Getting Started With Condor

Example of a Submit File

Simple submit file for a single job:

# precedes a comment

#Specify universe:

Universe = Vanilla

#Specify the executable file:

Executable = prime.o

Arguments = 100

#Specify output:

Output = prime.out

Error = prime.err

Log = prime.log

#send to queue



Where the normal executable would run as $ ./prime.o 100 

In the beginning...

If you plan to use condor, there are a few things you should know first:

By itself condor won't make your jobs run faster, but it can distribute multiple jobs to multiple machines, making them run in parallel and using idle otherwise CPUs. 

Minimal change to your code is required, and just a little knowledge of condor. You should know condor needs jobs that do not require user interaction once they start. 

How to get condor?  

Condor can be installed in Ubuntu as regular package, or you can download it from its download page: On the computers in the institute you will have to talk to the person in charge of the machines, or contact me via email.


How to use condor? 

I will setup pages such as a FAQ and tutorials, but for now the most useful thing to do is read up on these links:

Condor Manual

Condor Tutorials

Condor Example (very nice) on file transfers 

Submitting your first job