Schedule of the next meetings
Past meetings: 2017, 2016

**********************************************   2018   ***********************************************

December 06 *********   Internship talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Ben Hastings
Subject: Evolution Towards Critical Rotation
Time: ~13.30
Speaker: Götz Gräfener
Subject: The most extreme WO star known to date

November 29 Norbert Langer

Very massive runaway stars
November 22 Chen Wang

Binary evolution produces multiple stellar populations in
young Magellanic Cloud clusters
November 15 TBD

November 08 Carlo Abate

(Mis)understanding the periods of CEMP-s stars
November 01 no meeting All Saints / Allerheiligen

October 25 Christoph Schürmann

Binary Population Synthesis with ComBinE
October 18 Luca Grassitelli

Massive star envelopes at the Eddington limit

October 11 David Ramon Aguilera Dena

Progenitors of (ordinary) Type Ic Supernovae
October 04 no meeting

September 27 Martin Quast

Finding black-hole companions of Wolf-Rayet stars
September 20 Patrick Neunteufel

Hydrogen-deficient single degenerate binaries as progenitors of
astrophysical transients
September 13 *********   Bachelor talks   ********
Time: 13.30
Speaker: Daniel Pauli
Subject: The investigation of the galactic WNE stars
Time: ~13.50
Speaker: Sylvia Adscheid
Subject: Stellar population synthesis based on dense grids of detailed binary evolution models

September 06 no meeting

August 30 Vsevolod Nedora

***Mind the time change: 11 a.m.***

Diagnostic of the conditions at the base
of the optically thick winds of Wolf-Rayet stars
in the Galaxy and LMC
July 12 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Wiebke Riedel
Subject: On the Invisible Component of Massive Single Line Spectroscopic Binaries
Time: ~13.30
Speaker: Abel Schootemeijer
Subject: TBD

July 05 Götz Gräfener

All my deadly sins: pineapple pizza, cappuccino
after 11 am, and other food nonsense
June 28 Invited speaker Maryam Modjaz
(CCPP - New York University)

Superluminous SNe Ic: Spectral Analysis and host
galaxy environments
June 21 Invited speaker Takashi Yoshida
(University of Tokyo)

On the minimum mass of neutron stars

June 14 Nathan Grin

Calibrating overshooting with eclipsing binaries?
June 07 Andrea Dieball

Hunting for the Coolest and Faintest Objects
in the globular cluster M4
May 31 no meeting Fronleichnam / Corpus Christi

May 24 Chen Wang

The formation of WR+O systems in the
May 17 Katharina Hortmanns

Evolution of massive single and binary helium
stars: Possible progenitors of Type Ic supernovae?
May 10 no meeting Christi Himmelfahrt / Ascension Day

May 03 Koh Takahashi

Magnetic viscosity in a rotating massive star

April 26 Martin Quast

Mass transfer in HMXB
April 19 Vsevolod Nedora

On the optically thick winds of H-free
WNE stars in the Galaxy and LMC
April 12 *********   Master talks   ********
Time: 13.30
Speaker: Christoph Schürmann
Subject: Formation and Evolution of Millisecond-Pulsars.
Time: ~14.00
Speaker: Devina Misra
Subject: Formation of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Binaries

no meeting Semester break from 10/02 until 09/04
(extra meetings are occasionally planned - stay tuned!)

March 15 Invited speaker Jim Fuller

Surprises Buried in the Cores of Red
Giant Stars
March 01 Invited speaker Gloria Koenigsberger

Binary star tidal interactions from an observer's
no meeting Semester break from 10/02 until 09/04
(extra meetings are occasionally planned - stay tuned!)

February 08 Invited speaker Dorottya Szecsi
(University of Birmingham)

Tracking the Yeti in the snow ─
Looking for metal-poor massive stars
February 01 Invited speaker Mads Sorensen
(Observatoire de Genève)

Formation of massive binaries via accretion
January 25 Invited speaker Alina Istrate
(University of Winsconsin Milwaukee)

Extremely low-mass white dwarfs (ELMs): the story
so far
January 18 Invited speaker Jonathan Mackay
(Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Stability of Ionization Fronts
January 11 Abel Schootemeijer

Semiconvection and overshooting in massive stars of
the small magellanic cloud

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**********************************************   2017   ***********************************************

no meeting Christmas break from 15/12 until 06/01

December 14 Invited speaker Rob Farmer
(Universiteit van Amsterdam)

Uncertainties in stellar evolution models
December 07 Invited speaker Kresimir Pavlovski
(Zagreb University)

The role of binarity on mixing in
high-mass stars
November 30 Devina Misra

Formation of Ultra-Luminous X-ray Binaries
November 23 Invited speaker Ryosuke Hirai
(Oxford University)

Ejecta-companion interaction in massive binaries
November 16 Götz Gräfener

The superwinds of direct SNII progenitors
November 09 Nathan Grin

The binarity of single SMC WR stars

November 02 Norbert Langer

The Galactic O stars
October 26 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Nurida Boddenberg
Subject: Expected surface turbulence of evolving massive helium stars.
Time: ~13.30
Speaker: Katharina Hortmanns
Subject: Progenitors of type Ic Supernovae

October 19 Invited speaker Andreas Sander
(Potsdam University)

Modeling hot star atmospheres: The current and
the next generation
October 12 Herbert Hauck

Simulation of isolated black holes accreting matter
from the surrounding ISM
October 05 Christoph Schürmann

Evolution and Formation of Millisecond Pulsars
September 28 David Ramon Aguilera Dena

Synchrotron emission from supernovae
September 21 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Franziska Niedeggen
Subject: Formation of C13-Pockets in Asymptotic Giant Branch Stars
Time: ≈ 13.30
Speaker: Koh Takahashi
Subject: Where Pair Instability Supernovae were?

no meeting Summer break from 03/08 until 08/09
(extra meetings are occasionally planned - stay tuned!)

July 27 Richard Stancliffe

Producing neutrons for the i process
July 20 Martin Quast

Wolf-Rayet stars with compact companions
July 13 Chen Wang

The formation of galactic BH-LMXBs
July 06 Thomas Tauris

Detection of continuous gravitational waves from LMXBs
and UCXBs
June 29 Zhengwei Liu

Can the helium-enriched main-sequence donor scenario hide
enough hydrogen to explain SNe Ia?
June 22 no meeting

June 15 no meeting Fronleichnam / Corpus Christi

June 08 Matthias Kruckow

A couple forever: about white dwarf, neutron
star and black hole binaries
June 01 Luca Grassitelli

Constraints on the mass-loss rates of WR
stars from the Sonic Horizon
May 25 no meeting Christi Himmelfahrt / Ascension Day

May 18 Carlo Abate

On the contribution of AGB stars to
the total rate of Type Ia Supernovae
May 11 Abel Schootemeijer

Wolf-Rayet stars in the SMC as a
testbed for massive star evolution
May 04 Götz Gräfener

Optically thick winds
April 27 Patrick Neunteufel

Helium Detonations on Sub- Chandrasekhar mass White
Dwarfs: A failed hypothesis?
April 20 Nathan Grin

Mass-dependent overshooting
no meeting Semester break from 11/02 until 17/04
(extra meetings are occasionally planned - stay tuned!)

March 16 Invited speaker Marcelo Leal-Ferreira

Reclassifying Symbiotic Stars with 2MASS and WISE

March 02 Invited speaker George Angelou
(MPI for Solar System Research - Göttingen)

Stellar Parameters in an Instant with Machine
no meeting Semester break from 11/02 until 17/04
(extra meetings are occasionally planned - stay tuned!)

February 09 Elvijs Matrozis

Angular-momentum accretion by carbon-enhanced metal-poor stars
February 02 Invited speaker Paz Beniamini
(Racah Institute of Physics)

Formation of double neutron stars and implications
for heavy element production
January 26 Invited speaker Dominique Meyer
(University Tübingen)

Accretion-driven outbursts in massive star formation
January 19 Invited speaker Joachim Bestenlehner
(MPIA Heidelberg)

Eta-Carinae et al.
January 12 Norbert Langer

Discovery of a pre-LMXB possibly produced by
a Calcium-rich Supernova

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**********************************************   2016   ***********************************************

no meeting Christmas break from 15/12 until 06/01

December 12 Invited speaker Maryam Habibi
(MPE Garching)

Spectral study of young stars close the
Milky Way central black hole
December 08 Invited speaker Simon Jeffrey
(Armagh Observatory)

The pulsating heavy-metal stars
December 01 Invited speaker Jonathan Mackay
(Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies)

Effects of X-rays on thermodynamics and chemistry
of dense gas
November 24 Carlo Abate

Things I do not get about binary-star
evolution during wind mass transfer
November 17 Invited speaker Wen-Cong Chen
(Shangqiu Normal University)

Evidence of circumbinary disks around some detached
binaries and black hole X-ray binaries
November 10 Invited speaker Philipp Podsiadlowski
(Oxford University)

The Spin-Down of White-Dwarf Mergers
November 03 Invited speaker Stan Owocki
(Bartol Research Institute - University of Delaware)

October 20 Invited speaker Sebastian Ohlmann
(Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies)

Hydrodynamics of the Common Envelope Phase in
High Resolution
October 13 Invited speaker Matthew Clayton
(Oxford University)

Dynamical ejection events in slow spiral-in phases

October 06 Pablo Marchant

Ultra-luminous X-ray sources in very massive binaries
with chemically homogeneous evolution
September 29 Martin Quast

Inflated envelopes in X-ray binaries
September 22 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.30
Speaker: Franziska Huesgen
Subject: Evolution of low-mass Helium stars
Speaker: Nathan Grin
Subject: A quick update: the sHRD and mass-dependent overshooting

July 21 Abel Schootemeijer

How to win Football bets thanks to
Justin Bieber's inspirational songs
July 14 Nathan Grin

On the mass discrepancy in massive stars

June 30 Invited speaker Simon Murphy
(University of Sydney)

Asteroseismic detection of invisible to intermediate-mass stars

June 23 Jean-Claude Passy

A potpourri of Common Envelopes
June 16 Matthias Kruckow

Common Envelope in Massive Star Binaries: How
to Form Binaries of Two Massive Compact Objects

June 09 Elvijs Matrozis

Towards models of rotating CEMP-s stars
June 02 Dorottya Szecsi

The final fate of the hot massive
stars in IZw18
May 19 Debashis Sanyal

Pulsational instabilities in the inflated envelopes of
massive stars
May 12 Götz Gräfener

Clumping in stellar envelopes
April 28 Luca Grassitelli

Diagnostic of the unstable envelopes of Wolf-Rayet
April 21 Patrick Neunteufel

He Accretion on CO WDs with Rotation.
Progenitors of SNe Iax?
April 14 Invited speaker Martha Irene Saladino
(Radboud University Nijmegen)

AMUSEing winds in binary stars.
April 07 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Katharina Rauthmann
Subject: Predictions for Micro- and Macroturbulence as function of the Mixing-Length Parameter in inflated massive main-sequence stars
Speaker: Carlo Abate
Subject: Oh please, not another talk on CEMP stars...

March 24 Takashi Moriya

Type Ibn supernovae
March 17 Thomas Tauris

Dynamical effects of supernovae in multiple-star systems

March 10 *********   Bachelor talk   ********
Time: 13.15
Speaker: Katharina Hortmanns
Subject: Partial Mixing Zones - And how they affect the formation of the 13C-pockets
Norbert Langer
Subject: Boron at the surface of massive main-sequence stars: models and observations

March 03 Richard Stancliffe

Uncertainties in low-mass stellar models
February 25 Norberto Castro

Dissecting 30Dor heart by MUSE
February 18 Invited speaker Takafumi Sonoi
(Paris Observatory)

Stability analysis of strange-modes in hot massive
stars with time-dependent convection
February 11 Pablo Marchant -- (rescheduled from Feb 4th)

A new route towards merging massive black
January 28 Zhengwei Liu

Does the single-degenerate scenario of SNe Ia
like recent observations?

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