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Main organizers: Prof.  Dr. Frank Bertoldi , Prof. Dr. Peter Schneider and Maude Charmetant
Main contact for scheduling talks: Maude Charmetant

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Information for the Summer semester 21 

Welcome to the homepage of the Seminar on Astronomy and Astrophysics (astro830), a four-credits point elective course in the Master of Astrophysics program at the  Argelander Institute for Astronomy, at the  University of Bonn . Students give a talk and answer relevant questions afterwards, based on a recently published research paper, as suggested by the supervisors. Students should discuss the topic, the content and the presentation of their supervisor prior to giving it.

If you are having trouble finding a topic this semester please email Maude Charmetant before the registration deadline to help you resolve this. 

Time and Place
Mondays, 14.00 ---> 15.30, (COVID-19 : on ZOOM) Lecture Hall 0.012, AIfA.

The AstroSem introductory session will be on Monday the 12 of April 2021 at 14.00. The talks cannot be scheduled before the de-registration date (02.05.2021). The latest date available for scheduling a talk this semester is 12.07.2021. Please note: exceptionally want to stay at a different time and / or place, please check the timetable below!

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Very important : Registration happend on the e-Campus webpage.

Very important : for this seminar course, the allowed  registration  and  de-registration  deadlines occur very early in the semester (registration 25.04.2021; de-registration 02.05.2021). Please be careful and do not miss them.

Very important: Every student should read the guidelines (see above). Email requests will not be answered if the answers are already given in the AstroSem pages.

Time table

 Contact person for scheduling talks:  Maude Charmetant

Student SupervisorTalk dateArticleUnavailability 
 Anahat CheemaReiprich, Thomas, Prof. Dr. 05/07 Tempestuous life beyond R_500: X-ray view on the Coma cluster with SRG/eROSITA. I. X-ray morphology, recent merger, and radio halo connection 19/04, 26/04, 21/06, 28/06
Caroline Mannes Priv.-Doz. Dr. Rainer Mauersberger 17/051I/‘Oumuamua as an N2 ice fragment of an exo‐Pluto surface: I. Size and Compositional Constraints     
Kim Angelique KahlePriv.-Doz. Dr. Rainer Mauersberger17/051I/‘Oumuamua as an N2 ice fragment of an exo‐pluto surface II: Generation of N2 ice fragments and the origin of ‘Oumuamua     
Alex Schootemeijer, Abel, Dr.07/06Detection of new O-type stars in the obscured stellar cluster Tr 16-SE in the Carina Nebula with KMOS 
 Niklas Czubkowski Bigiel, Frank, Prof. Dr.10/05New Insights into the Physical Conditions and Internal Structure of a Candidate Proto-globular Cluster 
Devika Bhatnagar
Pacaud, Florian, Dr. 14/06 CoMaLit - VI. Intrinsic scatter in stacked relations. The weak lensing AMICO galaxy clusters in KiDS-DR3 
Henning Jansen Romano-Diaz, Emilio, Dr.21/06Unveiling the nature of 11 Dusty Star-Forming Galaxies at the peak of Cosmic Star Formation History
Jakob Deich Romano-Diaz, Emilio, Dr.31/05Benchmarking and Scalability of Machine Learning Methods for Photometric Redshift Estimation
 Shravani PanditGrassitelli, Luca, Dr.14/06Photometric detection of internal gravity waves in uppermain-sequence stars 
Anushka Menon Basu, Kaustuv moni, Dr.07/06The Statistics of Extended Debris Disks Measured with Gaia and Planck
 Simon DannhauerBasu, Kaustuv moni, Dr. 10/05Measuring H0 using X-ray and SZ effect observations of dynamically relaxed galaxy clusters
Hannah McCall Schrabback, Tim, Dr.31/05 Cosmic Distances Calibrated to 1% Precision with Gaia EDR3 Parallaxes and Hubble Space Telescope Photometry of 75 Milky Way Cepheids Confirm Tension with ΛCDM 
Kathrin Grunthal Porciani, Cristiano, Prof. Dr. 10/05Cosmology with Standard Sirens at Cosmic Noon
Manos Bougioukoglou Porciani, Cristiano, Prof. Dr.21/06Evidence for an intermediate-mass black hole from a gravitationally lensed gamma-ray burst
Nikolas Maximilian Schlage Langer, Norbert, Prof. Dr.  19/07Hubble spectroscopy of LB-1: comparison with B+black-hole and Be+stripped-star models26/04, 3/05, 10/05, 31/05, 5/07 
Sebastian Laudage Pacaud, Florian, Dr. 12/07 Properties of gas phases around cosmic filaments at z=0 in the Illustris-TNG simulation 
Dominik Kox Reiprich, Thomas, Prof. Dr.  12/07 Detection of large-scale X-ray bubbles in the Milky Way halo 19/04, 26/04, 21/06, 28/06 
Eray Genc Reiprich, Thomas, Prof. Dr.  05/07 Hoinga: a supernova remnant discovered in the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Survey eRASS1 19/04, 26/04, 21/06, 28/06
 Puschnig, Johannes, Dr.  Large Population of ALMA Galaxies at z > 6 with Very High [O III] 88 μm to [C II] 158 μm Flux Ratios: Evidence of Extremely High Ionization Parameter or PDR Deficit?
Mritunjay Tyagi Schootemeijer, Abel, Dr. 19/07Candidate X-ray-emitting OB Stars in the Carina Nebula Identified Via Infrared Spectral Energy Distributions  
 Keshvi TutejaLinke, Laila, Dr. 19/07A new measurement of the Hubble constant using Fast Radio Bursts 
Barnes, Ashley Thomas, Dr.Fragmentation in the massive G31.41+0.31 protocluster
Aladro, Rebeca, Dr.