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Hoher List Observatory



The Observatorium Hoher List is located in the mountain range called Eifel about 100 km SW of Bonn, Germany. Its altitude is 533 m, its geographical coordinates are 6°51' E and 50°09'48" N. The Observatory was built between 1952 and 1954 and extended in 1964/65. Today it has 6 domes (red circles in the following picture, see also the big version) housing the following telescopes:
Sketch of OHL location

Technical Information


Developments of telescope instrumentation

The instrumentation group develops instruments for the observatory (e.g. HoLiCam, ToAstCam) and uses the telescopes as test sites for instrumentations build for other observatories (e.g. WWFPP, BUSCA  for the Calar Alto Observatory).

With BUSCA the "Bonn Shutter" protoype was developed. Bonn Shutters are now in operation with the largest mosaic cameras all over the world.

The 1m Cassegrain telescope is currently beeing upgraded for remote observing.

Klaus Reif, July 2008