Modules: astro830
Main organizers: Prof.  Dr. Frank Bertoldi and Dr. Aarti Nagarajan
Main contact for scheduling talks: Dr. Aarti Nagarajan

INTRODUCTION SEMINAR on MONDAY April 1st (see schedule below) 

Information for the Summer semester 2019

Welcome to the homepage of the Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (astro830), a four credit point elective course in the Master of Astrophysics program at the  Argelander Institute for Astronomy , at the  University of Bonn . Students give a talk, and answer relevant questions afterwards, based on a recently published research paper, as suggested by the supervisors. Students should discuss the topic, the content and the presentation of their supervisor prior to giving it.

If you are having trouble finding a topic this semester please email Aarti Nagarajan before the registration deadline to help you resolve this. In rare cases, a third talk may be scheduled on the same Monday due to the limited slots available. 

Time and Place
Mondays, 14.00 ---> 15.30, Lecture Hall 0.012, AIfA.

The  AstroSem  introductory session will be on Monday the 1st of April 2019 at 14.00. The talks cannot be scheduled before the de-registration date (28th April). The latest date available for scheduling a talk this semester is 8th July 2019. Please note: exceptionally want to stay at a different time and / or place, please check the timetable below!

Students:   read your guide
Supervisors   read your guide

Very important : for this seminar course, the allowed  registration  and  de-registration  deadlines occur  very early in the semester (registration 21/04/2019 ; de-registration 28 /04/2019 ). Please be careful and do not miss them.

Very important: Every student should read the guidelines (see above). Email requests will not be answered if the answers are already given in the AstroSem pages.

Time table

 Contact person for scheduling talks:  Aarti Nagarajan

 Scheduled Talks
SpeakerTitle / LinkSupervisorDates not available

6th MayDominik RhiemLarge Magellanic Cloud Cepheid Standards Provide a 1% Foundation for the Determination of the Hubble Constant and Stronger Evidence for Physics Beyond LambdaCDM Prof. Dr. Cristiano Porciani-
13 May Katja Stoll Residual Carbon in Oxygen–Neon White Dwarfs and Its Implications for Accretion-induced CollapseDr. Patrick Neunteufel-
13th May
Katyayini Sharma
Massive star cluster formation and evolution in tidal dwarf galaxiesDr. Emilio Romano-DiazApril 29th; May 27th
13th MayChristina PinellRevisiting the Integrated Star Formation Law. I. Non-starbursting GalaxiesProf. Dr. Frank Bigiel April 22, 29; May 27; June 17
20 MaySylvia AdscheidSurface and Core Detonations in Rotating White DwarfsDr. Patrick Neunteufel-
20 May
Lukas Neumann
Transverse Velocities with the Moving Lens Effect  
Dr. Kaustuv Basu-
27th MayMaria TsedrikPost-Newtonian dynamics in dense star clusters: Binary black holes in the LISA bandDr. Sambaran Banerjee15th April to 5th May;  3rd June, 10th June
27th MayWiebke RiedelExceptionally fast ejecta seen in light echoes of Eta Carinae's Great Eruption  Dr. Abel Schootemeijer-
27th May Yasaman NajafijozaniCosmic web anisotropy is the primary indicator of halo assembly biasProf. Dr. Cristiano Porciani -
3rd June
Angie VeronicaAthena X-IFU synthetic observations of galaxy clusters to probe the chemical enrichment of the UniverseProf. Dr. Thomas ReiprichMay 13, July 8
3rd JuneDaniel PauliSpectroscopic analysis of OB stars in the SMC questions the standard picture of massive star evolution, star-formation history and feedback at low metallicityDr. Luca Grassitelli-
17 June Kartik Rajan NeralwarAn intuitive 3D map of the Galactic warp's precession traced by classical CepheidsDr. Emilio Romano-Diaz April 29th; May 27th
17 JuneAishwarya PaliwalDirect Detection of Quasar Feedback Via the Sunyaev-Zeldovich Effect Dr. Kaustuv Basu-
24th June Kateryna VynokurovaExploring the Brighter-fatter Effects with the Hyper Suprime-Cam Dr. Reiko NakajimaAvailable Mondays: May 20, 27; June 10, 17, 24
24th JuneAparna VenkateshwaranMass calibration of optically selected DES clusters using a measurement of CMB-cluster lensing with SPTpol data Dr. Aarti Nagarajan-
1st July
Mandar KarandikarThe Fornax 3D project: a two-dimensional view of the stellar initial mass function in the massive lenticular galaxy FCC 167Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa-
1st July
Marlon BauseMOCCA Survey Database I: Dissolution of tidally filling star clusters harbouring BH subsystems Prof. Dr. Pavel Kroupa-
8th JulyAmith Govind Global Hierarchical Collapse In Molecular Clouds. Towards a Comprehensive ScenarioProf. Dr. Pavel Kroupa -
8th July
Nadezda TyulnevaAn application of machine learning techniques to galaxy cluster mass estimation using the MACSIS simulations
Dr. Florian Pacaud-
Available Topics
DateSpeakerTitle / LinkSupervisorDates not available

Dense Gas, Dynamical Equilibrium Pressure, and Star Formation in Nearby Star-forming GalaxiesProf. Dr. Frank BigielApril 22, 29; May 27; June 17
Cloud-scale Molecular Gas Properties in 15 Nearby GalaxiesProf. Dr. Frank BigielApril 22, 29; May 27; June 17