Astronomical data reduction with THELI

THELI is a tool for the automated reduction of astronomical images.
It comes in two flavours which are maintained independently:

  • A graphical user interface
    The THELI GUI is a very flexible and interactive tool, offering a broad range of routines for optical, near- and mid-infrared images. Many different instruments from observatories world-wide are pre-configured. Recommended for the general user. Please continue here.


  • A set of command-line based scripts
    This version is suitable for survey work, i.e. you have a very large number of different pointings taken with the same optical instrument. Contrary to the GUI, it can be run in batch mode, and also on a Linux cluster. The scripts are mainly optimised for blank fields, and they need to be configured manually to suit the data for your instrument. Please continue here.


Acknowledging THELI:

If your scientific publication is based on either version of THELI, then please cite the following papers:
Schirmer 2013, ApJS, 209, 21
Erben, Schirmer, Dietrich et al. 2005, AN 326, 432