Frequently Asked Questions

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How to make condor not take over all resources on a given machine? 
A condor wrapper can be used:

Condor doesn't currently provide a configuration setting for this, but you can write your own wrapper script that runs before the job and sets resource limits that are enforced by the operating system. Here is what you put in the configuration file of your execute machines:

USER_JOB_WRAPPER = /path/to/condor_job_wrapper

The file condor_job_wrapper above can be called whatever you want. You should create that file with the following contents:


# change this to the maximum allowed data segment size (in kilobytes)
ulimit -d 1000000

# run the job
exec "$@"


Note that ulimit -m (maximum resident memory size) appears attractive, but it is not actually enforced on many operating systems.

Make sure the wrapper script is executable. Example:

chmod a+x /path/to/condor_job_wrapper


Use nicing for your jobs:
nice -n +19 ionice -c3 <command>

See "man nice" and "man ionice" for details.