Stars and Stellar Evolution

K.S. de Boer

WS06/07:   Friday 9:15-11:++ .         Hörsal 0.03, AIfA

See the book Stars and Stellar Evolution.

The class deals with the basic topics of stars and their evolution. Specific topics covered are:

= Carroll B.W., Ostlie D.A., Modern Astrophysics; ISBN 0-201-54730-9
= Böhm-Vitense E., Introduction to Stellar Astrophysics, Vol. 1,2,3; ISBN 0-521-34869-2, 0-521-34870-6, 0-521-34871-4
= Kippenhahn R., Weigert A., Stellar Structure and Evolution; ISBN 0-387-50211-4
There is a full write-up in english   (~300 pages)


Exercises will be provided.
----> Exercise sessions:   Wed. 16-17, room 0.03   and   Th. 9:00-10, room 3.19 (3rd floor)

Excercises:   ex-c01.pdf   ex-c02.pdf   ex-c03.pdf   ex-c04.pdf   ex-c07.pdf   ex-c101.pdf   ex-c102.pdf   ex-c103.pdf  

Masterstudents take at the end of the class the oral exam.

To fulfill ECTS requirements (Diplomastudents) the exercises have to be performed satisfactory and a 15-20 min exam has to be passed.

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