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[14.11.2012] Astronomers: Rare solar eclipse will be 'weird'.

[13.11.2012] Hinode to Support Ground-based Eclipse Observations.

[13.11.2012] Total Eclipse of the Sun.

[13.11.2012] Weather forecast puts cloud over Cairns eclipse viewing.

[13.11.2012] Total solar eclipse in Australia attracts thousands of tourists.

[13.11.2012] Eclipse brightens far north Qld tourism.

[13.11.2012] Watch Solar Eclipse Live: Video Feed of South Pacific Sky Show.

[12.11.2012] Get ready for a total solar eclipse!

[12.11.2012] Eclipse fans follow moon shadow to Oz.

[12.11.2012] Chasing the Total Solar Eclipse w/Voyto Rushin.

[12.11.2012] Chinese Visitors See 2012 Eclipse From Hot Air Balloon Cairns (Angebot).

[11.11.2012] ABC Extra Loop Pre Eclipse.

[11.11.2012] Eclipse groupies take shot in the dark.

[9.11.2012] Total Solar Eclipse 2012: Moon's Shadow Takes Australian Walkabout Next Week.

[9.11.2012] Totale Sonnenfinsternis am 14.11.2012 ueber Australien.

[8.11.2012] So wird die Sonnenkorona am 13.11. aussehen und andere SoFi-Facetten.

[8.11.2012] Cairns eclipse viewing glasses supplier assures safety.

[8.11.2012] Cairns Eclipse 2012 - One Week to Go - Plan, prepare and be patient!

[8.11.2012] Australia counts down to solar eclipse.

[8.11.2012] Communications group meeting today prior to next weeks exciting Total Solar Eclipse (Diskussion).

[8.11.2012] UK eclipse chaser drops into ABC South Bank enroute to Cairns.

[8.11.2012] Dave Reneke central to total eclipse viewing.

[8.11.2012] Waiting for the Eclipse.

[8.11.2012] Julia set for eclipse excitement.

[8.11.2012] Eclipse2012 Festival lands at Palmer River this Saturday.

[8.11.2012] Townsville eclipses Cairns for views - arrgh! (Plus OpEd.)

[7.11.2012] Total Eclipse of the Sun with a video with a picture from me at 0:25.

[7.11.2012] Your guide to the 2012 total solar eclipse.

[7.11.2012] Australian Society of Opthalmologists say people risk eye damage looking at solar eclipse even with approved solar glasses.

[7.11.2012] Solar eclipse a danger to eyes even with approved glasses - what a BS! (Sources of which are here and now here.)

[7.11.2012] Solar Eclipse Nov 2012: Watch Live Streaming & Times for the 'False-Start Sunrise'.

[7.11.2012] Die Sonnenfinsternis vom 13.11./14.11.2012.

[7.11.2012] Off to Australia for the total solar eclipse.

[7.11.2012] One Week to the Solar Eclipse.

[6.11.2012] Australia Gets Ready for November 14 Total Solar Eclipse.

[6.11.2012] Coral spawning on Great Barrier Reef goes cosmic with total solar eclipse.

[6.11.2012] Solar Eclipse eyesight safety Cairns 2012 eclipse shades (amateur video).

[6.11.2012] World's indigenous leaders converge on Yarrabah for Cairns eclipse.

[6.11.2012] Eclipse Attracts Travelers to Australia.

[6.11.2012] Solar eclipse due November 14th.

[5.11.2012] Total Solar Eclipse in Australia, Nov. 14 (Pasachoff press release).

[5.11.2012] Total Solar Eclipse - Australia 14 November 2012.

[5.11.2012] Total solar eclipse will plunge Cairns into darkness, but also be visible as a partial eclipse across Australia.

[5.11.2012] Total Solar Eclipse and Minor Lunar Eclipse to Grace Nov. Skies.

[3.11.2012] Visitors flock North for solar eclipse.

[2.11.2012] Yolgue Eclipse Festival in Arnhemland.

[2.11.2012] Eclipse to inject $75m into Far Northern economy.

[2.11.2012] Official Cairns Eclipse Souvenir Booklet is out!

[1.11.2012] There's no place like home.

[1.11.2012] Countdown to a total solar eclipse.

[1.11.2012] Totale Sonnenfinsternis ueber dem Pazifik.

[31.10.2012] Solar eclipse fanatics flock to Cairns (news video; discussion re. pronounciation).

[31.10.2012] Warning: Eclipse to rock the world.

[31.10.2012] Sonnenfinsternis verdunkelt den Norden Australiens.

[31.10.2012] Total Solar Eclipse 13/14 November 2012.

[30.10.2012] For some travellers, chance to see eclipse inspires trips around the world (auch hier, hier, hier und hier).

[30.10.2012] Eclipse shades Maureen's passion for stars.

[30.10.2012] Total Eclipse, Australia, 14 November 2012.

[26.10.2012] Weather Bureau revises wet season forecast for Far North.

[26.10.2012] How cool is that?! An Australian optics company creates a nice infographic about the upcoming solar eclipse but with a mistake labeling the eclipse contacts, I point it out to them - and they swiftly correct it.

[26.10.2012] Cosmic power of eclipse draws stargazers northwards.

[25.10.2012] Countdown! Eclipse 2012 Taskforce grp meeting taking place right now.

[25.10.2012] Travel Australia: Rain forest, Great Barrier Reef perfect for viewing total eclipse.

[25.10.2012] The "Black Sun 2012" filmmaking team is going to Cairns, Australia this November!

[25.10.2012] I couldn't possibly keep on top of all the orders for Eclipse Glasses if it wasn't for my wonderful wife.

[24.10.2012] Police warn Far North to play it smart on eclipse rush. Auch: wunderliche Infografik und Cairns als 'land of opportunity'.

[22.10.2012] 'Eclipse chaser' over the moon about phenomenon.

[22.10.2012] Eclipse total de sol podra ser visto desde Chile.

[22.20.2012] Australia to witness total solar eclipse in november - the hospitality response.

[20.10.2012] Collecting Data (astrophotography) in WA - centered on S pole.

[18.10.2012] Cairns has a front row seat to the total Solar Eclipse.

[16.10.2012] Solar eclipse festival fever hits Ramingining.

[15.10.2012] Thousands expected at Australian total eclipse mega-party.

[11.10.2012] 50,000 eclipse chasers to hit Cairns (auch hier und hier).

[11.10.2012] Total eclipses stand alone, no shadow of doubt.

[10.10.2012] Far Northern councils call for croc-free waterways.

[9.10.2012] 10 Must Do Things in Cairns.

[8.10.2012] Residents warned to be emergency ready as cyclone season officially starts in November.

[8.10.2012] Croc sighting sparks warning to swimmers near Cairns.

[5.10.2012] NASA scientists in Cairns for total solar eclipse.

[3.10.2012] Rangers trap 2.7m croc at Kewarra Beach.

[2.10.2012] Festival to unite cultures under solar eclipse.

[2.10.2012] AAO Observer Number 122, the newsletter of the Australian Astronomical Observatory (August 2012).

[28.9.2012] Growing numbers of 'umbraphiles' are travelling to see solar eclipses.

[25.9.2012] Where will you view the eclipse?

[17.9.2012] Eclipse chaser returns for Cairns event.

[11.9.2012] Aussie Wasp on the Hunt for Redback Spiders.

[20.8.2012] Welcome to the Yolngu Eclipse (auch Gurrwiling Eclipse 2012 discussions).

[10.8.2012] Weltwetter-Umschwung steht bevor.

[1.8.2012] Meteorite craters in Australia.

[28.7.2012] Die Astronomie der Aborigines wird erforscht.

[17.7.2012] Fantasy forest pulls focus from Singapore's skyline.

[19.6.2012] Countdown continues to eclipse.

[15.6.2012] Cairns counts down 150 days [15.4.2012] Beautiful one day, in shade the next (40,000 expected in QLD).

[11.2.2012] Far North Queensland place to be for November 14 solar eclipse.

[26.1.2012] Australian Prime Minister Rescued From Angry Protesters.

[12.12.2011] An eclipse, when astronomy meets designer drugs ...

[15.11.2011] Many Bushfires in Queensland, Aus. (more).

[14.11.2011] Eclipse 2012: Terry Cuttle.

[14.11.2011] Countdown for Upcoming Solar Eclipses Podcast.

[6.10.2011] Aboriginal Stonehenge: Stargazing in ancient Australia.

[29.8.2011] 2012 solar eclipse will bring tourist bonanza to Far North.

[24.8.2011] Solar Eclipses (Part I).

[12.7.2011] Was nicht ins Outback gehoert muss sterben: Australien kaempft mit harten Mitteln gegen eingeschleppte Arten.

[July 2011] Eclipses in Australian Aboriginal Astronomy - fifty different Australian Aboriginal accounts of lunar and solar eclipses.

[28.6.2011] City of Sydney officially declares 1788 settlement of Australia an invasion.

[14.6.2011] Fear of eclipse widespread in Aboriginal culture.

[2.6.2011] Aboriginal community names CSIRO telescope - the first six antennas of the SKA Pathfinder telescope receive names in the local Wajarri language.

[13.5.2011] Eclipses in Australian Aboriginal Astronomy, often seen negatively.

[9.5.2011] Cairns / Arnhem Land: Totale Sonnenfinsternis im November 2012.

[17.4.2011] ISS view of Cairns (Original).

[10.3.2011] Cyclone Yasi inflicted 'patchy' damage on Great Barrier Reef.

[4.2.2011] Cairns & Great Barrier Reef open for business. Auch: Schaeden am Great Barrier Reef + Sediment over the Great Barrier Reef.

[3.2.2011] Wirbelsturm - Australien hat 'Yasi' ohne Tote ueberstanden. Auch: AstroBlog.

[31.1.2011] Large Tropical Cyclone Yasi Headed Toward Queensland, Australia. Auch DLF, CNN, LA Times.

[17.1.2011] Queensland's soggy soils revealed by SMOS.

[13.1.2011] NASA Satellites Capture a Stronger La Nina.

[12.1.2011] Swimming pool area - before and after the QLD floods.

[7.1.2011] Flutkatastrophe im Nordosten Australiens - La Nina ist schuld. Auch DLF.

[31 Dez 2010] Ueberschwemmungen in Australien weiten sich aus - Ganze Staedte versinken in den Wassermassen (auch ein Sat-Bild und Video)

[24 Nov 2010] Uluru in 3D.

[12 Nov 2010] Far North booked out for eclipse.

[1 Sep 2010] Total eclipses of the Sun from Australia

[25 Feb 2010] Total Solar Eclipse, 13th-14th November 2012 (Tutorial by M. Salway)

[13 Dec 2009] Australische Polizei nimmt Hunderte Kampftrinker fest bei einem landesweiten Einsatz gegen Komasäufer

[12 Dec 2009] Massenschlachten in Australiens Wueste - Scharfschuetzen erlegen Tausende Kamele

[8 Dec 2009] Probebeobachtungen SoFi 2012 Australien genau 3 Jahre vor dem Event

[26 Nov 2009] Thirsty camels lay siege to Australian Outback town in a Northern Territory settlement

[4 Nov 2009] Solar Eclipse Marathon dubbed a health hazard

[4 Nov 2009] Fires in Queensland, Australia

[3 Feb 2009] Dengue fever hits Queensland tourist destinations.

[12 Jan 2009] Flooding causes chaos.