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SoFi-Simulationen von Ajay Talwar mit Occult fuer Varkala (Helipad), Sagar-Hotel (Detail) und Kollam!

Stories from Kerala and other annularity countries

15.1.2010: City students in Kerala to gaze at the sky to view Ring of Fire.

15.1.2010: Sonnenfinsternis ....Lunar Eclipse on 15 January - na ja, nicht ganz. :-)

15.1.2010: Scientists, sun-watchers gather in southern India to watch eclipse.

14.1.2010: Celestial treat, a day away (yours truly mentioned!).

14.1.2010: Next eclipse this big? Come back in 1,033 years.

14.1.2010: ISRO To Analyse Data Of Solar Eclipse.

14.1.2010: Scientists rush to southern India to study 'Ring of Fire'.

14.1.2010: Century's longest annular solar eclipse tomorrow.

14.1.2010: Cloud, rains likely to mar solar eclipse watch - falsch!!!

13.1.2010: Varkala readies for rare celestial treat (our expedition mentioned!).

13.1.2010: Observing eclipse by naked eye may damage retina - Dr. Waheed.

13.1.2010: Solar Eclipse to Grace Africa and Asia Friday.

13.1.2010: Annular solar eclipse expected to cross China Friday.

13.1.2010: Ignore superstitions, watch solar eclipse with proper gear.

13.1.2010: Don't miss rare solar spectacle.

13.1.2010: ISRO to launch rockets to study solar eclipse. (Auch hier und hier.)

12.1.2010: Space Centre is getting ready for a rare celestial event.

12.1.2010: events planned by SPACE india during the JAN 15th ASE 2010.

12.1.2010: Partial Solar Eclipse visible from South Africa.

12.1.2010: Preparations on to study effects of annular solar eclipse. Auch: Partial solar eclipse on January 15.

11.1.2010: On Jan 15, watch the ring of fire in India. Auch: Puneites head south to watch annular solar eclipse.

9.1.2010: First annular solar eclipse of 2010 on Jan 15 (auch hier, hier und hier).

8.1.2010: Ich habe eine Liste mit Twitterern erstellt, die (vermutlich) live aus der Zentralzone zwitschern.

7.1.2010: On the road: In deepest, darkest Africa to watch the January 15 solar eclipse.

6.1.2010: Google Trends for Eclipse 2010: you can see how huge search has been in recent days.

6.1.2010: How to safely view the solar eclipse on 15th January.

4.1.2010: Hong Kong to see solar eclipse on Jan. 15.

3.1.2010: Expedition to Northern Sri Lanka - the first time most of us are traveling to North after 30 years of war.

3.1.2010: Eclipse 2010 German Version :: Ringfoermige Sonnenfinsternis am 15. Januar 2010 ...

2.1.2010: Facilities to view solar eclipse in Trivandrum.

31.12.2009: Two eclipses to make January spectacular.

30.12.2009: Celestial wonders to ring in New Year - the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Centre has said it will make special arrangements at the Birla Planetarium to let enthusiasts view both the eclipses. Auch Tamil Nadur All Set to Watch Longest Annular Solar Eclipse on 15th January 2010.

29.12.2009: Longest annular eclipse of the sun on Jan15 in India and especially in Tamil Nadu.

29.12.2009: An eclipse of the heart for Winnipeg educators - Jay Anderson goes Kenya!

29.12.2009: I'd gone on a short holiday to Varkala and stayed at a fabulous resort called HBR. It was a beautiful experience. (More here and here!)

28.12.2009: That my friends is the varkala beach as seen frm the cliff.

28.12.2009: Wonderful annular solar eclipse to occur in January 2010 - "the most observable annular solar eclipse in China in the last 20 years."

26.12.2009: Superstition may eclipse New Year celebrations in India because of the partial lunar eclipse ...

25.12.2009: Holiday from the holiday in Varkala.

25.12.2009: Prayers, cakes and drinks: Kerala celebrates Christmas.

24.12.2009: Second celestial treat in less than a year coming to India.

24.12.2009: Kerala fishermen reject plans for surfers' paradise.

23.12.2009: 'Ring of Fire' Annular Solar Eclipse to be held on Jan 15: A ten-member team from Sky Wathers' Association of North Bengal preparing itself since the past six months to carry out various scientific studies with a huge cache of instruments.

23.12.2009: Der Jahrtausend-Ring: AstroNation ist dabei!


22.12.2009: Varkala is like a dream. I will be posting photos to make you cry shortly. (So wie dieses hier ...) Auch: paradise is just the normal state of things here.

22.12.2009: Annular Eclipse 2010: Project Shadow planning by AAA Delhi.

22.12.2009: The sun sets on a varkala night - forget about ever going home.

20.12.2009: varkala - its no wonder it's a hot spot for tourists of all ages.

18.12.2009: Annular eclipse to be seen over TN on Jan 15, after 108 yrs.

16.12.2009: Solar eclipse in India - book now for January 2010.

15.12.2009: Varkala, Kerala, India (Travelblog report).

15.12.2009: Sonnenfinsternis ├╝ber Afrika und Asien (Vorschau).

"15.1.2010" alias 15.12.2009: SPACE 15 Jan 2010 First solar eclipse of 2010 path spans two continents.

14.12.2009: Public viewing of solar eclipse "on Tuesday" - wurde sie einen Monat vorverlegt? :-)

14.12.2009: Wild Life Tourism from Kerala Tourism Services for the visitors to experience.

14.12.2009: Savarna Terror Erupts In Kerala - the "mystery of the murder of an elderly, innocent morning-walker in Varkala" (auch hier und hier) ...

13.12.2009: Varkala Beach Travel Guide auf "Heritage Hotels in India".

9.12.2009: A roadshow on astronomy in Thiruvananthapuram.

7.12.2009: A window on the heavens - Chalai Government UP School is opening an Astronomy Study Centre.

3.12.2009: Die sinnliche Welt von Kaffee, Gewuerzen & Co. geniessen - Entdecker-Touren zu faszinierenden Plantagen

2.12.2009: 2010 'could be perfect year for imaginative travellers': "travellers looking to head to India during 2010 might want to consider visiting Kerala on January 15th, which is a perfect place to witness the annular eclipse of the sun ..."

2.12.2009: Motorradfahrer aufgepasst: Resturlaub ist die beste Reisezeit fuer Indien! "Mit einem Badetag in Varkala endet die einmalige Erlebnisrundreise ..."

2.12.2009: 'Eclipses in January do not augur well for 2010' - die Inder muessen's ja wissen ...

28.11.2008: ISRO chief renders devotional music at the famous Sri Krishna temple in Kerala.

26.11.2008: Surya Grahan in India in January 2010.

23.11.2009: Reisebueros im Test: Was taugt die Beratung? Wir haben getestet, wie eine Traumreise nach Indien verkauft wird.

23.11.2009: Collaborate With Fate / EXCEPTIONAL ECLIPSE 2010 - astrological bs (more of the same).

22.11.2009: Camp on Solar System begins in Kerala.

12.11.2009: Rajasthan, Kerala backwaters eclipse Taj as dream destination.

4.11.2009: India's space ambitions taking off: Nation plans astronaut-training center, manned space mission by 2015.

26.10.2009: New ISRO chief: A Kathakali fan with space inclinations. Auch DomainB.

24.10.2009: British couple killed while on holiday in Kenya during an attempted robbery.

3.10.2009: January 2010: Karnartaka and Tamil Nadu with a full solar eclipse thrown in.

14.8.2009: Comment : 'Burma visits only fund the military junta' (but see also the links in the sidebar).

7.8.2009: Up Next - Qingdao for a sunset annular.

31.7.2009: Kenya ignores calls for international trials over election violence.

23.7.2009: Monsoon clouds block view of solar eclipse in the city - which is Kochi.

22.7.2009: Catch the next solar eclipse in Kenya - just one expensive offer.

21.7.2009: Eclipse enthusiasts hope for a clear sky in Thiruvananthapuram.

15.7.2009: Triple eclipse not an indicator of catastrophe: Expert

7.7.2009: Annular Solar Eclipse on 15th January 2010 in Tamil Nadu

26.6.2009: Horror of Kenya's 'witch' lynchings: a horrific practice which appears to be on the increase in Kenya - the lynching of people accused of being witches.

23.6.2009: Triple eclipse interests rationals & superstitious alike.

23.6.2009: Schluss mit Internet-Frust in Kenia: erstes Glasfaserkabel fuer Afrika.

24.4.2009: Muslims and Christians in Kenya argue over Barack Obama's grandmother; Muslims have accused Christians of trying to convert Sarah Obama to Christianity

21.4.2009: Viele Tote bei brutalem Ueberfall in Kenia in einem Dorf

6.3.2009: Kollam to have observatory "with international standards"

2.8.2008: Kerala witnesses solar eclipse - the state experienced only a 20 per cent eclipse.

31.7.2008: Kerala temples to be shut during partial solar eclipse.

20.3.2007: Many witness solar eclipse in Thiruvananthapuram

4.3.2007: "YOUTH HAS TO DO A LOT IN SPACE MISSIONS", Interview with Dr.Ananthamoorthy, Director PSLV Mission, By V S Shyam, Resistance Team

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