HoLiCam - a 2kx2k CCD camera system for the 1m Cass at Hoher List

HoLiCam is the latest of our BOCCIA Systems. It is the standard instrumentation and the working horse at the 1m telescope at Hoher List. It can be used with different optical configurations,
CCD detector systems, Filters and Grisms. Camera control is through a Windows-PC, data acquisition is to a Linux workstation (IRAF, MIDAS installed).

Optical configurations:

HoLiCam optical Configurations

aperture ratio  field of view  pixel size  remarks 
Cassegrain focus  f/14  7'x7'  0.21 arcsec 
Focal Reducer  f/3.6  27' (circular)  0.8 arcsec  Decl < 70deg 

Both setups share the identical filter/shutter unit. It was designed and build at the Hoher List workshop for this purpose and is used in front of the CCD dewar (cassegrain setup) as well as in the collimated beam section of the focal reducer. The shutter is an iris type.

CCD-Detector Systems: 

Two systems are available,
both with the same CCD type:


Currently available filters are:


With the focal reducer two grisms can be used with different resolutions:


User interface

The instrument control - including setting of filters and foci - and data acquisition are fully integrated in the BOCCIA control program running on a PC in the observers room. The PC is connected to the Hoher List Local Area Network (Ethernet). Through this connection images are transferred to a Linux workstation (becker - in the observers room) and stored in FITS format immediately after completion of each CCD read out. Each new image file may be copied automatically to DAT tape and/or stored later on CD-ROM.. IRAF is installed for quick look and full data reduction. 
Last Update: Feb. 3, 2003
Klaus Reif (E-mail: reif@astro.uni-bonn.de)