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Ab 20.5.2012 alle neuen Links im Live-Blog!

[19.5.2012] SPACE expedition heads to HongKong to view Annular Solar Eclipse (auch On location for the Annular Eclipse in Japan, visible from California, at Grand Canyon, California likely to offer impressive views, Part of a longer Cycle, Safety First, Getting Ready, A Rare Sight, to project 'ring of fire').

[18.5.2012] Solar Eclipse Dry Run (auch Views from China to Texas, Solar Eclipse Coincidence, Eclipse Glasses sold out, Watch This Weekend's Eclipse, Japan readies for 'ring' solar eclipse, viewing event at CU).

[17.5.2012] "Ring of Fire" Solar Eclipse Coming Sunday (auch Where and How to See It [mehr], Hinode plans, Camilla again, Eclipse Anular, Pacific-Spanning Annular).

[16.5.2012] Eclipse to Dazzle U.S. West Coast, China and Japan (auch Slooh Space Camera to Broadcast Live Feed, U.S. wx, Wolfram Alpha, America's annular eclipse).

[15.5.2012] Solar Eclipse 2012: National Parks To Give Good View Of Sunday's 'Ring Of Fire' (auch Grand Canyon NP advisory, City of Albuquerque Cultural Services video, Still daraus).

[14.5.2012] Partial - and Annular - Eclipse of the Sun to Sweep North America Sunday, May 20th (auch Astronomy, Science@NASA [Video dazu],,

[8.5.2012] Williams Astronomers, Students, to Study Solar Eclipse from New Mexico, California, and Space.

[19.4.2012] Panasonic uebertraegt ringfoermige Sonnenfinsternis live vom Gipfel des Fuji einzig und allein mithilfe von Sonnenenergie. (Auch: Trailer, Website, Englisch.)

[1.3.2012] A Preview of May 20th's Annular Eclipse.

[28.2.2012] Don't Miss the 2012 Annular Solar Eclipse.

[3.2.2012] Tiny Utah town courts 'astro-tourists' for eclipse.

[27.1.2012] Solar Eclipse over the USA (video clip dazu).

[24.1.2012] Eclipses in 2012.

[16.1.2012] Solar Eclipse visible in the western US in May.

[2.10.2011] Observatory's champion retiring after 33 years - the only public affairs director Fred Lawrence Whipple Observatory has ever known.

[18.8.2011] Behind the Scenes at World's First Spaceport in New Mexico Desert.

[7.8.2011] Native American astronomer Dennis Lamenti hopes to recruit more Native American students into the field of astronomy.

[1.7.2011] Galaxy Walk at Lowell Obs.

[30.6.2011] Grand Canyon 360° panorama.

[27.6.2011] N.M. wildfire forces Los Alamos lab to close. Auch ein dramatisches Zeitraffer-Video und grosse Bilder.

[14.6.2011] The Wallow fire has become the largest fire in Arizona history. Auch: Spiegel.

[8.6.2011] More than 5,000 flee as winds stoke Arizona fires. Auch ein Sat.-Bild (mehr, viel mehr), LA Times.

[12.5.2011] Spaceport America Hangar Running 12+ Months Behind Schedule.

[9.5.2011] Grand Canyon, Arizona, USA, from ISS.

[2.5.2011] Praising Arizona: Dutch astronomy writer and S&T contributing editor Govert Schilling visits observatories in southern Arizona (part 2).

[29.4.2011] Grand Canyon born by continental lift.

[27.4.2011] "Biosphere 2" turns 20, still seeking a reason to exist.

[14.6.2009] The Very Large Array, NM in Landsat-Sicht.