Proceedings of the conference

      Dwarf Galaxies and their Environment

40th Meeting of the Graduiertenkolleg The Magellanic Clouds and other Dwarf Galaxies

held Tue 23rd to Sat 27th January 2001 in the Physikzentrum in Bad Honnef, Germany

Editors:   Klaas S. de Boer, Ralf-Jürgen Dettmar, Uli Klein

Shaker Verlag, ISBN 3-8265-9264-6

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Table of contents       (I = invited talk, C = oral contribution, P = poster)
K.S. de Boer et al. The `Graduiertenkolleg' on the Magellanic Clouds and other Dwarf Galaxies 001
  The Magellanic Clouds
J. M. Braun Large-scale Star Formation in the Magellanic Clouds     (C) 005
D. Gouliermis, K.S. de Boer, S.C. Keller, M. Kontizas, E. Kontizas The Associations LH 95 and LH 91-I of LMC 4 NE     (C) 011
P. Richter & the FUSE team FUSE FUV Absorption Line Measurements of the Magellanic Clouds and their Environment     (C) 015
N. Mizuno, R. Yamaguchi, T. Onishi, A. Mizuno, Y. Fukui New CO Views of the Magellanic Clouds     (C) 019
Y.-N. Chin, C. Henkel, J.B. Whiteoak, M. Blondiau A Molecular Dark Cloud in the Low-Metallicity Environment     (C) 023
P. Kahabka, K.S. de Boer, C. Brüns The Interstellar Matter of the LMC probed with Background AGN X-Ray Emission     (C) 027
C. Brüns, J. Kerp, L. Staveley-Smith The Gaseous Tidal Arms of the Magellanic System     (C) 033
  Report on General Discussion on the Magellanic Clouds 039
E. K. Grebel, Y.-H. Chu, J. S. Gallagher, D. Harbeck Five Years of Magellanic Clouds Research: A Newsletter Editors' Perspective     (P) 041
  The Local Group
E. K. Grebel Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Group and in the Local Volume     (I) 045
D. Harbeck, E.K. Grebel, W. Brandner, A.E. Dolphin, D. Geisler, J. Holtzman, D. Hurley-Keller, M. Mateo, A. Sarajedini Horizontal Branch Morphology Gradients in Local Group Dwarf Spheroidals     (P) 053
M. Castellani, L. Pulone, V. Ripepi, M. Dall'Ora, G. Bono, E. Brocato, F. Caputo, V. Castellani, C. Corsi Star Formation History of the Carina Dwarf Galaxy (Preliminary Results)     (P) 057
E. Tolstoy Observational Evidence for Galaxy Evolution in the Local Group     (I) 061
  Stars in DGs  
M. Tosi Stellar Populations and Chemical Evolution of Late--Type Dwarf Galaxies     (I) 067
L.N. Makarova, I.D. Karachentsev CCD Imaging of Twenty Nearby Isolated Irregular Galaxies     (C) 075
M.M. Crone, R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck, U. Hopp, L. Greggio New Clues to the Nature of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 079
R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck, U. Hopp, L. Greggio, M.M. Crone, I.O. Drozdovsky, A.M. Hopkins Star-Formation of Blue Compact Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 083
R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck, U. Hopp The Blue-to-Red Supergiant Ratio of Galaxies     (P) 089
I.O. Drozdovsky, R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck, U. Hopp, L. Greggio, M. Crone NGC 6789: The Closest BCD Galaxy Resolved with HST     (C) 095
E. Sabbi, A. Aloisi, M. Bellazzini, L. Greggio, C. Leitherer, P. Montegriffo, M. Tosi The Stellar Populations in NGC 1705     (P) 099
F. Annibali, A. Aloisi, L. Greggio, C. Leitherer, M. Tosi The Star Formation History in NGC 1705     (P) 103
I.O. Drozdovsky, R.E. Schulte-Ladbeck, U. Hopp, L. Greggio, M. Crone The Nearby Starforming Dwarf Galaxy NGC 4214     (P) 107
P. Papaderos, Yu.I. Izotov, K.G. Noeske, T.X. Thuan, K.J. Fricke Optical and NIR Surface Photometry of I Zw 18     (P) 111
  Gas in DGs
F. Walter OVRO Observations of Molecular Gas in Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 115
A. Weiss, N. Neininger, S. Hüttemeister, U. Klein The State of the Molecular Gas in M 82     (C) 119
R. Johnson Star Formation in the M 81 Dwarf Kar 61     (P) 123
C.L. Taylor Where is the CO in Dwarf Galaxies?     (C) 127
M. Albrecht, R. Chini Dust and Molecular Gas in Magellanic Type Galaxies     (C) 131
T. Fritz, S. Hüttemeister, N. Neininger, U. Klein Tracing the Molecular Gas in Star-forming Dwarf Galaxies -- The Case of the BCDG Haro 2     (C) 137
M. Bureau, C. Carignan The Large-Scale Structure and Environment of Ho II     (C) 141
D.J. Bomans Galactic Outflows and Winds in Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 145
P.-A. Duc, C. Balkowski, V. Cayatte, W. van Driel, P. Papaderos, T.X. Thuan, J. Iglesias--Paramo, J. Vilchez Environmental Effects on HI--Rich Dwarf Galaxies in the Hydra and Hercules Clusters     (C) 153
N. Neininger, A. Tarchi, A. Greve Properties of the ISM in and around NGC 2146     (C) 157
S. Mühle, S. Hüttemeister, U. Klein, E.M. Wilcots The Influence of the Starburst on the ISM in NGC 1569     (C) 161
U. Lisenfeld, F. P. Israel, J. Stil, A. Sievers Dust in NGC 1569: Evidence for an Enhancement of Very Small Grains     (P) 165
S. Hüttemeister Conversion Problems: How (Not) to Determine Molecular Masses in Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 169
S.C. Madden Low-Metallicity Effects on the Gas and Dust Properties in Dwarf Galaxies     (I) 173
M. S. Oey, C. J. Clarke, P. Massey Mechanical Feedback: From Stellar Wind Bubbles to Starbursts     (I) 181
A. Ferrara Stellar Feedback, Dark Matter and Dwarfs Evolution     (I) 189
  Galaxy Groups and Voids
W.K. Huchtmeier, I.D. Karachentsev, V.E. Karachentseva Dwarf Galaxies in the Local Universe: The Local Luminosity and H I Mass Function     (C) 197
W.K. Huchtmeier, I.D. Karachentsev, V.E. Karachentseva The Distribution of Galaxies within 10 Mpc     (P) 201
E. Krusch, D.J. Bomans, L. Haberzettl, R.-J. Dettmar, C.L. Taylor The Dwarf Galaxy Content of Hickson Compact Groups     (P) 205
K. Flint, M. Bolte, C. Mendes de Oliveira Dwarf Galaxies in the Leo I Group: the Group Luminosity Function beyond the Local Group     (C) 209
J.S. Gallagher, C.J. Conselice, R.F.G. Wyse Populations of Dwarfs in Clusters of Galaxies: Environmental Connections     (C) 213
U. Hopp Star Formation History of Local BCDs and those in Voids     (I) 219
D.J. Bomans, L. Haberzettl, E. Krusch, M. Pohlen, R.-J. Dettmar Hunting for Field LSB Galaxies in Deep CCD Surveys     (P) 227
J. Ott, F. Walter, E. Brinks, U. Klein Star Formation at the Lower Mass End of Dwarf Galaxies --- The Impact on the Neutral Gas     (C) 231
N.M. Förster Schreiber, M.D. Thornley, D. Lutz, R. Genzel, H.W.W. Spoon, A. Sternberg, D. Kunze Nature and Evolution of Starburst Activity     (C) 235
K.G. Noeske, J. Iglesias--Paramo, J.M. Vilchez, P. Papaderos, K.J. Fricke Faint Companions in the Close Environment of Starforming Dwarf Galaxies: possible overlooked starburst triggers?     (C) 239
F.D. Barazza, B. Binggeli, H. Jerjen VLT Observations of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies in the Virgo Galaxy Cluster     (P) 243
  Galaxy Interactions
M. Pohlen, R. Lütticke, G. Aronica, R.-J. Dettmar Structure of Disk Galaxies: Environment Dependent?     (C) 247
D. Vergani, M. Pohlen, R. Lütticke, R.-J. Dettmar Thick Boxy Bulges in NIR     (C) 251
D. Vergani, R.-J. Dettmar, U. Klein The H I Kinematics of a Thick Boxy Bulge Galaxy: NGC 1055     (P) 255
R. Lütticke, G. Aronica, R.-J. Dettmar, M. Pohlen Structural Parameters and Colour Distribution of Peanut Bulges     (P) 259
C. Theis, C. Gerds, C. Spinneker Galaxies and Genes: Towards an Automatic Modeling of Interacting Galaxies     (C) 263
P.M. Weilbacher, P.-A. Duc Spectrophotometric Investigation of a Sample of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 269
U. Lisenfeld, J. Braine, P.-A. Duc, V. Charmandaris, O. Vallejo, S. Leon, E. Brinks Molecular Gas and Star Formation in Tidal Dwarf Galaxies     (C) 273
J. Bailin, M. Steinmetz Tidal Torques and Galactic Warps     (P) 277
P. Papaderos, K.G. Noeske, L.M. Cairos, J.M. Vilchez, K.J. Fricke Optical and NIR Photometry of the Interacting Dwarf Galaxies II Zw 70 / II Zw 71     (P) 283
P.M. Weilbacher, U. Fritze-v.Alvensleben Spectrophotometric Evolutionary Models for Tidal Dwarfs     (P) 287
  Dark matter
R.A. Swaters Rotation Curves and Dark Matter Properties of Dwarf Galaxies     (I) 291
M. Steinmetz The Hierarchical Origin of Galaxy Morphologies     (I) 297
  General Discussion on Dark Matter 307
G. Hensler Star-formation Modes in Dwarf Irregular Galaxies 309
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