Transit of Venus June 5/6, 2012

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Ingress = 22:09 - 22:28 UTC / Center = 1:30 UTC / Egress = 4:31 - 4:50 UTC

Eastern Mediterranean (wx stats sweet spot):

Rhodos, Greece: Sunrise 3:00 UTC, Egress at 17 ... 21 degrees - also video simulation!

Bodrum, Turkey: (Sunset 17:25 UTC) Sunrise 2:55 UTC, Egress at 17 ... 21 degrees

Antalya, Turkey: Sunrise 2:40 UTC, Egress at 20 ... 24 degrees

Adana, Turkey: Sunrise 2:20 UTC, Egress at 23 ... 27 degrees

Paralimni, Cyprus: Sunrise 2:35 UTC, Egress at 22 ... 26 degrees

Tel Aviv, Israel: Sunrise 2:35 UTC, Egress at 22 ... 26 degrees

Cairo, Egypt: Sunrise 2:55 UTC, Egress at 18 ... 23 degrees

Safaga, Egypt: Sunrise 2:55 UTC, Egress at 20 ... 24 degrees

Iraklion, Crete: Sunrise 3:05 UTC, Egress at 15 ... 19 degrees

Central Europe:

Cologne, Germany: (Sunset 19:35 UTC) Sunrise 3:25 UTC, Egress at 8 ... 11 degrees

Northern Europe:

Center of Iceland: Ingress at 4 ... 3 degrees, Sunset 23:30 UTC, Sunrise 2:50 UTC, Egress at 6 ... 7 degrees

Tromso, Norway: Ingress at 2.5 degrees, NO Sunset, Egress at 22 ... 23 degrees

North Cape, Norway: Ingress at 4 degrees, NO Sunset, Egress at 22 ... 24 degrees

Inari, Finland: Ingress at 1.5 degrees, NO Sunset, Egress at 23 ... 25 degrees

Helsinki, Finland: Sunrise 1:10 UTC, Egress at 21 ... 23 degrees

Far Out:

Katherine, Australia: Ingress at 8 ... 12 degrees, NO Sunset, Egress at 50 ... 45 degrees

Papeete, Tahiti: Ingress at 50 ... 40 degrees, Sunset 3:30 UTC

Honolulu, Hawaii: Ingress at 85 ... 89 degrees(!), NO Sunset, Egress at 8 ... 4 degrees

Lake Baikal: Ingress at 12 ... 14 degrees, NO Sunset, Egress at 59 degrees

Kuwait: Sunrise 1:53 UTC, Egress at 33 ... 37 degrees


June 6, 2012: Einmal zu Lebzeiten die Venus vorbeiziehen sehen.

June 5, 2012: Site-Testing fuer den Venustransit auf Rhodos, zweiter - gaehn! - Morgen (auch: World set for the 2012 transit of Venus, Venus transit: a last-minute guide, All eyes on Venus, Venus' Transit and the Search for Other Worlds, Transit Of Venus Reveals Secrets Of Universe, Preparing for the live feed - and hoping to do better than le Gentil, Rare Transit of Venus 'A Beautiful Event', Rare & Historic Transit of Venus Across Sun Occurs Today, Venus due to pass between Earth and Sun in rare astronomical event, The transit of Venus - live from the Arctic!).

June 4, 2012: Site-Testing in Rhodos: Sonnenaufgang vom Balkon (auch: Die Venus am rhodesischen Himmel - ~40 Stunden vor dem Transit!, Noch mehr Rhodos-Venuesse, eine erste Landpartie - und eine feurige Herausforderung ..., SpaceWeather, TwitPic, SpaceWeather, Upload, Zauber; ESA missions gear up for transit of Venus, The Mysterious Arc of Venus [Science@NASA], RHESSI Will Use Venus Transit to Improve Measurements of the Sun's Diameter, Rare transit of Venus a boon to exoplanet researchers, Skywatchers prepare for rare Venus fly-by, Here's a replica of Captain Cook's fort at Pointe Venus in Tahiti, Venus to put on Sun spectacular, Modern transit science, The Venus Transit: Who Cares?, How To Use The Transit Of Venus To Determine The Astronomical Unit, Transito de Venus: 5/6 de junio de 2012, Transit of Venus: a tale of two expeditions, The Transit of Venus, Review: Transit of Venus, Taking Venus' Temperature During Transit, Wie sich der Venustransit beobachten laesst, On the road: Hawaii Venus Transit, June 3, 2012, Venus to cross Sun in rare spectacle, Schwarze Venus vor Roter Sonne, To Watch Venus Journey Across the Sun, a City Filled With Vantage Points ).

June 3, 2012: KBA-Venustransit-Expedition auf Rhodos angekommen (auch: Sieht gut aus: Die Venus kommt puenktlich, Transit of Venus: Solar glasses are a hot commodity, Transit of Venus: your last chance to see it before 2117, Not Necessarily Your Last Venus Transit!, Look Up, Stargazers: June 5 Is The Transit Of Venus, Transit of Venus on Tuesday Is Rarer Than Halley's Comet, Transit of Venus: a measure of distance, The 2012 Transit of Venus, Transit of Venus: US National Parks to Observe Rare Celestial Sight).

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May 31, 2012: Transit of Venus Brings Astronomy to Timor-Leste for the First Time (auch: ISS Transit of Venus [alt. and slide show version], Watch the transit of Venus and dream of other worlds, Fired up for next week's rare and wonderful transit of Venus, Slooh Space Camera to Broadcast Live Feeds of the Transit of Venus and will Allow Viewers to Snap Pictures, The past importance of transits of Venus, The Venus Transit is Getting Closer, Venus, a Planetary Portrait of Inner Beauty, The "Exoplanet" Venus, Rare Transit of Venus Puts Spotlight on Planetary Sun Crossings, Venus transit may boost hunt for other worlds, Help Astronomers Collect Venus Transit Data!, Crossing the Sun: The Last Transit of Venus until 2117).

May 30, 2012: Keine Woche mehr bis zum letzten Venus-Transit (auch Astronomers and Students from Williams College to Study the Transit of Venus, Die Venus-Passage - ein astronomisches Jahrhundertereignis, The Transit of Venus (press release), SDO Venus Transit Website is Looking Good, SPACE gets access to GONG feeds around the world which will webcast, Transits of Venus Explained, Transit of Venus on June 5 Is Last for 105 Years, Venus in Transit, Ready for the Last Venus Transit Until 2117?, Venus zieht am 6. Juni an der Sonne vorbei).

May 29, 2012: SPACE plans for Venus Transit 06th June (auch Measuring the heavens in the 18th century, Your Viewing Guide to the Transit of Venus, The last dance between Venus and the sun, Excitement Builds for Rare Transit of Venus, Coming June 5/6, An upcoming transit, Art and Astronomy: Transit of Venus).

May 28, 2012: Your Complete Go-To Guide for June's Transit of Venus (auch: Countdown laeuft, Transit of Venus: the graphic novel, Get ready to watch the Transit of Venus, An Australian view of Venus, Mass Transits (vom SETI Inst.), Look Now for Venus to Cross the Sun, or Wait Another Century).

May 27, 2012: Rekindling Venus: Experience A Rare Celestial Event.

May 26, 2012: Astronomers seize last chance in lifetime for Venus Transit (auch: As the Transit approaches ..., Let's photograph the transit of Venus).

May 25, 2012: Media buildup for Transit of Venus in first week of June (auch Astronomers prepare for rare transit of Venus, Letzter Venustransit fuer 105 Jahre schon in zwei Wochen!, Sic Transit Venus, Don't miss June's rare transit of Venus, Why is the transit of Venus so rare?, Examining Venus in a Lunar Mirror).

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May 23, 2012: Transit of Venus inspires poets (auch: Jahrhundert-Ereignis fuer Fruehaufsteher, Transit of Venus).

May 22, 2012: Der letzte Venustransit des Jahrhunderts.

May 21, 2012: Transit of Venus: Feeling solar withdrawal? Watch Venus cross sun (aucj USNO Release, Planetary Society Blog).

May 18, 2012: The 2012 Transit of Venus (auch Venus bringt seltene Mini-Sonnenfinsternis und Hubble turns Moon into a mirror for Venus transit).

May 17, 2012: Science writer hopes Venus will inspire love of the universe (auch: Where to See the Transit of Venus Online).

May 16, 2012: Venustransit in drei Wochen - Videos schon jetzt (aich: How Venus Transit of Sun in June May Help Find Alien Planets, Nature Podcast, ab 13:42, und Summary, Scientists to Watch Historic Venus Transit).

May 13, 2012: Tiny black dot that unlocked the Universe: How rare transit of Venus phenomenon revolutionised our view of the solar system (auch: What's the best way to view the June 5-6 transit of Venus safely?).

May 10, 2012: Like a ten-minute documentary on the Transit of Venu.

May 8, 2012: Reflections on the nature of genius: on the 300th anniversary of Mikhail Lomonosov (1711-1765).

May 4, 2012: Hubble to Use Moon as Mirror to See Venus Transit [alt.].

May 4, 2012: Tokyo to be treated to rare annular eclipse, Venus transit.

May 3, 2012: Venus Transit: Live from Keck Observatory.

Apr. 22, 2012: 2012 Venus Transit and Annular Eclipse.

Apr. 18, 2012: In Rome, Art Meets Astronomy, "loosely inspired by the passage of Venus between the Earth and the Sun" ...

Apr. 2, 2012: Transit of Venus (nice 3.5-min. video from Oxford).

Apr. 2, 2012: Rare Venus Transit of Sun Occurs in June: Skywatching Travel Tips.

Apr. 1, 2012: New stamp for 2012 transit mit einem Design des Autors! (Kein Aprilscherz.)

March 2012: 52 pictures from 2004.

Mar. 25, 2012: It's a twice in a lifetime moment: the transit of Venus across the Sun.

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Feb. 13, 2012: Wenn sich der Planet Jupiter im Juni vor die Sonne schiebt ... :-)

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Jan. 23, 2012: Celestial Stunner: Venus to Cross Face of Sun This Year.

Jan. 5, 2012: Historisches Experiment dank Eros-Annaeherung (auch KosmoLogs, S&T, AwB, UT).

Jan. 2012: Maximilianus Hell and the Eighteenth Century Transits of Venus - a Study of Jesuit Science in Nordic and Central European Contexts (502 pg.).

Jan. 1, 2012: Eros and the Solar Parallax (spreading the call and details). And more numbers.

Dec. 28, 2011: China to get 2012 view of Venus transit.

Nov. 22, 2011: Transit of Venus supplementary material.

Nov. 18, 2011: Opposition of 433 Eros and the solar parallax - a proposal (follow-up; graphic, chart).

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Oct. 14, 2011: Mapping next year's transit.

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July 30, 2011: Greece + Turkey From Space from the Black Sea to the Nile.

Lomonosov's Paper / Horrocks' Bogus Law / Jeremiah Horrocks, The Transit of Venus, and the 'New Astronomy' in Early Seventeenth-Century England / Reanimating the 1882 Transit of Venus