If you have attended a few of our meetings you probably know how it works already.
However, while preparing your contribution please keep in mind the following.

  1. The presentation itself should last about 30 minutes to leave
    enough room for questions and discussions.
    Experience teaches us that 15 slides are about enough to keep
    the discussion running for one hour (sometimes more)

  2. ● The meetings are meant to be informal, so the speakers do not necessarily have
    to have a "canonical" structured presentation, as it would be for a conference.
    Do not forget that many in the audience are not expert in your field, so a few
    minutes of introduction to set the scene would certainly be fruitful.
    Also, while you describe your results, some basic information to put them
    into a context will help people to better appreciate your work and
    make insightful comments.

  3. ● Feel free to use the blackboard. Also, expect to be interrupted at any time
    by people in the audience asking questions.


Check here the list of the next scheduled contributions at the Stellar Group Meeting.