Guidelines for invited speakers

If you reached this page, it is probably because in the near future you will visit us in Bonn and you will give a presentation about your work.

Let me first welcome you on board!

As a guest speaker you are free to organise your presentation as you wish. Hereby you will find some information about our group meeting and a few guidelines based on our past experience.

  1. 1. The Stellar Astrophysics Group normally gathers every Thursday at 13:30 and the meeting lasts one hour.

  2. 2. The meetings are meant to be informal. What we try to achieve is a conversation directed by the speaker and open to everyone. Therefore, several times during your talk you can expect people interrupting you to ask questions.

  3. 3. In this spirit of informality, please feel free to talk about subjects that are still a work in progress and do not feel obliged to deliver a "canonical" presentation, from introduction to conclusions, as it would be for a conference.

  4. 4. We normally suggest speakers to consider an effective time for the presentation of about 30 minutes (≈ 15−20 slides) so that enough room is left for questions and discussions.
    Also, we noticed that the response of the audience is usually more fruitful when one subject is discussed in some depth rather than several different topics are quickly covered one after the other.

  5. All that said, you are our guest and because the guest is always right feel free to structure your presentation in the fashion that suits you.


    Check here the list of the next scheduled contributions at the Stellar Group Meeting.