Research group

Over the past years I have been awarded several research grants from the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi) and the German Research Foundation (DFG, see my CV for details), allowing me to set up a research group at the AIfA. As primary focus of this group we have been analyzing Hubble Space Telescope and Very Large Telescope observations of distant galaxy clusters, studying their properties and weak lensing signatures. It is the primary goal of these efforts to improve dark energy constraints from the SPT galaxy cluster survey. As part of the Organisational Unit Shear within the Euclid Consortium I am also coordinating efforts conducted at the AIfA to prepare for weak lensing shape measurements with Euclid.

Current group members:

  • Dr. Martin Sommer (Postdoc)
  • Hannah Zohren (PhD student)
  • Diana Scognamiglio (PhD student)
  • Florian Kleinebreil (PhD student)

Former group members:

  • Dr. Douglas Applegate (Postdoc)
  • Fatimah Raihan (PhD student)
  • Beatriz Hernandez Martin (PhD student)
  • Nils Weissgerber (Master student)
  • Sophia Thölken (one of her PhD projects)
  • Axel Buddendiek (one of his PhD projects)
  • Dominik Klaes (part of his PhD project work)