what the Chinese concept of change has to do with Aztec astrology. Brain Pickings
Paris: City of lights and cosmic rays by G. Gbur - the first significant evidence of the existence of cosmic radiation ... in 1910. Scientific American

Jun{i/e} 2011

Does Islam Stand Against Science? by S. Paulson - what adds a fair amount of contemporary angst is that Islamic civilization was once the unrivaled center of science and philosophy. The Chronicle of Higher Education
A Look Back at Lunar Photographs by M. Karmelek - Pickering's pics from 1903. Scientific American Blog
Cosmic Pluralism by A. Wilkins - how Christianity briefly conquered the solar system. IO9. Auch: Science Blogs
How the space shuttle program was born by M. Wall - concept goes back to WWII.
One Hundred Years Ago Today, A Mars Meteorite Fell in a Blaze by A. Childs - the case of Nakhla. Smithsonian Blog. Also: why the dog story is a myth (paper)
Palomar in a Vintage Escondido Travel Brochure by S. Kardel - scans from a 1951 brochure put out by the Escondido Chamber of Commerce. Palomar Skies
Ingenious 'Flat Earth' Theory Revealed In Old Map by N. Wolchover - In 1893 a real estate developer drew a map of the Earth that combined biblical and scientific knowledge in a unique way. Life's Little Mysteries
Hadrian's buildings catch the Sun by E. Hand - the Emperor's country estate is aligned to meet the solstices. Nature News
Ur-Astronomie im Schwarzwald von M. Vieweg - keltische Grabanlage war ein riesiger Mond-Kalender. Bild der Wissenschaft
Astronomy in the Church by C. Sigismondi: the Clementine Sundial in Santa Maria degli Angeli, Rome. Preprint
The Remarkable Story of the First Accurate Measure of the Earth by D. Main - in 1735, a team of scientists and other crew departed on a most unlikely quest to S. America. Popular Mechanics

Mai/May 2011

Galileo's Discoveries After 400 Years by N. Swerdlow - double review of two 2010 Galilei books. American Scientist. Auch: The Nation (about same books)
Willard S. Boyle, Father of Digital Eye, Dies at 86 by D. Martin - his CCD is at the heart of virtually every camcorder, digital camera and telescope in use. New York Times. Auch: Physics World
Zehn Jahre Himmelscheibe von Nebra - und (k)ein bisschen weiser von D. Fischer - die Quintessenz der Proceedings der Halle-Tagung. Skyweek 2.0
Race to Space, Through the Lens of Time by J. Wilford - 50 years ago, on May 25, 1961, President Kennedy addressed a joint session of Congress and a national television audience. New York Times. Auch: Schluessel-Links; JFK Library PR; The Space Review, Atlantic, ABC, (more)
Moon movie from 1902 gets 21st-century facelift by L. David - 'Le Voyage Dans La Lune' was restored thanks to the discovery of a colorized print.
Eclipses in Australian Aboriginal Astronomy by D. Hamacher & R. Norris - many Aboriginal groups viewed eclipses negatively, frequently associating them with bad omens, evil magic, disease, blood and death. Preprint
Uranus image celebrates Herschel - the man and the machine by J. Amos, with 6-min audio of Bath house visit. BBC
JPL Facility has Built Famed Spacecraft for 50 Years - the Spacecraft Assembly Facility was constructed in 1961 to support NASA's Ranger and Mariner missions to the moon, Venus and Mars. JPL Release
Wernher von Braun soll V2 nicht gebaut haben von S. Kellerhof - neu gefundene Dokumente wecken Zweifel. Welt
Heliocentrism by K. Ravichandran - How the Debate Surrounding the Revolution of the Earth Revolutionized Science. School Project
Pondering History by L. Delgado: NASA Celebrates 50 Years of Human Spaceflight. Space Policy Online
A Cosmonaut's Fiery Death Retold by R. Krulwich - the horrendous death of Soviet cosmonaut Vladimir Komarov. NPR

April 2011

In Memoriam: Dr. Baruch S. "Barry" Blumberg 1925 - 2011 by S. Abe - he served as the first director of the NASA Astrobiology Institute from 1999 to 2002 but is best known as the winner of the 1976 Nobel Prize in Medicine. NAI Obit. Auch: NASA Feature, Tribute page, New York Times, Telegraph, New Scientist Blog, Universe Today
A look inside the Pantheon - a tour of the Pantheon and the story behind its construction, with Magli's sundial/meridiana idea. CNN Clip [alt.]. Also Magli clip, History Hunters, Science 2.0
Tartu Observatory Turns Museum - on April 27, the Old Observatory of the University of Tartu will celebrate its 200th anniversary by opening the landmark to the public as a museum. Estonian Public Broadcasting. Auch: Event-Seiten
Propaganda posters of Soviet space program 1958-1963 - several interesting posters of historical epoch. Russia Travel Blog
Saljut 1 - Das vergessene Jubilaeum von E. Reichl - es war vor 40 Jahren ... KosmoLogs
The linear redshift-distance relationship: Lemaitre beats Hubble by two years by M. Way & H. Nussbaumer - Edwin Hubble is often credited with discovering the expanding Universe based on spectra taken by him; there are several errors in this statement. Preprint (see also Apr. 2007!); published version. Also: Nature News, One Small Step
Kepler: Moving the Earth by E. McMullin - his account of the planetary system yields a passable theory of why the planets move as they do. Journal of the International Society for the History of Philosophy of Science 1 #1 [Spring 2011] 3-22
Jodrell Bank's creator Sir Bernard Lovell by J. Bromley-Dave - he knew the future was out of this world. Telegraph
Himmelsscheibe Nebra war nur kurz in Gebrauch - eine Nutzungsdauer von rund 100 Jahren. Spiegel
50 Jahre Gagarin, 30 Jahre Space Shuttle - und ratlos in der Gegenwart von D. Fischer: zu den Jahrestagen. Skyweek 2.0. Und mehrere Artikel von BBC, Russian Space Web, ESA (Deutsch), Universe Today und SciLogs und Bilder von der NASA
Vostok: an aerospace classic by A. LePage - the Vostok design was never really abandoned but continued to be improved and adapted. The Space Review (auch ueber wilde Theorien). Auch SZ, Alles was Fliegt, ein Jaehn-Artikel und das FirstOrbit-Video
108 mins that stunned the world by A. Carbonnel - Russia honors Gagarin. Reuters. Auch: Boing Boing, Novosti, BBC, CollectSpace, TASS, Montral Gazette, Telegraph, Tagesschau, TelePolis
Yuri Gagarin's daughter: 'It wasn't enough for him, it was too quick!' by A. Rose - Elena gave her first ever interview for Western media. transcript. Auch: RheinZeitung Blog, AFP
Mit Juri Gagarin fing es an von J. Brück - 50 Jahre bemannte Raumfahrt. TAZ. Auch: The Space Review, Xinhua, The Atlantic, Infografik, Novosti, WSWS, New Europe, NY Times, AFP, DLF, Discovery, Spiegel (more, mehr)
How Yuri Gagarin's historic flight was nearly grounded by T. Parfitt - 1st manned orbital flight in 1961 was almost undone by last-minute hitches, newly declassified files reveal. Guardian. Auch: Infografik, NYT, PopSci, BBC (früher, noch früher), Eines Tages
Former Cosmonaut Offers First-Hand Account Of The Death Of Yury Gagarin - Vladimir Aksyonov has offered the most plausible account. RIA Novosti (Infografik).
Early star catalogues of the southern sky by F. Verbunt & R. van Gent: De Houtman, Kepler (Second and Third Classes), and Halley. Preprint
Newton's three-body problem by M. Harris - review of the play "Let Newton Be!" Physics World
Ancient Greek Computer Had Surprising Sun Tracker by L. Grossman - the Antikythera mechanism used pure geometry as well as flashy gears to track celestial bodies' motion through the heavens. Wired

Maerz/March 2011

The Origins of the Telescope by A. van Helden et al. (eds.) - proceedings of the conference "The invention of the Dutch telescope. Its origin and impact on science, culture and society". Complete Book (PDF, 376 pages, via HSSN)
Strange Cases from the Files of Astronomical Sociology by K. Krisciunas - astronomers (and non-astronomers alike) keep wondering why we are the way we are and what motivates us. Mini-Paper
The Galileo myths by K. Perrott - the current attempts of theistically motivated historians and philosophers to rewrite the history of the Galileo affair. Open Parachute
Early Pioneers of Telescopic Astronomy in India: G.V.Juggarow and His Observatory by K. Rao et al. - Juggarow was one of the early pioneers of observational astronomy. Preprint
Die tierischen Helden der Raumfahrt von H. Vensky - vor Juri Gagarin kreisten andere Saeugetiere um die Erde. ZEIT
Goddard's First Homegrown Satellite, Explorer 10 Was Launched 50 Years Ago. Geeked on Goddard
Victor Blanco, Stargazer, Dies at 92 by D. Overbye - the Puerto Rican astronomer helped build the Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory in Chile. New York Times
Physics: Unification + 150 by M. Waldrop - in 1861, James Clerk Maxwell unified electricity, magnetism and light. Nature
Remembering James Elliot, 1943-2011, by K. Beatty - Elliot specialized in outer-planet atmospheres at MIT, where he'd been a professor since 1978. Sky & Tel. Auch: MIT Press Release, AstroCorner, NYT, Boston Globe
On this day in history: The Discovery of Uranus 230 years ago. ROG Blog.
ESA remembers the night of the comet 25 years ago this month. ESA Release. Auch: The Space Review, The Space Writer, DLF, KosmoLogs
126 Arguments Concerning the Motion of the Earth by T. Graney - as presented by Giovanni Battista Riccioli in his 1651 Almagestum Novum. Preprint. Auch: The Renaissance Mathematicus
Celebrating 400 Years of Sunspot Observations - in March of 1611 Johannes Fabricius left school at Leiden carrying several of the new-fangled telescopes. NASA Feature
60 Years Ago: The World's 1st Televised Solar Eclipse by J. Rao - on March 7, 1951, an annular total eclipse was broadcast for the first time. Auch: CBS

Februar(y) 2011

Hammer und Zirkel im All von H. Krause - zur Geschichte der Raumfahrt in der DDR. DLR Feature
Martian illusion by M. Carr - Review von "Geographies of Mars" by K. Lane, u.a. ueber Lowell's Kontext. Nature 470 [10.2.2011] 172-3
The beginnings of planetary exploration by A. LePage - the first probes to Venus. The Space Review
Faszinierendes Dokument: Wie sich Roddenberry 1964 'Star Trek' vorstellte von D. Fischer - der Pitch ist wieder da. Skyweek 2.0
Rehabilitating Nevil Maskleyne by A. Baker - Part One: Reassessing the accusations. Board of Longitude Blog (parts 2, 3, 4)
Arabic Science Tidbits - key points from "Pathfinders: The Golden Age of Arabic Science" by Jim Al-Khalili. The e-Astronomer
Kepler: All systems go! by L. Billings - what Struve and Epicurus had to say about exoplanets. BoingBoing
Apollo 14 Moon shot: Alan Shepard 'told he was too old' by P. Rincon - the mission commander was the oldest astronaut to have flown in space. BBC

Januar(y) 2011

The chimp that took America into space by H. Hicholls - fifty years ago Ham blasted off and returned to a celebrity lifestyle. Guardian
A big V-2 history post - a V-2 launch circa 1950; from an article in the October 1950 issue of National Geographic. Rocket Dungeon
Antike Astronomie: Eine Neuentdeckung im Neuen Museum? Berliner Wissenschaftshistoriker scannen antikes Marmorfragment mit eingravierter Sterndarstellung. PM der Humboldt-Universitaet Berlin
Voyager Celebrates 25 Years Since Uranus Visit on 24 Jan 1986. JPL Release. Auch: The Space Review
Copernicus and the Star that was bigger than the Universe on a C. Graney paper re. arguments in favor of Ptolemy in the 17th century. AlunSalt (follow-up [rebuttal])
Vor 45 Jahren: Sergej Koroljow gestorben von M. Khan - weniger als 5 Jahre nach seinem groessten Triumph, dem ersten bemannten Weltraumflug. KosmoLogs.

De{z/c}ember 2010

Starry Messenger by O. Gingerich - reviews of two Galilei biographies. New York Times. Auch: Science 331 [4.2.2011] 535
Apollo Landing Sites in Stunning 3-D by N. Atkinson - with the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera constantly snapping images of the lunar surface, we have been able to see most of the Apollo landing sites with better and better detail. Universe Today
The scientist pope who lit up the Dark Ages by J. Hannam - Gerbert of Aurillac played a small but important part in the unknown story of medieval science. New Scientist Blog.
Exploring Our Relationship With the Lonely Moon by C. Dean - ueber das Buch 'Moon: A Brief History'; mit langer Bildergalerie. New York Times
Earliest colour photo of astro event by P. Sutherland - from an eclipse expedition in 1907. SkyMania. Auch: Bericht von dieser SoFi
Early Australian Optical and Radio Observations of Centaurus A by P. Robertson & al. - the discoveries of the radio source and its optical counterpart were important landmarks in the history of Australian astronomy. Preprint
Gab es den Stern von Bethlehem wirklich? von I. Wolter - nee! Emsdettener Volkszeitung. Auch: GWUP Blog, Neues Deutschland, Ratgeber News Blog, Urban Astronomer
Early Astronomer Described Coriolis Effect Centuries Before Coriolis - it appears in an ancient astronomical text published 200 years before Coriolis did his work. arXiv Blog
The Pioneer lunar orbiters by A. LePage - seven out of eight of America's first probes to the Moon launched between August 1958 and the end of 1960 were failures. The Space Review
Adriaan Blaauw, 1914-2010 - Dutch astronomer instrumental in the founding of ESO has passed away. ESO Announcement

November 2010

BRIAN MARSDEN (1937 Aug. 5-2010 Nov. 18) by G. Williams (actually written by Marsden himself!) - one the last great 'classical' astronomers (and long-time director of the CBAT) is gone. MPEC. Auch: CfA Release, Nature Blog, Scientific American, Mike Browns Planets, S&T, Economist, New York Times, Ast. Now, New Sci. Blog, Guardian, SC, MPML, Bad Ast., Planetary Society, Astro!nfo
Tribute to a Pioneering Cosmologist by. K. Beatty - Allan Sandage died on November 13th, succumbing to pancreatic cancer at age 84: We lost one of the true giants of observational astronomy. Sky & Tel. Auch: Carnegie Obit.; Lynden-Bell & Schweizer, Preprint, Tamman & Reindl, Preprint; New York (earlier) & LA Times, Telegraph, Nature Blog, PLoS Blog, Cosmic Variance, Science Blogs, Astronomy Now, Bad, Universe; Tammann, Nature 468 [16 Dec 2010] 898
Joseph Gavin obituary by R. Turnill - aerospace engineer behind the creation of the first manned craft to land on the moon. Guardian
Ancient astronomy: Mechanical inspiration by J. Marchant - the ancient Greeks' vision of a geometrical Universe may have come from an ancient mechanism. Nature. Also: Decoding the Heavens (more); LEGO version
100 Years of Citizen Science by M. Simonsen - the AAVSO turns 100 next October. Simostronomy
Did Life First Come To This Earth In A Meteor - a story from 100 years ago! Sunday Magazine
Happy 40th Birthday, Lunokhod! Lunokhod 1, initially slated for a mission of just under 90 days, lasted 11 months, traveled over 10 kilometers and took over 20,000 images and over 200 panoramas. Roscosmos Press Release. Auch: Eines Tages, All in the Gutter
Professor Paul Kintner dies of cancer at age 64 - an internationally recognized authority on the interaction of radio signals, both natural and man-made, with space environments. Cornell Chronicle
Giovanni Battista Riccioli's Seventy-Seven Arguments Against the Motion of the Earth by C. Graney - an English rendition of Almagestum Novum Part II, Book 9, Section 4, Chapter 34, Pages 472-7. Preprint
Pa. man hopes to sell his NASA module by J. Etzel - the inside "has nothing in there, except rivets and steel," because the Apollo module was used only for training exercises. PhillyBurbs
Tests begin on the body of Tycho Brahe by J. Dacey - scientists from Denmark have until Friday to examine the remains of Tycho Brahe, before the famous astronomer is reburied. Physics World. Later: pictures; New York Times (more), IO9, AP,
Spectroscopy in 1881 by J. Voisey - an interesting snapshot at a developing era in astronomical history. Universe Today
Scientists exhume Danish astronomer's remains - a team of scientists was opening the tomb in an effort to shed light on his sudden and mysterious death. AP. Auch: BBC, Sci.Am.,, Discovery, SPIEGEL, ARD video
About the BAA: Historical Section by S. Owens - now with a newsletter (1st issue, 5 pg.)! BAA Blog
Saturn Then and Now: 30 Years Since Voyager Visit by J.-C. Cook - the Voyager close encounters with Saturn occurred on Nov. 12, 1980, for Voyager 1, and Aug. 25, 1981, for Voyager 2. JPL Release. Auch: old Bulletins

O{c/k}tober 2010

Indigenous Astronomies and Progress in Modern Astronomy by C. Ruggles - a cautionary tale also for historians of astronomy! Preprint
Next post Birthplace of Modern Astronomy Faces Uncertain Future by L. Grossman - Only a handful of researchers remain, and many don't stay year-round at Yerkes Observatory. Wired Gallery
Nebra sky disk discarded because of volcanic ash, scientists say - a catastrophic volcanic eruption spewing huge clouds of ash was behind the burial of the Nebra sky disk, some say. Earth Times. Auch: ZEIT zur Farbe der Scheibe
Russia marks 50 years since space launch disaster - the Nedelin disaster when 126 people were burned alive during a launch pad accident at the Baikonur cosmodrome on October 24, 1960. AFP. Also Central Asia Newswire, Eureka
What Columbus Already Knew by R. Krulwich - ordinary folks in the 13th century, sailors for example, assumed the Earth was spherical. NPR Blog
A Revised Historical Light Curve of Eta Carinae and the Timing of Close Periastron Encounters by N. Smith & D. Frew - newly uncovered historical estimates of the visual brightness of eta Car during its eruption included. Preprint. Auch: Australian Geographic
The beginnings of planetary exploration by A. LePage - events starting 52 years ago. The Space Review
Two hundred years of galactic studies in Tartu Observatory by J. Einasto - galactic studies have been one of the main topics of studies in Tartu over its whole history. Preprint
Ancient Observatory Unearthed in Iran, used by Iran's renowned astronomer Khaje Nasireddin Tousi in Alamut Castle. FarsNews. Auch: PressTV, Science Journalism Tracker
Former astronaut hangout destroyed in fire by R. Pearlman - the former Outpost Tavern, which for over two decades served as a popular astronaut hangout in Texas. CollectSpace. Auch: Galveston Daily News
Comets in Australian Aboriginal Astronomy by D. Hamacher & R. Norris - 25 accounts of comets from 40 Australian Aboriginal communities. Preprint. Also one on the Great Eruption of Eta Carinae
Ruth.s Reviews: God's Philosophers - James Hannam by R. Francis - review of a book on "how the medieval world laid the foundations of modern science." Nature Blog
Where the pictures came from - science books that were printed in the 16th and 17th centuries have lavish and impressive illustrations. The Renaissance Mathematicus
Inside The Soviet's Secret Failed Moon Program by M. Hardigree - rare photos from a lab inside the Moscow Aviation Institute show a junkyard of rarely-seen spacecraft. Jalopnik
In Memoriam: Frank Stadermann and Audouin Dollfus by S. Mackwell - we share the news of the passing of two our esteemed colleagues. Planetary Policy. Zu Dollfus auch Air & Space
Accomplished CfA Astronomer John Huchra Dies October 8 at the age of 61 - he was perhaps best known for his leadership, with Margaret Geller, of the CfA Redshift Survey, a pioneering effort to map the large-scale structure of the universe. CfA Press Release. Auch New York Times, Martian Chronicle, Prof. Astronomy, Cosmic Variance, Bad Astronomy; auto bio
Maurice Allais, Nobel Winner, Dies at 99 by D. Martin - the one with the crazy gravity experiments during solar eclipses (and also economics Nobel laureate). New York Times
Sputnik Crashed Here - namely Sputnik IV, at 610 N. Eighth St, Manitowoc, WI ... Roadside America

September 2010

Arabic in the Sky by R. Lebling - star names of Arabic origin. Saudi Aramco World
Visual Chronology of Cosmologies (Part 1) by J. Ptak - tons of pictures ... Ptak Science Books
Australian Aboriginal Geomythology: Eyewitness Accounts of Cosmic Impacts? by D. Hamacher & R. Norris - there is currently no physical evidence connecting these accounts to impact events currently known. Preprint
The ICE mission: the first cometary encounter by A. LePage - recycling an existing spacecraft that has already completed its original mission makes good sense for a number of reasons. The Space Review
Where the Future Began by S. Smith - space history at the Kennedy Space Center. Space KSC Blog
Ancient Greeks spotted Halley's comet by J. Marchant - a celestial event in the 5th century BC could be the earliest documented sighting of Halley's comet. New Scientist. Auch: Discovery, Und IO9 zu anderen Sichtungen
Mars: a world for exploration (1959) - in the January 1959 issue of Astronautics C. Tombaugh summarized the prevailing view of Mars's surface conditions on the eve of its exploration by spacecraft. Beyond Apollo
Las misiones Apolo y la radiacion von D. Martin - warum dieses Argument der Leugner nicht gilt. Eureka

August 2010

NASA, Internet Archive And Flickr Launch Historic Image Collection with very old stuff. NASA Release. Auch: PS Blog
Jupiter's swirling storms from Voyager 1 by E. Lakdawalla - 31 years old pics newly processed. Planetary Society Blog. Auch: der beste GRF; Gish Bar Times, Eureka
Important Astronomer Royal's Collection donated to the Museum by G. Clifton - it's Nevil Maskelyne's stuff. ROG Blog
50 anos de Strelka y Belka de D. Marin - los primeros seres vivos que regresaron con vida del espacio fueron las perritas Belka y Strelka. Eureka. Auch: Air & Space Blog, The 60s, Voice of Russia, Yuri's Night
1st Communication Satellite: A Giant Space Balloon 50 Years Ago by C. Choi - Echo 1, the world's first communications satellite, was launched on Aug. 12, 1960.
1969 - Neil Armstrong besucht den Mond und dann Bonn und sogar die Bundespressekonferenz. Freie Honnefer. Auch:, Bonner Presseblog
GA-Leser besuchen mit Astronom das Observatorium Hoher List von B. Koehl - inzwischen ist es ruhig geworden, und an den Fensterrahmen der alten Gebaeude blaettert die Farbe ab. General-Anzeiger Bonn
The Stories Behind the August Perseids by M. Simonsen - mostly on Swift and Tuttle. Simostronomy
On the Astronomy Trail in Copenhagen by I. Musgrave - the Rundetaarn. Astroblog
Changes in the Cloud Belts of Jupiter, 1630-1664 by C. Graney - as reported in the 1665 Astronomia Reformata of Giovanni Battista Riccioli. Preprint
Wir muessen mit Neil Armstrong reden von S. Schirrmacher - zum Achtzigsten des Mondbegehers. FAZ
Astronomy & World Heritage Thematic Study released - the UNESCO World Heritage Committee has, for the first time, endorsed a study in science heritage. IAU Press Release. Auch: 3News, Orion, KosmoLogs
World Heritage Committee inscribes old astronomical observatory Jantar Mantar on World Heritage List. IYA Update. Auch: Our Amazing Planet [], Nat'l Geogr. Blog, TravelTechie

Juli/July 2010

Apollo 11 Moon landing film has sound restored - split screen montage combines footage from four different cameras used by Nasa to capture the moment Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon. Telegraph
The Apollo Astronauts' Fascinating Insurance Covers - wie man sich auch versichern konnte ... UK Insurance Net
35th Anniversary of Apollo Soyuz by M. O'Brien - incl. exclusive interviews. This Week in Space
Geschichte der deutschen Raumfahrt / History of German Spaceflight - complete booklet. DLR brochure (50 pg.)
It was in the stars: Observatory becomes national historic site by J. Bell - the 92-years old Dominion Astrophysical Observatory in Canada. Times Colonist
Don Backer, astronomer and discoverer of millisecond pulsars, dies at 66. Nature Blog. Also Berkeley Release, SF Chronicle, SETI Inst.

Juni/June 2010

A history of the telescope by W. Hardman - a quick tour of four centuries of progress and frustration. Nobel Intent
More travels in science by M. Masetti - traces of Max Wolf et al. in Heidelberg. NASA Blueshift
Pickering's Women by M. Simonsen - some of the most famous women in astronomy. Simostronomy
The impact of astronomy by A. Fabian - lessons from history for UK policy today. A&G 51 [June 2010] 3.25-30
Odyssey of the Giant Eye by J. Smith - how the mirror got to Palomar Observatory. San Diego Reader
Solar Studies at the Manila Observatory - a news clip from 1965. The Sky Above

Mai/May 2010

Copernicus reburied by Catholic church by J. Dacey - Nicolaus Copernicus was blessed and reburied by some of Poland.s highest-ranking clerics, nearly 500 years after he was laid to rest in an unmarked grave. Physics World Blog. Also: CBS, AP, Sky & Tel., Universe Today, Derren, Tagesschau
Der Tag, an dem die Welt durchdrehte von S. Grothe - als vor 100 Jahren der Halleysche Komet erschien, geriet die Welt auch ohne Einschlag aus den Fugen. Eines Tages. Auch: ZEIT, Blanco County News
Foucault's pendulum is sent crashing to Earth - the original pendulum used by French scientist Leon Foucault has been irreparably damaged in an accident in Paris. Times of Higher Eductation. Auch: Nature Blog
New Museum Galileo to open to the public in June in Florence - it's the famous IMSS under a new name. Beyond IYA Update. Auch: CBC News, Physics World
JCU researcher seeks inspiration in the stars - a PhD student has translated "The Book of the Fixed Stars" by Abdul-Rahman al-Sufi. James Cook University Press Release
Chariot of the Sun by M. Rundkvist - the first sun-chariot carving on Sweden's east coast. ScienceBlogs

April 2010

Archaeoastronomie, die Archaeologie des Himmels - grosses Artikelpaket mit systematischer Einfuehrung. Archaeologie Online
Riccioli Measures the Stars by C. Graney - observations of the telescopic disks of stars as evidence against Copernicus and Galileo in the middle of the 17th century. Preprint
Hubble Space Telescope: 20 Years of Cosmic Awe by C. Choi - it may have been the most influential telescope since Galileo peered at the night sky with one four centuries ago. SC.
Apollo 13: Nasa's finest hour? By P. Ghosh - the story of Apollo 13 deserves to be part of humanity's mythology to guide future generations. BBC. Auch: AirSpaceBlog ueber Teleskopbeobachtjngen, eine ATK simulation of what could have happened und Universe Today mit Recovery-Fotos
NASA And NOAA Mark 50 Years Of Weather Watching From Space - on April 1, 1960, the world's first weather satellite Tiros 1 lifted off. NASA Release. Auch: Das 1. Bild; Star Ledger, New York Times (vor 10 Jahren)
Why Do People Persist in Denying the Moon Landings? By R. Launius - perhaps this situation should not surprise us. A lot of other truly weird beliefs exist in society. Air & Space Blog

März / March 2010

On the telescopic disks of stars by C. Graney & T. Grayson - a review and analysis of stellar observations from the early 17th through the middle 19th centuries. Preprint
Als der Mondmann nach Oberhausen kam von D. Fischer - Alan Bean berichtet im Gasometer von Apollo 12. Skyweek 2.0
Three editions of the Star Catalogue of Tycho Brahe by F. Verbunt & R. van Gent - we provide machine-readable versions of the three versions and discuss their accuracy on the basis of comparison with modern data. Preprint. Also one on the Catalogue of Hevelius
NASA photographer Bill Taub dies at 86 by E. Brown - Taub took nearly every official picture of the astronauts and played a central role in shaping public perception of NASA's work. Washington Post
Vor genau 400 Jahren: Galilei geht zur Post ... von D. Fischer - der Sidereus Nuncius ist fertig! Skyweek 2.0
Reaching for the Stars When Space Was a Thrill von D. Overbye - ueber das Buch Another Science Fiction: Advertising the Space Race 1957-1962. New York Times
Total Eclipse of the Sun, 40 Years Ago on 7 March 1970 - a short video clip. ABC News Blog. Auch:
Galileo backed Copernicus despite data by K. Sanderson - stars viewed through early telescopes suggested that Earth stood still. Nature News 2010.105 (5 March 2010)
Astronomical Tales to be Told! There are SO many stories about the birth and history of radio astronomy that have not made their way to the public. Noisy Astronomer
The Extraterrestrial Life debate in different cultures by J. Schneider - the question "Is there Life in the Universe outside Earth?" has been raised almost only in the western literature. Preprint

Februar(y) 2010

W. E. Gordon, Creator of Link to Deep Space, Dies at 92 by D. Martin - he was the electrical engineer who conceived, designed, built and operated the world's largest radio telescope at Arecibo. New York Times
Famed space artist Robert McCall, 90, dies by R. Pearlman - an artist whose visions of space exploration have graced U.S. postage stamps, NASA mission patches, and the walls of the Smithsonian. CollectSpace. Auch: UA Release, NSS Blog, New York Times, AirSpace Blog, Space Tweep Society, Plan. Soc. Blog
Soviet space secrets for sale by J. Wells - eclassified, decommissioned, the Soviet Union's space heritage is on the market in T.O. Toronto Star
That's no moon, it's a space station... Eisenhower was briefed in 1960 that Phobos could be a space station launched by an advanced Martian civilization. Mars Express Phobos 2010 Fly-By Blog. Auch: ScienceBlogs
Element 112 is Named Copernicium - the name proposed by the GSI lies within the long tradition of naming elements to honor famous scientists. IUPAC Release. Auch: Nat'l Geographic Blog, New Scientist
NASA's Jesco on his 1st day on job in space Capitol of world - seltenes Foto aus einem Vortrag von Puttkamers fuer die Int'l Space University. Yfrog. Auch: Bethbeck's Blog
The Uncredited Discoverer of Cosmic Rays - a new translation of the work of an obscure Italian scientist indicates that Hess wasn't alone in this discovery. physics arXiv blog. Auch: ein Paper mit der ganzen Geschichte
Fuehrung, Universitaetssternwarte Wien - sie kann mit einer mehr als geballten Ladung historischer Inhalte aufwarten. WAA-Bericht
Twenty years since Voyager's last view by E. Lakdawalla & C. Anderson - Feb. 14 comes the 20th anniversary of an iconic image from the Voyager mission, the "Pale Blue Dot" photo of Earth caught in a sunbeam. Planetary Society Blog. Auch: JPL Release, NPR
Stonehenge visitor centre criticised by Government design watchdog by A. Laing - the Commission for Architecture and the Built Environment (CABE) said the "architectural approach" was wrong. Telegraph
Only amateur video of Challenger disaster surfaces 24 years later - Moss gave the tape to an educational organization a week before his death in December. Dvice. Also the video itself; ABC, Guardian. Auch: Super-8-Film (YT)

Januar(y) 2010

In the Afterglow Of the Big Bang by Y. Bhattacharjee - the life of R. Sunyaev (and Y. Zel'dovich). Science 327 [1 Jan. 2010] 26-29
Friedrich Wilhelm August Argelander by M. Simonsen - Argelander is a giant in astronomical history. I mean, Come on, the guy has four names! 365 Days of Astronomy = Simostronomy
Archaeoastronomy: reconnecting to reality by N. Patat - my attitude to measure things immediately generated the question about the accuracy of alignments. Cosmic Diary
California lists moon junk as historical resource by S. Gorman - the first such designation for cultural artifacts located other than on Earth. Reuters. Auch: Space Policy Online, Spiegel
Geoffrey Burbidge is dead, was first a star, then a maverick cosmologist. Cosmic Variance. Also UCSD Release, LA Times, NYT, Tel.
Popular astronomy now online by H. Edser - have you ever wondered how 18th- and 19th-century scientists explained the universe? Royal Observatory Blog; the collection
Caltech Mourns the Passing of Andrew Lange - he is perhaps best known for co-leading the BOOMERanG experiment. Caltech Release. Auch: Cosmic Variance, Discovery, S&T, NYT, LAT
Yuri Gagarin death mystery solved after 40 years by A. Osborn - a study claims it was caused by his panicked reaction after realising an air vent in his cockpit was open. Telegraph. Auch Novosti zur Popularitaet Gagarins
Searching for Moon Rocks Here on Earth by N. Atkinson - alarmingly, some of our Moon rocks are missing! Universe Today
The 400th Anniversary of Galileo's Discovery of the Galilean Moons - a series by J. Perry. Gish Bar Times (links to series). Also: JPL, Planetary Soc., Wolfram Alpha, Hindustan Times, BA Blogs
Flashback: Remembering the Great Comet of 1910 by D. Dickinson - it became known as the Great January Comet or Daylight Comet of 1910. AstroGuyz. Also: Sky & Telescope
JPL Mourns Passing of Former Director Lew Allen Jr. - he led the laboratory from 1982 till 1990. JPL, USAF Releases.

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