Goals & Guidlines

Something to keep in mind when you are preparing yourself for a group meeting, as a speaker or as a member of the audience.

  1. Group meetings give us the opportunity to get together, and therefore all the group members and their visitors are highly encouraged to attend.
    For the speaker, it is a chance to think about the work done in the last six(ish) months, evaluate her/his own progress, and practice how to explain her/his own work in front of a friendly audience.
    The people in the audience have the opportunity to learn about the research done by other group members and to ask questions, overcoming the fear of asking something trivial.

  2. The meetings are meant to be informal, so the speakers do not necessarily have to have a "canonical" presentation, from introduction to conclusions, as it would be for a conference.
    People in the audience should feel free to interrupt the speaker at any time to ask questions. Everyone should try to ask at least one question at every meeting, so that the presentation evolves in a nice discussion.

  3. When a speaker prepares her/his presentation, she/he should have in mind that the contribution itself lasts 30 minutes (approximately 15 slides, depending on the slides), to leave enough space for questions and discussions.