Informationen zur Sonnenfinsternis
vom 21. Juni 2001

mit besonderer Berücksichtigung der Situation in Sambia

Direkt zu den Links, zum Antwerpen-Report, zum Kalebwe-Paper,
zum Zambia Dispatch, den Hupe-News und zu den Lonely Planet Travel News für Zam und Zim!

Hier sind die Berichte von der Reise und die ersten Bilder!

Diese Karte gibt's in gross als TIFF und JPEG!
Zum Maßstab: Die Rasterlinien haben 2 Grad Abstand, macht ca. 220 km.

Neuigkeiten, das Neueste zuerst

28. 5. 2001: Ein neues Web-"Portal" zur SoFi

hat bei aufgemacht - die Links sind noch etwas instabil: Statt der gewuenschten Seite kommt manchmal was auf Italienisch ...

Kirche wirft sambischen Erzbischoff raus - weil er der Moon-Sekte beitrat und heiratete: BBC.

25. 5. 2001: Zambia's ruling party splits

Political divisions in Zambia have led to the formation of a new political party to challenge President Frederick Chiluba's Movement for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) - about 80 senior members of the MMD have resigned from the party's executive national committee and say they will eventually switch to the Forum for Democracy and Development (FDD): BBC.

21. 5. 2001: Ein aktuelles Satellitenbild

zeigt nicht wenige Wolken in der relevanten Region - Angola wäre besser gewesen. Aber noch ist es ja ein ganzer Monat bis zum Event!

15. 5. 2001: Zimbabwe's Spreading Misery

"The economic and political cancer of President Robert G. Mugabe's regime in Zimbabwe now promises to spread to South Africa - and so endanger the continent. Zimbabwe's man-made tragedy desperately threatens all its neighbors": New York Times op-ed piece.

Auch mal was Schönes von da: SoFi-Briefmarken 2001.

Chiluba to bow out gracefully - "Zambian President Frederick Chiluba has affirmed that he will not stand in the next presidential elections in his country": BBC. Zambia can not take Chiluba's joke: Dispatch.

5. 5. 2001: Zambian protests turn violent

"Violent protests broke out in Zambia after police fired tear gas at a rally in central Lusaka, amid political turmoil over the future of President Chiluba. Angry students threw rocks at the police, who continued to fire tear gas at the fleeing crowds from pick-up trucks": BBC.

Die kuerzeste Reise zur SoFi (Aufenthalt in Zambia: 17 Stunden ...) hat jetzt eine bessere Homepage.

22. 4. 2001: Ein aktueller Lagebericht aus Lusaka

von Jay Pasachoff ist jetzt hier erschienen: "I was overall pleased with what I found, and now have every confidence that successful eclipse expeditions can be carried out in Zambia."

Grossdemo in Lusaka - "The Zambian Vice-president, Lieutenant General Christon Tembo, has issued a public plea to President Frederick Chiluba not to run for a third term in office. His comments came during an address to the first major protest rally against another term for Mr Chiluba, attended by thousands in the capital, Lusaka": BBC Online.

"Under African Skies" - eine Konferenz in Lusaka zur Zeit der SoFi: Details (interessant v.a. die kleinen Bildchen).

"Zambia condemns Angola's UNITA rebel attacks" - "the President of Zambia has condemned renewed fighting between Angola's rebel UNITA movement and Angolan government troops near the border with Zambia": BBC World Service.

"Is enough being done to clean up Africa?" - "I visited Lusaka last June/July - it seemed cleaner than before. I understand several steps have been taken by the people themselves. I found trash bins in the city. I do not know how clean the other areas are but that was impressive to me. The restaurants were places I could eat like a hungry lion": BBC Newsvote.

"Sun sets on Zimbabwe tourism" - "Zimbabwe was expected to cash in on the once-in-a-life-time 21 June solar eclipse, which will be visible in much of the country. But tourists have moved en bloc to neighbouring Zambia - not as developed as the Zimbabwean side of the border, but considered more peaceful": BBC Online.

9. 3. 2001: "Science Out of Africa"

"Not all NASA adventures happen in space. In this story a scientist describes his down-to-Earth encounters with poisonous snakes, charging elephants and more ... as he tested a high-flying satellite from the wilds of Africa": Science@NASA.

"Eine Geschichte von Blut und Öl" - "Angola könnte das Paradies auf Erden sein. Doch mit dem Reichtum des Landes wird ein ewiger Krieg bezahlt": ZEIT.

5. 3. 2001: "Diving into Darkest Africa"

"Everyone likes to dream. Surfers dream of the perfect wave. Actors dream of the perfect role. Wine connoisseurs dream of the perfect vintage. Eclipse chasers are no different. For them, the perfect solar eclipse combines a long period of totality with nary a cloud in the sky. Throw an exotic locale into the mix and you'll get any eclipse watcher's juices flowing. And while perfection can be hard to achieve, the eclipse of June 2001 comes close, offering the best chance in 10 years to turn this dream into reality": Astronomy.

23. 2. 2001: "The danger to be assaulted and robbed is substantial"

Aus einer SoFi-Mailingliste (vom 21.2.): "A colleague of mine returned last week from a month journey, crossing South-Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Mozambique. He investigated the safety to visit the eclipse of 21 june for eight coworkers of our enterprise, crossing those countries a hired car and by tent. His judge: only South-Africa has a low risk, but that is outside the eclipse totality belt. In the countries where the eclipse totalitity belt pass through, it is not safe to sleep outside a protected area (hotel, lodge) nor to drive with only half a dozen people in one vehicle. So our group trip, planned shortly after our 1999 August 11 experience, has now been cancelled, because the danger to be assaulted and robbed is substantial. Forewarned is forearmed."

Eine Reaktion darauf: "I agree that it is unsafe for small groups of tourists to roam around these countries unescorted. And the danger is not just assault and robbery, but wild animals that kill people, too. But I've been to both Zimbabwe and Zambia in the past year, and I found that WITH QUALIFIED AND KNOWLEDGEABLE ESCORTS, the danger is minimal. The key is getting good local guides to keep you out of harm's way. I think the same can be said for most countries in the area, except maybe for Angola." Und ein anderer meint: "I, for one, am not worried. I plan to travel around Zambia by foot/bus and camp in a tent. I would think that a less developed country such as Zambia is much safer than the typical western city with its maniac drivers and gun-wielding criminals."

Das letzte Wort von Peter Tiedt (bekannt aus dem Antwerpen-Report), "A word from closer to the action": "All the countries (with the exception of Angola - where i am not qualified to make a comment) are pretty safe. All you need is common sense, and to stay alert. Don't allow yourself to get into a possibly dangerous situation, just as you would in the Red Light District of any European city, the Bronx or any of a dozen other locations worldwide."

Aktuelle BBC-Meldungen zu den Überschwemmungen am Zambezi, positiven Entwicklungen in der DR Kongo (dazu auch die ZEIT) und neuen Bus-Farben in Zambia ...

16. 2. 2001: "Glimmer of hope after Congo summit"

African heads of state attending a summit in Lusaka on the war in the Democratic Republic of Congo have re-affirmed their commitment to reviving the stalled peace process: BBC.

9. 2. 2001: Es tut sich was auf der "offiziellen" Webseite

Zambias zur Sofi bei, wo zunehmend Links zu allerlei interessanten Firmen auftauchen!

"THE end of the year 2000, could be a relief to some Zambians and yet, the beginning of another long, fierce and uncertain 2001 to many. The year has closed against the gloomy backdrop of hunger, poverty, disease, economic hardships and various other social ills that besieged the largest proportion of the 10 million plus people. [...] As the country now looks to another presidential and general election this year, there could not be anything better that an ordinary Zambian would look to other than a government that would care for the needs of vulnerable majority. However, with such a weak opposition at play, Zambians might be left with no choice but to brace for even more vexing and challenging days from 2001 and beyond": Zambian Dispatch. Weniger düstere Artikel aus dem Dispatch: Accommodation Tax Waved in Zambia's Tourist Capital und Cruising The Banks of Mighty Zambezi - "we are watching untamed Africa live."

Aus einem Posting von Jay Pasachoff: "Peter Kalebwe has gone to South Africa this week for six months, and will be back in Lusaka only for a week at the time of the eclipse. I am not sure yet how we will manage without him, though he has left some infrastructure in place. I am trying to arrange to go to Lusaka for a week in mid-March to check on various things. Peter has the opportunity to be at a program at the South African Astronomical Observatory that was most unfortunately delayed from last year."

7. 2. 2001: Die Infrastruktur von Zambia (Gesundheit & Strassen)

Aus einem längeren Posting in einer SoFi-Mailing-Liste: "I'm a South African citizen and have travelled to Botswana, Zambia and Zimbabwe often [...]. Of the countries in the region, South Africa has by far the best health system, and if you do come to one of the viewing sites, I suggest you make plans for backup in terms of airlift should there be an emergency. South African health services can, in an emergency, airlift you from Zimbabwe straight to Johannesburg General Hospital [...]. There are also a number of excellent private clinics in Johannesburg. [...]

Zambia's infrastructure is not that good, and then I would put Madagascar, and lastly MoC'ambique. Angola, as far as I understand, has relatively good health systems - but it is not safe as a war torn country! Of the many possibilities that you might hear of abroad, often people are alarmed by hepatitis etc., but these are only transferred by blood etc. (like HIV), and if you are in a hospital and should need blood this would not be a danger in any of the countries, the processes are all geared for AIDS prevention, and so all blood will have been tested.

The best roads of the countries are in Zim, and from a South African comparison they aren't that good. Zambia has terrible roads!!! [...] GSM cell phone reception is available in Zim if you have a roaming GSM phone (see and My cell phone didn't work very well in Zambia (only at Vic Falls but because of cell masts from the Zim side of the falls) [...]."

Und hier noch was für Fußball-Fans - "Former African Footballer of the Year Kalusha Bwalya says he would be willing to coach Zambia's national team if the FA offered him the job": BBC.

5. 2. 2001: Die erste Sambia-Expedition ist unterwegs!

Gernot Meiser und Pascale Demy sind jetzt gen Sambia aufgebrochen und berichten fast live im Internet:

"On the road at least! we started our expedition with our Unimog vehicule this afternoon in direction Sambia! Would it be OK for you to annonce it in the mailing list; we would be very glad if you could give all the members our website address: and for whom wants our e-Mail to communicate with us during the all expedition. On our website we write a diary about our experiences and meetings with people. We started the website in german, just annonce that the french and englisch version will work in the next days or weeks! Thank you and all the best for both of you! Greetings from Gernot also!
Pascale Demy."

23. 1. 2001: Kabila beigesetzt

The murdered president of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila, has been buried amid tight security imposed by foreign troops: BBC. Zambias Präsident ist auch hingefahren und "described Mr Kabila as a great revolutionary leader": The Times of Zambia.

Crocs, hippos cause fear in Luangwa - "RESIDENTS in the flood hit Luangwa district are now living in fear as crocodiles, hippos and other creatures are terrorising them following the rising levels of water in the area. Elephants and buffaloes were reportedly the other animals that have sought refuge in nearby villages": The Times.

Some Get Away with Staring at a Solar Eclipse - contrary to popular belief, most people who have their retinas burned by a solar eclipse do not go totally blind: AP.

18. 1. 2001: Das interessanteste Mietwagenangebot bisher ...

kam mail-wendend von einer Firma, die mir die zambische Botschaft in Bonn empfohlen hatte:

"Dear Mr Fischer,

We thank you for your inquiry on the above. We do have 4WD vehicles that are hired out on self drive and these include, Nissan Patrols, Mitsubishi Pajeros and Toyota Landcruisers.

The estimated cost for the hiring of Three 4WD for a period of 10 days each is as shown below:

Daily charge $50 x10 days x 3 vehicles = $1500
Kilometer charge $0.30 x 2000Km est. x 3 vehicles = $1800
Personal Accident Insurance $10 x 10 days x 3 vehicles = $300
Subtotal $3600 / VAT 17.5% $630 / Estimated Total cost $4230

All our vehicles are comprehensively insured. Unfortunately, we do not offer an camping gear on board the vehicles. For payment, we do accept Cash dollars, Credit cards- Visa, Master and Euro.

Thank you.


P.S.: In der DR Kongo scheint inzwischen der Sohn von Kabila am Ruder zu sein - und ein CNN-Korrespondent fand es heute schon als positiv erwähnenswert, daß es nur ein Attentat, aber keine Unruhen in den Strassen gegeben habe ...

17. 1. 2001: Die Situation in Ex-Zaire (alias D.R. Kongo) ...

nach dem gestrigen Attentat auf Kabila sollten wir im Auge behalten - schliesslich betreffen die Entwicklungen im riesigen nördlichen Nachbarn Zambia ziemlich direkt (und Sky News beschrieb den andauernden Bürgerkrieg in der DR Kongo gestern als den "größten Krieg, der zur Zeit auf der Erde tobt"). Zum Glück hat sich Zambia aus der Sache immer rausgehalten (im Gegensatz zu Angola, Namibia, Zimbabwe etc.), so daß das Land bisher "nur" mit Flüchtlingsströmen zu tun hatte. Aktuelle Meldungen zur Lage von der Welt, dem Spiegel, der BBC (jede Menge mehr Meldungen gibt's auf der Afrika-Seite), CNN und ABC.

14. 1. 2001: Ein Brief von der sambischen Botschaft in Bonn! (datiert 9.1.)

"The Zambian Embassy has not been given any information on the Eclipse of the sun in Zambia. The reason for the delay in replying to your letter was to await the information material on the same which we should have received before the end of the year. However our Zambia National Tourism Board office in England will be sending us information soon and this will be forwarded to you."

Aerosole über dem südlichen Afrika

This map shows the abundance of airborne particulates, or aerosols, over Southern Africa during the period August 14 - September 29, 2000 - extensive burning of grass and shrubland for land management and agriculture comprises a principal source of these aerosols: MISR-Bild.

Eine gute Quelle für Nachrichten aus Zambia sind die TV-News der BBC wie auch BBC Online - da gibt's z.B. ein Country Profile oder Meldungen wie: Zambia kicks out Congo soldiers (man beachte auch die äteren Meldungen in der rechten Spalte), Lightning strikes twice in Zambia, Charity killing Zambia's textile industry, Barman wins damages for beer lizard (bemerkenswert), Zambia's amazing potato cure oder Zambians blame burgers for football defeat ...

12. 1. 2001: Die SoFi und die katholischen Religionslehrer ...

Anfang September startete der Verband kath. Religionslehrer und Gemeindereferenten (VKRG) in der Diözese Eichstätt seine Sonnenfinsternisbrillen-Sammelaktion. Die 'Sofi-Brillen' sollen den Menschen Südwestafrikas die Beobachtung der nächsten totalen Sonnenfinsternis am 21. Juni diesen Jahres ermöglichen: TeachersNews.

6. 1. 2001: Der Kafue-Park als Beobachtungsort - Entwicklungen

Aus einer E-Mail in der SE-Liste: "The Kafue Park trip which I'd been on was canceled due to logistics, after Roy Mayhugh visited the Musungwa Lodge and decided he couldn't be confident we could make it from there to the eclipse path in a reasonable amount of time. [...] I am now confirmed on a camping safari which will be in Northern Kafue Park for the eclipse. Because it is a camping safari in tents rather than lodges, it is much less expensive also. While the exact group I am in is now full, as is another group with identical itinerary, there is space left on a third, shorter itinerary run by the same company, crossing paths on eclipse day. The tour operator is Karibu Safaris at Both 10-day tours are sold out now, despite it still showing 3 spaces. Mine. :-) [...]

Trust me, it is getting quite difficult to get into the umbra in Kafue Park on eclipse day. For example, I found only one 4-passenger charter plane available in Lusaka at the eclipse-specially-high price of $1890 for the day to get there and back in case I hadn't found a way to get there on the ground. For another example, what should be a $4000 tour is being offered for $7800 by a museum I belong to. A bit larger donation than I'd care to make! Ironically, although they think they have space left, I'm pretty sure the lodge operators have already sold it out from under them to a Swiss group, unless that's who they are buying it from. I can easily understand why most tours are heading to Lusaka to simplify their logistics, but I decided not to hang out in the city for 3 or 4 days when I could be seeing the countryside."

Woodstock im Mondschatten? Das "Solipse 2001 Zambia"-Festival ...
Auf dieser Website wird ein ausgedehntes Festival in Zambia rund um die SoFi angepriesen, vom 18. bis 25. Juni: "9 days of music, performance, peace, love and psychedelics ..." (die deutsche Version klingt wie eine Maschinen-Übersetzung :-)

Meldungen aus dem Jahr 2000 gibt es hier!

Sambia News vom Hupe-Verlag.


CIA Fact Book

Informationen über die Sicherheit im Ausland vom ...

Allgemeine Reiseinformationen: Lonely Planet

Links zu zahlreichen kommerziellen Angeboten: W. Dzierans Seite.

Jede Menge weitere Sambia/Zambia-Links
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