Voorouders Franciscus Sonius  


Upon the request of Christina Taylor (Christchurch NZ) a search was made for her ancestry with the family name Sonius. The data presented here are in the form of an ancestry chart.

Access to the ancestry of Franciscus Gustav Jozef Sonius

All data from the Netherlands are presented in dutch.   Alle gegevens uit Nederland zijn in het nederlands.

The data reaching back to about 1815 have been extracted from the dutch genealogy database Genlias. It seems that not (yet) all data of the dutch civil registry have been entered into the Genlis database. Data on persons who still might be alive are not available (like births after 1900).
Data from Bremen (Germany) are thusfar available in the internet only from before 1875 (see Ortsfamilienbuch Bremen und Vegesack).

Ancestry is ordered by generation. The "base person" is generation 0, the parents are generation I, the grandparents generation II, and so on. For space reasons, it is optimum to show on each page only 4 generations (an ancestry page).
For each of the ancestors in the top line of an ancestry page (or a "Kwartierblad") a new page with 4 generations is created (insofar as data are available). These higher level pages are numbered from left to right: 1, 2, ... 8, so that for generation III there are the pages (Kwartierbladen) III.1, III.2, .... III.8. For generation VI there are (if data are available) 64 pages. The ones extending III.1 are VI.11,VI.12,...,VI.18; those extending III.2 are VI.21,VI.22,....,VI.28; and so on: VI.31,....; ....; VI.81,...,VI.87,VI.88.

There is an overview of the available Kwartierbladen.

Data presented are preliminary results.

(2010.06.19   KSdB)