News - Condor Status at the AIfA

Condor Version Update 8.2.1

A new version of HTCondor has been released and has been installed on all the AIfA computers that are using condor right now.

File Transfers 

If you'd like to have any output files created by your job transferred back to your submit folder, add this line to your submit file:

  should_transfer_files = YES 
  when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT

To transfer files back anyway, for example when a job is evicted or terminated:
  should_transfer_files = YES 
  when_to_transfer_output = ON_EXIT_OR_EVICT

Condor outputs the files from an evicted job in the spool directory, not where the job was submitted from. To fix that use:
 transfer_output_files = /your/path/here

Nicing implemented by default

Added this line into all the configuration files:


It appears that condor starts its jobs on the executing machine with a nice level of 19. This means that no nicing command should be necessary from the submitter. You might want to continue using the nice command though, as a safety feature.

Also, if you know that you are in the condor pool, please leave your computer on, if condor needs to be reconfigured, it has to happen on all machines at roughly the same time. This can't happen with one of the machines turned off.

Condor running again


Condor was down due to problems with the condor wrapper. It appears to be working now. The condor job wrapper now looks like this:


# change this to the maximum allowed data segment size (in kilobytes)
ulimit -d 1000000

# run the job
exec "$@"

I was unable to set the nice level through the wrapper. If you want to explore the job wrapper just look at


on your machine, what was inside by default is now commented out.

Condor is currently running

More news to come, but we want to expand the current pool of condor users.

A page with the current status of the computers in our institute is provided by Prog. Izzard here:

 The plot on the right shows cpu usage in the last 24 hours. Hover your mouse over the image for a better look, or check the link.