Module: astro830
Main organizers: Prof. Dr. Cristiano Porciani and Dr. Emilio Romano-Diaz
Main contact for scheduling talks: Joseph Kuruvilla

INTRODUCTION SEMINAR on  ***MONDAY APRIL 9th***   (see schedule below) 

Information for the Summer semester 2018

Welcome to the homepage of the Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (astro830), a four credit point elective course in the Master of Astrophysics programme at the Argelander Institute for Astronomy, at the University of Bonn. Students give a talk, and answer relevant questions afterwards, based on a recently published research paper, as suggested by the supervisors. Students should discuss the topic, the content and the presentation of their talk with their supervisor prior to giving it.

Time and Place
Mondays, 14.00 (sharp!) ---> 15.30, Lecture Hall 0.012, AIfA.

The AstroSem introductory session will be on Monday the 9th of April 2018 at 14.00. The final AstroSem will be (TBD). Please note: exceptionally seminars will be held at a different time and/or place, please check the timetable below!

Students:  read your guide
Supervisors  read your guide

Very important: for this seminar course, the allowed registration and de-registeration deadlines occur very early in the semester (registration 30/04/2018; de-registration 07/05/2018). Please be careful and do not miss them.

Very important: Every student should first read the guidelines (see above). Email requests will not be replied if the answers are already given in the AstroSem pages.

Time table

Contact person for scheduling talks: Joseph Kuruvilla

DateSpeaker                                                        Title / LinkSupervisorDates not available 

Available papers:

SHINING, A Survey of Far Infrared Lines in Nearby Galaxies. II: Line-Deficit Models, AGN impact, [CII]-SFR Scaling Relations, and Mass-Metallicity Relation in (U)LIRGS

       *    May 7th

Reinterpreting Low Frequency LIGO/Virgo Events as Magnified Stellar-Mass Black Holes at Cosmological Distances

    May 14th

* Supervisors will be revealed on 9th April during the introductory seminar.